The Truth Behind Energy Healers and Energy Healing


Despite not having the same reputation as "traditional medicine," energy healing and energy healers have had a high success rate in their respective practices.

Most people consider energy healing, energy medicine, energy healers, and energy therapy to be alternative forms of medicine. Energy healers are not dependent on prayers.

Energetic healing is how the healer channels good or healing energy to the person in need. Because this practice has ancient roots in several traditions, there are many different ways to administer energy healing as there are origins.

Hands-on healing is the most common method of healing. The healer makes direct physical contact with the patient, directing positive, healing energies in and around them. Other methods include distant energy healing.

The healer and patient are in different locations; the concept of sending and directing healing energy in and around the patient remains the same.

A Scientific Experiment

The experiment below demonstrated that therapists using non-contact healing methods could cause significant changes in the energy field of blindfolded test subjects.

A person was isolated behind a divider, and a conductivity (or Kirlian) image of his finger was captured. The practitioner drew a card with the word "brighter" written on it (he was the only one in the room who saw the card), then moved his hands around the test subject without touching him, attempting to make the conductivity image of the test subject brighter.

Then, after 3 minutes of attempting to increase conductivity, another image was taken.

The practitioner then moved his hands around the test subject for three minutes to make the conductivity image of the text subject less bright, and another photograph was taken.

The photographs clearly showed that the practitioner successfully increased the energy when instructed to do so and then decreased the brightness of the test subject conductivity without touching him when informed to do so.

The brighter and smoother visuals shown after the experiment suggested that the test subject's energy had altered and that a successful therapy had been delivered.

Even though "traditional medicine" does not approve energy healing, recent clinical trials undertaken by major universities have shown that it has a high success rate. The term "biofield healing" is used to describe energy healing in technical terms.

Actual clinical research indicates the existence of an energy field that surrounds living things, and that this energy field, as well as changes in it, can be viewed, measured, and manipulated."

There are other known methods of healing in eastern regions of the world, such as Reiki and Qigong.

According to studies, one factor that lends credence to energetic healing is that faith or participation in any religious practice is not required for a successful treatment.

Several peer-reviewed studies in the National Library of Medicine's National Institutes of Health database demonstrate that harnessing energy is a viable healing method, giving a favourable impact on pain, tension, and exhaustion connected to oncology therapy, despite its unexplainable nature.

Consider the following Qi activation advantages:

The idea here is that the body contains energies that circulate throughout it and aid in its functioning. It is the interruption of this energy flow that causes illnesses, diseases, and conditions. Healing with energy, which may be found in various forms, restores this balance and, as a result, heals the body.

Emotional traumas, psychological stress, and other factors such as pollution, artificial electromagnetic energy, negative thoughts, beliefs, inner conflicts, and contact with negative energy from other people all contribute to this imbalance and disruption of the body's energy flow.

  • Improves circulation and warms the blood.
  • Improves digestion/elimination, sexual function, nutrient absorption, and digestion/elimination.
  • Accelerates metabolism, promotes weight loss/gain and reduces the need for sleep, /improves endurance.
  • Reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, which boosts immunity.
  • It improves skill and reflexes.
  • Improved blood flow opens arteries, allowing for increased brain-based microcirculation and the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Mental understanding, focus, and concentration are all improved.
  • Assists us in calming down, relaxing, and becoming more peaceful.
  • Improves the outcomes of hands-on healing techniques such as Reiki noticeably.
  • Connects us to God/Source by strengthening our connection with our SPIRIT.

While many people believe that energy healing is a ruse, it is not. The combination of energy healing and Qi activation has been shown to improve health significantly.

Energy medicine outperforms conventional medicine in healthy healing since it uses numerous established energy healing procedures to treat not only the physical manifestations of ailments but also the emotional and spiritual aspects.

This is accomplished by allowing dormant energies in the body to flow again, rejuvenating weak energies, and assisting in distributing energies that were in excess throughout the body or even one area of the body.

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