Resonant Console 2 - Quantum
Resonant Console 2 - Quantum (Health & Wellness)
Resonant Console 2 - Quantum
Resonant Console 2 - Quantum
Resonant Console 2 - Quantum
Resonant Console 2 - Quantum
Resonant Console 2 (10 500+ Frequencies)
Resonant Console 2 (10 500+ Frequencies)
Resonant Console 2 - Quantum

Resonant Console 2 - Quantum (Health & Wellness)

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Thousands of Powerful Wellness Frequencies at Your Fingertips

Includes the following

  • Thousands more Custom Frequencies (Priceless)
  • Ease of use and unlimited possibilities (Priceless)
  • 10" Premium Tablet with Proprietary Software ($500 Value)
  • 822+ Quantum Frequencies ($3,363 Value)
  • 10,000+ Rife Frequencies ($1,995 Value)

Total Value: $5,858

Fully Compatible

Fully Compatible

The Resonant Console can be used with any Qi Coils, Aura Coils and Resonant Wands systems.

Thousands of Frequencies

Thousands of Frequencies 

All the frequencies you need for better wellness in all areas.

Proprietary Software

Proprietary Software

The unique software custom built and is not available anywhere else.

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

The Resonant Wave Console lets you create your very own frequency programs, allowing you to optimize your needs and protocols.


Instantly Transform Every Cell in Your Body With Natural Harmonics and Frequencies...

Resonant Console Natural Harmonics and Frequencies

Help your body regain homeostasis, restoring it's natural ability to cope with the things negatively impacting the quality of your life. The Resonant Wave Console will get you back to being you!

Life Force Collection

Essential Frequencies For Cultivating Life Force

Sound of the Sun

Sound of the Sun ($169 Value)

9 Planets Plus

9 Planets Plus ($189 Value)

9 Planets Pi

9 Planets Pi ($189 Value)

Sun and Moon Resonance Harmonics

Sun and Moon Resonance Harmonics ($169 Value)


Soothe ($229 Value)

Schumann Resonance 7.83hz

Schumann Resonance 7.83hz ($229 Value)

Star Frequencies

Star Frequencies ($229 Value)

Quantum Meditation

Connect to Limitless Universal Energy and Transform Your Life

Infinities Plus

Infinities Plus ($179 Value)

The Cube - Sacred Resonance

The Cube - Sacred Resonance ($179 Value)

Cosmic Frequency of Life

Cosmic Frequency of Life ($229 Value)

Balance Frequency of Wholeness

Balance Frequency of Wholeness ($159 Value)

Prime Numbers Vortex

Prime Numbers Vortex ($229 Value)

Prime Numbers 1000

Prime Numbers 1000 ($179 Value)

Polygonal Frequencies

Polygonal Frequencies ($159 Value)

Royal Cubit

Royal Cubit ($159 Value)

Spiritual Ascension

Raise Your Resonance and Awaken Your Higher Self

Spiritual Ascension

Spiritual Ascension ($179 Value)

Trinity - 3 Most Sacred

Trinity - 3 Most Sacred ($179 Value)

Great Pyramid Harmonics

Great Pyramid Harmonics ($229 Value)

Brain Boost

Focus, Concentration, Clarity Frequency

Brainwave Enhancement

Brainwave Enhancement ($179 Value)

True Phi Brain Focus Concentration

True Phi Brain Focus Concentration ($159 Value)

Pineal Gland Activation

Pineal Gland Activation ($229 Value)


9 Ancient Tones for Miraculous Transformation

Solfeggio 174

Solfeggio 174 ($229 Value)

Solfeggio 285

Solfeggio 285 ($159 Value)

Solfeggio 396

Solfeggio 396 ($159 Value)

Solfeggio 417

Solfeggio 417 ($159 Value)

Solfeggio 528

Solfeggio 528 ($229 Value)

Solfeggio 639

Solfeggio 639 ($159 Value)

Solfeggio 741

Solfeggio 741 ($159 Value)

Solfeggio 852

Solfeggio 852 ($159 Value)

Solfeggio 963

Solfeggio 963 ($159 Value)


Solfeggio ($159 Value)

Life Force Collection

Essential Frequencies For Cultivating Life Force

Root Chakra 228

Root Chakra 228 ($169 Value)

Sacral Chakra 303

Sacral Chakra 303 ($169 Value)

Heart Chakra 128

Heart Chakra 128 ($169 Value)

Throat Chakra 192

Throat Chakra 192 ($169 Value)

Third Eye Chakra 144

Third Eye Chakra 144 ($169 Value)

Crown Chakra 216

Crown Chakra 216 ($169 Value)

7 Chakra Tune-Up Harmonics

7 Chakra Tune-Up Harmonics ($169 Value)

What Are Higher Quantum Frequencies?

  • They are the next level of frequencies, that harness the power of 4 dimensions.
  • Rife Frequencies are single frequencies (1 dimension)
  • Binaural beats are 2 frequencies (2 dimensions)
  • Quantum Frequencies are multiple frequencies (3 dimensions)
  • Higher Quantum Frequencies are dynamic layers of fields of intention (4 dimensions)


Hack Your Mind and Explore New Horizons

Hack Your Mind and Explore New Horizons

Take your mind to the final frontier. Stretch the limits of your brain and your consciousness. Enhance all your senses and experiences

Unlock Ancient Wisdom of the Universe

Unlock Ancient Wisdom of the Universe

Enhance your intuition. Amplify your manifesting power. Tap into your creativity, insight and vision

The Most Wellness Frequencies You'll Ever Find on One Device

Each frequency has a unique effect, meaning and a place of resonance origin... From nature, harmonic music scales, sacred temple dimensions, or the planets and cosmos.

Rife Frequencies

Rife Frequencies

Exact frequencies Dr. Royal Rife originally created

Quantum Frequencies

Scientifically proven frequencies that help you experience the highest levels of meditation.

How the Resonant Console Works

The Resonant Console connects to a power source, which is connected to an electromagnetic device such as our Qi Coils, Aura Coils and Resonant Wands. When a frequency is played on the REsonant console, the power source amplifies the signal and sends it as an electromagnetic field energy to the person.

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Purchasing this product listing will also unlock the frequency(ies) in the after 48 hours. These frequencies can be listened to and/or used with Qi Coils, Aura Coils or Resonant Wand devices.

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