DMT Users Experiences Alternative Realms & Spirit Beings

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Taking DMT (dimethyltryptamine) causes hallucinations for people who take them.

DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is widely taken by people all over the world, and stories abound of near-death experiences after being inhaled and ingested, and there have been tales of people’s bodies transcending out of them and entering alternative realms, and having communications with spirit-beings.

Some users do things they never do regularly; awkward things such as make animal sounds, each user with his own unique experience after taking Ayahausca.

Hollywood Celebrities has Experience it Too

One of such experiences was by a popular celebrity, Miley Cyrus who had a psychedelic experience; she drank Ayahuasca tea inspired by her friend, Wayne Coyne, and a Shaman, and her sound evolved from pop to rock, which gave birth to her 2015 album, “Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz.”

Another user by name of Szara, a Hungarian physician, and chemist who gave himself doses of the DMT (Ayahausca) so he could know how it worked as far back as 1957, was one of the first people to take DMT, he recounted his experience again in 2014.

In his words, “I remember feeling intense euphoria at the highest dose levels that I attributed to the excitement of the realization that I, indeed, had discovered a new hallucinogen.”

History had it that he first administered the drug on Christmas day at about 3 pm. He said he felt nothing after taking it and so decided to go to the church on the top of the Castle-Hill in Budapest, and on his way back, his vision changed, he maintained that he kept seeing the trees moving in strange ways, when he managed to get into the church filled to the brim with people, the marble floor started getting enlarged into a large circle in his mind’s eye, and his neighbors looked like they were far away.

Stories abound of people who took DMT, their experiences vary; an anonymous user recounts his experience on Motherboard, he said the first time he experienced DMT, he was on aoar trip up the Amazon from Iquitos, Peru. His guide heard of a Shaman llving in a nearby village and they went to visit. 

In his account,“We made a spontaneous detour and the next thing I knew I was sipping a foul-tasting brew from a Turtle shell…. I began to feel the effects of the Ayahuasca as night drew nearer and the Shaman began shaking his chkapa and subtly reciting healing songs called icaros. I felt myself leaving my body to ascend to a timeless, endless expanse known as the process of dying and the hallucination was purgatory, in essence, I was overcome with a profound sense of peace from this encounter with death.”

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