Spirituality and Reality, Here's the Drug Merging Them Together

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DMT also known as Dimethyltryptamine is a crystalline compound found in plants in Mexico, South America and Asia, which is usually inhaled by its users.

DMT goes by many names such as Elf Spice, Dimitri, The Spiritual Molecule, Fantasia, Businessman’s Trip, Businessman’s Special and 45 Minute Psycho.

It is also mixed in brew like Ayahuasca, a South American drink, and has varied reactions for most users such as lasting from 4-45 minutes and 3-4 hours depending on the way it is consumed.

Used in shamanic rituals for centuries in South America by the aboriginal people of Amazon, DMT is consumed in the form of Ayahuasca concoction containing Monoamine oxidase inhibitor alkaloids (MAOIs) as one of the kaleidoscopic substances so as to live long.

One of the reasons why DMT is used by many is its short term hallucinogenic episodes they experience after taking it; they have some type of connection with the psychic universe, and also able to comprehend and connect deeply with their existence. It is this reason why the Amazonian healers consume this substance so as to be in that state to heal, divine or rediscover certain spiritual and cultural elements.

DMT In Our Brains

DMT is naturally found in human beings and plants and has hallucinogenic tryptamine, and also produced naturally in the body, in the pineal gland in the brain, that is to say, it is produced in our brains.

Although it has no approved medical use by the FDA, its is still widely consumed, In fact, a Michigan Medicine-led team has discovered the common presence of naturally-occurring DMT in the Mammalian brain, in one of the connectors of human brain, as a result of hyperactivity in the limbic system due to spirituality and mystical practice.

An online survey published on Sage Journal revealed that it carried out a DMT research on 2,561 adults in the age brackets of 32 years, and predominantly male (about 77%) regarding DMT.

In the publication, the respondents observed that their experiences were telepathic after taking DMT; most of them had psychic encounters with spirit beings, they had various interpretations of these beings in these visions such as aliens, helpers. It also showed that 41% of respondents reported they were terrified during these absurd visions at some points, but overall, associated love, kindness, intelligence, conscious, benevolence, and joy to these spiritual beings.

69% of the respondents said they were given a message in these visions, while 19% said they received answers to their questions, predictions and verdicts about the future while in these encounters.

The concluding part of the research found out that some of the users who were strong atheists said they felt some spiritual connections after the encounters and got converted.

A popular celebrity, Miley Cyrus also had a psychedelic experience; she drank Ayahuasca tea inspired by her friend, Wayne Coyne and a Shaman, and her sound evolved from pop to rock, which gave birth to her 2015 album, “Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz.”

Some users do things they never do regularly; awkward things such as make animal sounds, each user with his own unique experience after taking it.

After taking it, what next?

 After taking Ayahuasca which has DMT, users are overwhelmed and transformed into a state of oblivion where they claim they encounter spirit beings and get directions about the present, past or future occurrences from them.

In medicine, it is being termed short term hallucinogenic experience and false too because it is not yet proven by science.

In South America, the local healers take Ayahuasca (local brew mixed with DMT) to be able to have an encounter with spirit beings and heal people.

Dangers of DMT

One of the dangers of DMT is altered perception; users tend to think what they’re experiencing is real, not some two hours feeling, but in reality, it is what it is, a false perception.

Another danger is in its consumption which varies according to its intensity; if it is injected or even inhaled, its effects are immediate and stronger than when it is drunk through Ayahuasca.

However, it is difficult to control intoxicated users at first because it instigates images of mental disorders in the cerebral cortex, and causes its users to vomit and causes tremors.

The state of unconsciousness it creates in people such as near-death experiences, or dreams is dangerous because it can be totally harmful to them, what if they don’t come back to life after it? Or get hurt as a result of these experiences?

This goes on to show that it is not to be overdosed as it can cause psychological effects.

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