The power of energy healing in our DNA

Our energy reserve has burnt out due to lack, fear of the pandemic, what if there is a way to mutate the energies of fear and suffering into spiritual fuel for holistic transformation? It is called energy healing and stems from our consciousness.

Energy healing is infused in sci-fi movies, and pop culture, ancient culture, mythology, psychic ability, religion, and is being re-innovated into modern medicine known as modern technological energy healing as it is called today. 


Dr. Royal Rifer, one of the founding pioneers of Modern technological energy healing officially started studying the effects of frequency on the human body and mind in 1920, and his research led to the invention of PEMF known as our Pulsed electromagnetic field and devices which started in the 1950s.

Take advantage of our energy course and learn how to channel your energy in the right places, learn how to use our higher quantum frequency, tuned with powerful mathematical representations, learn how to harness your energy, our wellness frequencies have been specially prepared in our lab to tap into your energy, to improve your health. To fully participate in the course, it is advisable to buy our Qi coil

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