Why is it that infomercials of weight loss companies all make losing weight so easy, using models to trick people into thinking that it’s the way the models workout that make them lose weight? If you, as a regular person, try the same method, there is a low chance of getting the same result.

Tired of doing endless exercises that don’t burn out fats? It can be daunting and frustrating to waste so much money without an end result in sight?

Have you spent so much money on pills all to get rid of excess fats and it didn’t work? 

The concept of exercise to burn out fats is overrated, it’s to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and doesn’t get rid of fats easily.

Here’s the technology everyone is talking about 

What if I told you there’s a new method of burning fat that doesn’t have to do with pills and exercise? Would you take it? 

PEMF frequency, a NASA inspired technology can help boost energy without using pills. It uses sounds and magnets to trick your body into losing weight on its own. Awesome right?

The truth is that PEMF frequency has been around for decades, but lack of updated technology has been dwindling its efficacy. Let me show you how to break old habits and trick your DNA into burning fats;

According to the university of L’Aquila, science has made it possible for you to alter your genes. In their research, they discovered that using regular weight loss frequency and fat release in their subjects, and that targeted frequency reduces fat density .

How you may ask? There is a tissue in your body that responds to magnetism which uses sounds and light. Cells in your body have electromagnetism and communicate with other cells, and when this is negatively obstructed, it causes weight gain. 

Lack of blood circulation encourages stubborn fats in some areas of your body such as the belly for men and belly and thighs for women.

Therefore,  frequency therapy is important for those who wish to engage in fat reduction in specific areas. 

The result of a research carried out sometime ago by the American Society for Plastic Surgeons in a journal, showed that significant improvement in fat reduction in skin fold thickness, 40% of those reported showed improvement in skin thickness after treatment. 

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