Frequency Healing: What it is and how it works


What is Sound Frequency Healing?

It has been observed that the frequencies of music or sound create a profound impact on our mental state. Even spiritual music, drum work, or shamanic chanting affects our mental state.

The vibrations produced by the sound or the music create a reflection on our brain. The Sound Frequency Healing dragged back to ancient times when it was associated with Qi frequencies to promote healing.

Even in modern times, Sound Frequency Healing is being practiced by listening to specific ranges of binaural frequencies to help in vibrational-acoustic therapies. In recent times, for Sound Frequency Healing, many techniques and instruments are used, such as singing bowls and Tibetan healing bowls.

Tuning forks, bells, and gongs create ripple-like frequencies of vibrations meant to stimulate dopamine and resets consciousness. Sound Frequency Healing was initiated in ancient times for stress management, meditation, spiritual healing, and mindfulness.

How Sound Frequency Healing works?

During the Sound Frequency session, the vibrations are produced of different frequencies. The frequencies of every range play and activate different zones in the brain. The sound frequencies slow down the brain waves by calming them down, which affects every cell in the body and helps them shift from being diseased to being relaxed.

On the cellular level, Sound Frequency Healing works by triggering genetic changes. It even damages the cellular walls of cancerous growth and inhibits further growth.

In high-frequency Sound Frequency Healing therapy, cancerous walls can be broken, and cancer is curable without surgeries. Every single range of frequency plays a different form of relief for the patients.

  • Flickering light and sounds at 40 Hz have been linked to gamma brain waves and increase memory. It stimulates neural response and relieves symptoms of dementia.
  • The frequency at 174 Hz is associated with relieving stress and pain, linked to sacred music, and effectively affects human health.
  • Other Qi frequencies 105 to 205 kHz, help in reducing the feeling of fear, negative feeling, and feeling of guilt, mental stress and much more. It helps balance the root chakra and even helps in framing negative emotions such as grief into positive, joyful ones.
  • Verdi's A, a pure mathematical tone with a frequency of 432 Hz, helps the listener listen. The superior tuning at that frequency makes it more enjoyable due to the consistency with patterns of the universe.
  • Satan's tone or the Luciferian frequency was believed to be 440 Hz, also known as a part of "war on consciousness." This frequency was set to divert and console people to think and act in a certified manner. Samuel Jackson’s character played this theory to overtake the world by radiating a radio frequency through cell phones.
  • Miracle note, also known as love frequency, 528 Hz, is very popularly used in native populations as a sound associated with blessings.
  • The frequency produced at 639 Hz is associated with positive feelings, encourages more transparent communication, and enhances situational awareness.
  • The frequency produced at 852 Hz helps redirect the brain from over-thinking, negative thoughts, and intrusive thoughts. These play a vital role in dealing with depression and anxiety.
  • The 963 Hz, also known as frequency of the gods’, is associated with the activation of the pineal gland. It is also linked with higher spiritual development with the activation of the crown chakra.

What areas of Human Medicine Practice Sound Frequency Healing?

Human Medicine is appreciably broadening its area; there is no doubt that Sound Frequency Healing therapy can produce frequencies capable of shifting human consciousness.

  1. In high-stress hospital and medical settings, Sound Frequency Healing therapy is commonly used to reduce anxiety and promote higher morale.
  2. In addition to colored light therapy, the tuning fork in conjunction has been shown anecdotally to be effective compared to acupuncture alone.
  3. Some autistic children have been shown to react very immediately and positively to the Sound Frequency Healing therapy.
  4. Some frequencies have long been used for therapeutic purposes to calm people who are frustrated, angry, and stressed.
  5. Sound Frequency Healing therapy has proven to be quite an effective source for pain management for patients dealing with chronic pain issues that do not involve medications.

What are the Modern Tools to perform this?

In modern time, people who are aware of the facts get Sound Frequency Healing therapy, and it helps in:

  • Lowering stress levels
  • Reducing the mood swings
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Improvising sleep cycle
  • Treating post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, and dementia.

Here are some of the modern instruments used for Sound Frequency Healing therapy:

  1. Aura coils: According to research and study, Aura coils are designed for creating most powerful frequency emitter for your home. These are designed elegantly with a beautiful glass base with an aura light that changes its color and imitates sophistication to your place. This even reflects peaceful vibes to a place and adds help in easing, relaxing and healing stress.
  1. Qi coils: Qi coils are designed in such a way that it can used as a stress buster device. By holding this in your hands, a soothing music is produced resulting in removing negative emotions like fear, anxiety, stress and prevents mental blockages that inhibits the positive thoughts. By using Qi coils it attracts money, opportunities, positivity and adds optimism in life. Qi coils are designed in such a way that it imitates healing energy from nature like coral sunflowers and galaxies.
  1. Singing Bowls: Singing Bowls helps produce a deep sound that helps in relaxing and healing the mind. Each bowl makes deep and different sounds that work on separate parts of the brain and even on other parts of the body. It stimulates circulation to allow muscle relaxation and improvises lymphatic flow. It cures and reduces anxiety, depression, fatigue, and anger issues.

The final word

Sound healing therapy can help you clear the energetic blockages also start healing one on a physical and mental level. Thus this therapy has proved to be very useful for so many patients and even cure them without any medical surgery in some cases.

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