The Lie About Manifesting What You REALLY Want!

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  • Hello! I purchased the Qi Coil 2 Trans sys, the inner circle is something I would like to do, but the amount I spent on the QC2TS makes me a little hesitant. I don’t know if this will work for me yet, but it does look promising. I’m struggling, mentally, but meditation works very well when I can accomplish it. I struggle with this even knowing how to do it. I just wanted this to assist me but now that I have seen in detail what it can do and how far I can go, I really would like the opportunity/chance to extend myself beyond what I thought was my limit, and be complete and stable as a whole (chakras and all). I’m aware of the exercises I need to do to accomplish this, I just need that extra help for the anxiety so no more panic attacks. Fear sets in for me. If I could control these aspects that are clouding my focus and heart, I know I could take this to a whole new level. I refuse to give up on me, so I’m pulling out all the stops. This is my tool. I have the way of life I would like to live in mind, under a cloud of worry, fear and anxiety. I need to clear the mind. I guess I’m just looking for that push that will make me feel better about getting a membership to the inner circle.

    Thank you David for this opportunity. I have high hopes that this will help me walk the path of life I have been searching for.

    Tomas Arana
  • Thank you, David! Your work & your generosity are most appreciated at this point in ‘time.’

    Stuart Miller

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