10 Meditative Ways to Deal With Stress And Anxiety

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The word meditation is an adjective, and that means something highly reflective, contemplated or thoughtful. It also usually requires calmness.

If the definition above is anything to go by, it is the fact that it is a conscious act. It is intentional. In the same vein, to deal with stress and anxiety, you have to be intentional about it.

You cannot talk about stress without ending up with anxiety. This is because both are interwoven, and harmful to the mind and body. Therefore, when you deal with anxiety, you are simultaneously dealing with stress and anxiety.

An individual that is choked with stress and anxiety is likely to get depressed, have anger issues, feel overwhelmed, suffer from insomnia or sleep too much, be constantly worried, have problems with memory and concentration, be suicidal, as well as find him/herself always making bad decisions.

Any way you want to look at it, an individual struggling with stress and anxiety is sitting on a ticking time-bomb; one that may blow up any moment.

Holistic mindful meditation tops the list of how to deal with stress naturally and overcome it permanently. A lot of people have asked how they can be effectively involved in anxiety mediation - the form of meditation that has been proven to deal with anxiety and conquer it.


Meditation is not just a spiritual activity. Although it started as an act meant to help deepen understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life, all around the world today, it is used for relaxation, dealing with anxiety and managing stress.

It is an act that is body – mind complimentary, and the results focus on these two parts too. Some of the proven ways to deal with stress and anxiety through anxiety meditation are. 

1. Be thankful for life

Oftentimes, you are stressed the way you are because of the things you prioritise your attention on. Instead of feeding your anger over what you don’t have yet, be thankful for those you have already.

Being appreciative of life has its positive impact and it rubs off on you. It has a way of easing stress. When you are always worked up over negativities, it has a way of stressing you up and causing anxiety / panic attacks. 

2. Do not disconnect your mind from your body

Both must be put under check. You own both. You therefore should put them under control, and not have them control you. Not having a hold of your mind and body has a way of stressing you.

The connection between your body and mind should be intact, and you should be able to tell when things are about to go south. Not necessarily when it is beyond remedy.


3. Breathing exercises to deal with anxiety

The easiest way to tell when you are stressed is to watch your breathing. The good news is breathing exercises is one of the easiest practices that make it quite easy to deal with stress and anxiety. 

You can do this by taking a comfortable position, take a long deep breath in, and breathe out slowly. This technique is usually employed by Doctors, Psychologists, even Therapists when attending to their patients.

4. Mindfulness meditation

This is a form of meditation where you meditate, but are conscious of your environment. This form of meditation promotes attention to your surroundings. It in fact, opens your eyes more to the happenings around you.

5. Mantra meditation

The mantra meditation is the opposite of mindfulness meditation. Where you focus on the act or a particular object like say a flame of candle. It is losing yourself totally to meditation to savor the experience. 

6. Progressive muscle relaxation

You can practice this technique by slowly but firmly tightening and loosening your muscles. This can be combined with the breathing exercise. You can do this with your eyes closed. You could use any muscle be it  your arm muscles, stomach muscles or any other at that. 

7. Imagery or visualization

This is using your mind to change your focus to a peaceful place or event. You can do this by closing your eyes, then imagine you are at the beach, park or garden. Anything that interests and calms you.

It’s all about using your mind to visualize something/place that calms you.

8. Yoga 

This list will not be complete without yoga. Yoga is a low-intensity exercise that is physical, as well as meditative. Yoga has been in existence for years and has been proven to relax the mind and help in dealing with stress and anxiety..

In this form of exercise, you perform different strengthening and stretching postures while remaining still and focus on your breathing as you do each posture.

9. Exercise to deal with anxiety 

 Exercises like walking, running, hiking, biking and other forms of physical activities can boost your endorphins - the ‘feel good’ chemical in your brain.

The more you exercise, the more endorphins your body produces, and the more you are likely to forget what stresses you up. Meaning you have been able to deal with anxiety.

It is best to have an exercise partner or group. That way, you are lost in the act. However, always monitor it not to be excessive.

10. Tai-chi anxiety meditation

Tai-chi involves slow, graceful movements, in the form of a dance. As you move your weight from one pose to the next, you breathe deeply and concentrate on your body.

Tai-chi can be done either while sitting or standing.

As you practice all the above forms of natural and effective methods to deal with stress and meditation. You can tune it up with proven meditation frequencies that are especially known to help with anxiety meditation.

The rife frequency with Qi Coils does the magic. It has wide ranges of frequencies that calms your mind and body through the soothing sounds they make.

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