NeuroVizr® for Brain Focus & Meditation
NeuroVizr® for Brain Focus & Meditation
NeuroVizr® for Brain Focus & Meditation
NeuroVizr® for Brain Focus & Meditation
NeuroVizr® for Brain Focus & Meditation
NeuroVizr® for Brain Focus & Meditation
NeuroVizr® for Brain Focus & Meditation
NeuroVizr® for Brain Focus & Meditation
NeuroVizr® for Brain Focus & Meditation
NeuroVizr® for Brain Focus & Meditation

NeuroVizr® for Brain Focus & Meditation

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How NeuroVizr® Works

NeuroVizr® is a multi sensory light/sound brain enrichment technology.

Use comfortable high quality headphones

The NeuroVizr® LED panel produces three simultaneous dimensions of light messaging to create a powerful and a mesmerizing experience. MACRO patterning, MESO body pulsing and cascades of MICRO flickering produce a satisfying First Language brain interaction.

  • MACRO Patterning: Precise LED positioning and movement, influencing your autonomic nervous system and cognitive functions.
  • MESO Body Pulsing: A range of LED pulsing rates that synchronize with physiological rhythms, promoting coherence.
  • MICRO Flickering: Rapid LED on/off cycles that fine-tune brain messaging and cognitive effects.

The NeuroVizr® app ($499 Value)

***(Lifetime Access Upon Purchase)***

The NeuroVizr® app is full of change-making content. Here are tools for stimulating positive neuroplastic brain change. If you want things to be different, you will have to change.

Mind States - Guide Your Brain (22 programs)

  • Create
  • Explore
  • Focus
  • Moods
  • Relax

Better Sleep - Harmonize Your Circadian Cycle (13 programs)

  • 6AM - 9AM
  • 9AM - 5PM
  • 5PM - 7PM
  • 7PM - 9PM

Brain Gym - Train Your Brain (20 programs)

  • Brain Builder
  • Brain Organizer
  • Brain Stabilizer

Brain Optimizer - Train Your Brain (13 programs)

  • Brain Processor
  • Brain Dehabituator

NeuroVizr®: New Horizon of Cognitive Excellence

**Includes Lifetime Subscription**

Embark on a journey of cognitive empowerment and holistic well-being with NeuroVizr® – a groundbreaking wearable designed to amplify your cognitive capabilities and promote overall wellness through the extraordinary principle of neuroplasticity. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience that brings with it a new level of mental acuity and inner serenity, all while avoiding any undesirable side effects. Rediscover the potential of your mind, optimize your mental prowess, and cultivate a sense of tranquility that radiates from within.

Crafting a Symphony of Light: A Unique Visual Experience

Imagine creating a masterpiece by mixing three different types of light signals. Each type has its own power, but when they come together, their impact becomes even greater. It's like when musicians play different instruments in a jazz band, creating a lively and vibrant performance. Similarly, in NeuroVizr®, the combination of these light signals forms a unique and captivating visual experience that engages your brain in an exciting way.

World of Positive Transformations

  • Improved Sleep Quality: Enjoy more restful nights and wake up refreshed, ready to tackle the day.
  • Reduced Anxiety: Find relief from the burdens of daily stress and anxiety, fostering a sense of tranquility.
  • Relieved Stress: Melt away stress as NeuroVizr® guides you into a state of relaxation and balance.
  • Enhanced Creativity and Problem-Solving: Unlock your creative potential and conquer challenges with newfound clarity.
  • Heightened Focus: Harness your attention like never before, accomplishing tasks with unparalleled concentration.


Experience deep, rejuvenating sleep, calm nerves, stress relief, a boost in creativity, and laser-like focus with NeuroVizr®.

Optimized Brain and Wellness

Your brain, a complex web of neural connections, determines how you think, feel, and interact with the world. However, modern life's demands can lead to issues like sleep disturbances, anxiety, and cognitive fatigue. NeuroVizr® harnesses the power of groundbreaking "First Language" technology to gently stimulate your brain's natural ability to adapt and change – a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity.

As you wear NeuroVizr®, its precisely engineered LED patterns and synchronized soundscapes engage your brain in a dance of harmonious frequencies, promoting neuroplasticity. The innovative MACRO, MESO, and MICRO signaling system addresses the root causes of stress, anxiety, and focus issues. By gently guiding your brain into a state of balance, NeuroVizr® helps you reclaim your inner calm, clarity, and creativity.

Don't compromise your well-being with side-effect-ridden solutions. Embrace the future of cognitive enhancement with NeuroVizr® and unlock your brain's true potential, naturally. Experience the transformation – experience NeuroVizr®.

NeuroVizr® TechPack includes

  • NeuroVizr® wearable LED device
  • Portable carry case
  • USB-C charger cable
  • Instruction For Use
  • Includes Lifetime Full App Access ($499 Value)


The device has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty

What Our Customers Says About NeuroVizr®

The experience is so much more. You can’t accurately describe what is happening when you use this device. MINDBLOWING! - Oliver Jean

I believe the NeuroVizr® is essential to any foundational healing protocol. - Dr. Dawn DeSylvia MD

I use your genius NeuroVizr® device every day. Its addictive -Kare Karlsen

Elevate Your Mind

Step into the world of cognitive enhancement and well-being. Unleash the potential of your brain with NeuroVizr®, and discover the power of neuroplasticity in a mesmerizing light. Elevate your focus, creativity, and tranquility. Embrace the symphony of light and take the first step towards a new dimension of cognitive wellness. Try NeuroVizr® today and experience the future of brain enrichment.

Disclaimer: NeuroVizr® is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. However, there is some scientific evidence that suggests that light and sound therapy can be effective in improving brain function. If you are interested in trying NeuroVizr, it is important to do your own research and talk to your doctor before using it.

Disclaimer: None of the products are intended as a diagnosis, treatment, cure, prevention of any disease and have not been evaluated by the FDA. You should never change or stop taking any medication unless you have discussed the situation with your medical practitioner. Please check our Disclaimer page click here.