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Quantum Pendants - Love Ultimate Pendant 18k Gold
Quantum Pendants - Love Ultimate Pendant 18k Gold

Love Ultimate Pendant 18k Gold

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The Only Premium 18 Karat Solid Gold Quantum Pendant in the World. 

    Our Light Stream™ Infusion process uses 5 quantum energy generators to program natural harmonic vibrations into stone, crystal, metal or natural materials. Light Stream jewelry is designed and treated with the energies from nature and the cosmos.

    Handcrafted by Jewelers, the Ultimate Love Pendant's primary purpose is to attract new love, or heal the wounds caused by a failed love. Made from high quality 18 Karat Gold, Rose Quartz, and 6mm Opalescent Topaz, every single Ultimate Love Pendant is treated with the same Light Stream™ Technology. This boosts the properties of the materials used and adds infinitely more benefits to what might seem to be an ordinary piece of jewelry.


    The primary material used in the Ultimate Love Pendant, the Rose Quartz, is known as the "Heart Stone." It carries energies of compassion, peace, tenderness, healing, and nourishment. It has been historically used as a token of love since around 600 B.C. Effective in attracting new love, romance, and intimacy, Rose Quartz has long been the symbol of love. The circular loving energy found in Rose Quartz also helps dissolve emotional wounds, fears, resentments, and exchanges those negative emotions with love.

    Opalescent Topaz, on the other hand, emanates with energy that dispels sadness and fear. It has also been used to ward off the effects of poison, and it is believed to have a positive effect on fertility.

    Gold is the 2nd metal discovered by man, the first one being copper. It is the metal with the highest utility, as it has so many uses across many different fields. Because of this, it has been highly valued throughout history. Gold also has potent healing properties that:

    • Improve the properties of the gems/stones attached to it
    • Strengthen the nervous and digestive systems
    • Balance the hormonal system
    • Improve blood flow
    • Help relieve arthritis problems
    • Act as anti-inflammatory
    • Fight UV problems and aging
    • Protect the skin
    • Help treat autism, tuberculosis, dyslexia, heart problems, pneumonia, and more
    • Strengthen liver, bones, and joints
    • Protect the body from toxins

    18K Gold was used to provide ample durability for years of extended use.



    • Design: Flower of Life
    • Wiring and Center Star: 18K Solid Gold
    • Toroid Stone: Rose Quartz
    • Center Stone: 6mm Opalescent Topaz



    Through Light Stream™ Technology, we can add beneficial frequencies to your Super Love Pendant for maximum effect.

    • Sound of the Sun - Vitality, heart, life force (Included)
    • Great Pyramid - Manifestation amplifier $75.00 USD
    • Infinities - Attract abundance $75.00 USD
    • Mercury - Focus & energy boost $75.00 USD
    • Venus - Love & passion $75.00 USD
    • True Phi - Brain wave enhancer $75.00 USD
    • Pleiades - Astral projection $75.00 USD
    • Pineal Gland - Intuition & ESP $75.00 USD
    • All Frequencies Special $495.00 USD

    Nothing can come close to or substitute for David Sereda's unique frequencies. Their effects are unprecedented and beneficial for everyone.

    Warning!  This pendant may be TOO strong for sensitive people.  

    We recommend to get a grounding / soothing pendant to balance the powerful effects of a super pendant.

    Grounding pendant - Hematite (Any Design)

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