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Wie man mit Meditationstechnologie-Webinar Fülle anzieht

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  • I love the meditation its amazing! Can I get the link to listen to the new sounds pls? Gratitude for everything!!!

    Yohonis Borders
  • Can I sell your products so I can make enough to try one please

  • That was really cool. Basic but badass. The Universe WILL find me the funds to purchase a Qi coil, so I can activate my true potential and then help other to do the same. Thank you david, I am so glad to have found you at the most epic period of my whole life. Bless you.🙏🏾

    Jim Wafer
  • Feeling great!
    Thank you.

  • Hi David, I watched your webinar today for the first time and I participated in the standing meditation, after awhile my left leg started to tremble. I attributed this to being my first time. Will I eventually be able to control that?


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