Vibration Therapy Massage Roller for Body Pain And Muscle Sore Relief - Black.
Vibration Therapy Massage Roller for Body Pain And Muscle Sore Relief - Black.
Vibration Therapy Massage Roller for Body Pain And Muscle Sore Relief - Black.
Vibration Therapy Massage Roller for Body Pain And Muscle Sore Relief - Black.
Vibration Therapy Massage Roller for Body Pain And Muscle Sore Relief - Black.
Vibration Therapy Massage Roller for Body Pain And Muscle Sore Relief - Black.
Vibration Therapy Massage Roller for Body Pain And Muscle Sore Relief - Black.
Vibration Therapy Massage Roller for Body Pain And Muscle Sore Relief - Black.
Vibration Therapy Massage Roller for Body Pain And Muscle Sore Relief - Black.

Vibration Therapy Massage Roller for Body Pain And Muscle Sore Relief - Black.

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Experience A Different Level of Relaxation and Relief in the Comfort of Your Home

When it comes to working out, there are a lot of different opinions on the best way to warm up and cool down. Some people swear by static stretching, while others prefer dynamic movements.  However, there is one tool that can be beneficial for both your warm-up and cool-down: foam rolling. Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release (SMR), which is a type of massage that helps to relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation. 

Foam rolling can also help to increase your joint range of motion. The benefits of foam rolling may vary from person to person, but adding it to your warm-up or cool-down can be an effective way to improve your workout routine.


✅ IMPROVE YOUR MOBILITY & FLEXIBILITY: Looking to up your fitness game? A foam roller can be a great addition to your workout routine. Not only does it help with recovery and flexibility, but it can also aid in preventing injuries. Our electric foam roller is especially effective, thanks to its powerful motor. It delivers high-penetration relief, helping to roll out tightness and knots. This way, you can be sure your body is prepared for exercise and ready to perform at its best. 

WARM UP FASTER AND QUICK RECOVERY: Looking to take your fitness to the next level? Our vibrating fitness roller is just what you need. The back roller with vibration enhances recovery levels, helping you warm up faster before training and recover sooner after. Whether you enjoy weightlifting, yoga, cardio, or any other exercise, our fitness roller will help you reach your utmost potential while remaining injury-free. So why wait? Get moving today with our vibrating fitness roller.

✅ MADE FROM QUALITY MATERIAL: The Foam Massage Roller is made with high-performance materials that are designed to last, making it a great investment for your long-term health. So if you're looking for a new way to relax and recover, the Massage Roller is worth checking out.

MOST POWERFUL VIBRATION ROLLER IN THE MARKET: When it comes to relieving muscle pain, foam rollers are a popular choice. However, standard foam rollers can be quite painful, making it difficult to get the most out of them. This is where the vibrating foam roller comes in. This type of roller has 4 vibration frequency speed levels that can be capable of up to 4500 RPM.  Choose between 4 intensities to apply the perfect amount of pressure to each of your sore muscles and joints. The body deep tissue foam roller Can help relieve most of the muscle pain in your lower and upper back pain, knees, IT band, quads, hamstrings, and more. 

✅ PORTABLE & USER FRIENDLY: The Foam Massage Roller is a versatile and portable massage device that can be used at home, at the gym, or while traveling. It has a long battery life of 180 minutes, and it is wireless charging enabled for convenient charging. The Wave Roller comes with a multi-device wireless charger, so you can charge multiple devices at the same time. The Wave Roller is also impressively light and compact, making it easy to take with you on the go.

What are the benefits of using a Foam Massage Roller?

✅ Ease Muscle Pain

✅ Advanced vibration Healing & Powerful Pain Relief

✅ Increases Blood and Lymphatic Flow

✅ Relieves Back Pain

✅ Increase flexibility and joint range of motion

✅ Reduces the appearance of cellulite

✅ Provides Deep Massage and Quick Relaxation


Different Workouts Using Vibration Massage Roller



Reduce the tension surrounding your upper legs and kneecap to make your legs feel refreshed.


Low back pain is a common issue. The foam roller can help loosen the muscles in your back.


Improve your mobility and sports performance by increasing the blood flow to your hamstrings.


Maintaining healthy calves is crucial for physical activity. Recover after an intense leg workout by performing this exercise.


Activate the muscles surrounding your glutes to ensure that you are prepared for a long walk or run.

Hip Flexor

Increasing your hip flexibility will reduce the stress on your knees.

How does the Foam Massage Roller work?

To use the roller, simply lie on it and roll back and forth. The pressure of your body weight will provide a deep, penetrating massage. The roller can be used on any part of the body, but it is especially effective on the back, neck, and shoulders. The Foam Massage Roller is an excellent way to relieve muscle tension and pain. It is also an ideal tool for post-workout recovery. The roller is lightweight and portable, so it can be taken with you anywhere.

What's in the box?


1 x Vibrating Foam Roller
1 x Type C USB cord
1 x Wireless Remote Control
1 x User Guide (English)


Material: EVA foam
Color: Black
Capacity: Wireless charging enabled
Battery: Built-In Battery - 180 Minute Battery Life
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Weight: 1.4kg
Package Dimensions: 13.31 x 8.5 x 6.14 inches; 6.44 Pounds


"These foam massage rollers are simply amazing. It is incredibly comfortable and provides quick pain relief to any and all body parts. I have had some issues with my back and this has helped immensely. Not only does it relieve pain, but it also stretches the muscles and helps to improve the range of motion. This is an amazing product! -Keith Gaffney. Florida

Frequently asked questions

Is using vibrating foam rolling safe?+

Foam rolling is generally considered safe for most people, but there are some exceptions. If you have a severe injury, such as a muscle tear or break, you should avoid foam rolling until your doctor or physical therapist gives you the go-ahead. In addition, it's important to listen to your body when foam rolling. Suppose an area is particularly tender, back off and find a less sensitive spot. With a little trial and error, you can use foam rolling to help keep your muscles healthy and relaxed.

How to start vibrating foam massage rolling?

While foam rolling may look like a simple exercise, it’s important to learn the basics before getting started. There are many “foam rolling for beginners” videos available online that can teach you how to safely roll out different parts of the body. In general, you should start by foam rolling the larger muscle groups, such as the thighs, back, and chest. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can experiment with different techniques and speeds to find what works best for you. For example, some people prefer slow, gentle rolling, while others find that faster, deeper pressure is more effective. 

How often should you use the foam massage roll?+

Daily foam rolling is an effective way to reduce muscle tension and increase blood flow. By rolling out before exercising, you can reduce the risk of injury and improve your range of motion. Foam rolling can also be done following exercise to help reduce muscle soreness and stiffness. When used consistently, foam rolling can help to improve your overall flexibility and range of motion.

How can I keep my muscles healthy after a foam rolling session?+

Achieving optimal performance and recovery time is essential for anyone who wants to stay active and healthy. There are a few key things that you can do to help improve your performance and muscle recovery time. First, it’s necessary to be consistent with movement. This means getting regular exercise and staying active. Second, you need to drink plenty of water. This helps to keep your body hydrated and prevents cramping. Third, you need to get adequate sleep. This helps your body to recover from workouts and prevent injuries. Finally, you need to eat healthy and nutritious foods. This gives your body the fuel it needs to perform at its best. By following these tips, you can help improve your performance and muscle recovery time.

How long should you use a foam roller?+

Foam rolling is an effective way to reduce muscle pain and improve the range of motion. The best way to foam roll is to target each muscle group for about one minute, making sure not to exceed two minutes on a particular muscle group. As you're foam rolling, make sure the muscle you're targeting is extended and in a stretch. Your pace while foam rolling matters less than making sure you're rolling through the entire muscle. By taking the time to properly foam roll, you'll be rewarded with less pain and greater mobility.