The Mysterious Egyptian Invention NO ONE Can Explain

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The history of ancient Egypt still houses many unresolved mysteries, but if anything is known is still less than the previous civilization, the forerunner of which later became one of the culture, most famous and important in the world.

Etymologists for decades argued that the Egyptians lacked civilization; however, the structures and artworks showed that it wasn’t true, In fact, it showed an unusual understanding of the human mind and consciousness.

Ancient Egyptians also knew that energy was universal, relayed, received and informed thus harmonizing the mind and soul, and the used frequencies, and used structures for harmonious balance and vibration.

What You Didn’t Know About the Egyptians

The kings’ tomb in his inner chambers was made to reverberate sounds; the Egyptians also used healing techniques to restore the body of a sick person, and their structures allowed for it to achieve bodily balance.

The history of their structures gave the fact that they understood the power of resonating energy through the materials used; granites and stones.

Egyptians didn’t just build tombs; they built structures to harmonize with the universal principles tuning the physical roads to greater truths from beyond, and by extension, preserving in tombs for future generations to discover.

In essence, the pyramids were created to remind us of underlying truths about energy and its relationship with it by defining our place in time and space.

The imposing temple of Hathor was a breathtaking masterpiece, historians, epistemologists’ and archaeologists, and beneath the temple was discovered series of subterranean stones which contains a series of fine stoned walls unlike anything else in the region.

The Dendera light brings to fore the belief that Egyptians believed in the use of frequency in healing. The relief suggests frequency generating coils used to produce an electromagnetic spectrum, many of which are divine in nature.

The Dendera light represents ancient wellness technology that was used to advance human consciousness and understanding of the world.

Centuries later, the great Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Tesla’s electromagnetic device was inspired by ancient Egyptian technology.

Why is frequency important you might ask? Why this invisible light important to my wellbeing you ask again, well, alpha waves influences our immune system that regulates our wellbeing, and the ancient Egyptians knew this.

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