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Qi Coils is a NASA-inspired technology for handling and managing the increasing population battling stress and anxiety . It produces sound and magnetic waves of soothing energy to calm the brain and the nerves.

The Qi coils are made up of metallic copper coils with a designed specific geometrical shape based on some sacred geometry. It produces sound, electromagnetic waves to enhance the ordinary human consciousness to normal levels. Qi coils are a mood booster! It leads you to a better mood instantly, removing stress and anxiety.

Qi Coil

The Science Behind Qi Coils

For the human brain, the different range of frequencies produces a diverse range of emotions. The frequencies are associated with the assigned ability to reflect specific feelings.

Like, the frequency of 417Hz could heal all the stress-related disorders. It is the beautiful solfeggio frequency that can revert the negative happenings inside anyone's head. It also undoes and retreats the negative energy from an entire area and balances the Sacral Chakra.

Meditation plays a crucial role in today's life, as it can take someone's mind to a comfort zone and even clear the mind's roadblock. Qi coils have contributed extravagant help to people who are facing this hopeless situation.

The frequency ranging from 4 to 8 Hz is linked to anxiety and meditative aspects as well. The frequency produced in this range decreases the anxiety and releases oxytocin which makes one feel good. The Qi coils reduce the stress level, help get rid of anxiety, help one get better sleep, and even attract happiness. It improvises the energy which motivates one to become proactive.

Qi coils on Physical health

As Qi coils reduce stress and promote relaxation, which calms oneself and can even lead to belly fat reduction by up to 30%. People who face a terrible history of losing weight can opt for this method as it does not require pills, medicines, or workout sessions. It affects the skin's appearance as well, and thus, without beauty creams or any effort, one can get a clear skin tone. In addition, it improves energy and releases oxytocin, which enhances the skin's appearance and helps rejuvenate new energies.

Qi coils on mental health

Qi coils can have c effects on anyone's mental and physical health. The frequency of 963Hz, 528 Hz, 432 Hz, and 9Hz binaural beats increases the amount of energy and consciousness and improves productivity. These frequencies stimulate awareness and spiritual order and enable the cell to transform itself into a higher energy system.

The 963 Hz helps awaken the crown chakra and improves the positive energy and vibrations that assist us in connecting to ourselves. These frequencies help reconnect to the spirits and awaken spirits and help in connecting to the spiritual world. These frequencies help in reverting one's mind to the spiritual self and stimulate intuition. It builds inner strength and makes one have belief in themselves.

When connected with the cell, it enlightens the cell and boosts the cell to a higher state. It removes toxins, detoxifies the cells and parts of the body, promotes expressions and solutions, and helps eradicate harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Getting to atomic level

As everything around is energy and frequency only, the electromagnetic radiations produced by the Qi coils go down to the molecular level and change the vibrations of the cells. According to some studies, it boosts health upto 27% in just 30 minutes. Our cells, DNA, everything is connected to frequencies; one can alter and get excellent results once they know about the frequency range and how to deal with which kind of problem.

The correct ways to use Qi coils to get the maximum result

You can practice by exercising regularly as it enhances the metabolism, and also by performing yoga, one can get proper focus on the breath. One can catalyze the whole effect by maintaining healthy eating habits and keeping a regular check on their mental health.

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