Blooming Lotus Feng Shui Necklace for Attracting Good Fortune & Good Luck Liuli
Blooming Lotus Feng Shui Necklace for Attracting Good Fortune & Good Luck Liuli

Blooming Lotus Feng Shui Necklace for Attracting Good Fortune & Good Luck Liuli

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You can easily tell there’s a change in your life as soon as you start wearing this. My fiancee received an upgrade and I can only attribute to the fact she had one of these mystic necklaces. - Drake T, California


The Blooming Lotus is a powerful necklace that empowers you with the force of 7 colors which signifies the 7 chakras of the body. It's perfect to wear during important days and events to attract good luck! The energies within each color work together harmoniously, allowing this beautiful piece enough energy needed not only to enhance your overall fortune but also to help lead an unprecedented blooming life full of joyous surprises every day.  Buy it today! 



✅ QI ENERGY INFUSED - This necklace is infused with Qi Energy. It will bring good fortune, wealth, and protection to you. The Pixiu is a mythical animal that can ward off dangers while bringing prosperity to its owner. 

INCREASE PERCEPTION AND CONSCIOUSNESS - The Blooming Lotus Liuli Feng Shui Necklace is a beautiful and powerful way to attract good fortune and good luck. The necklace has an intricate design that symbolizes the power of balance in all things, including life and love. With this mystic Feng shui necklace  on your neckline, you will be able to increase your perception and consciousness about what is going on around you so you can make better decisions.

✅  MASTERY OF YOUR ENERGY  This Feng Shui Necklace is infused with Qi energy, created to promote good fortune and positive energy. This can be worn for protection or prosperity. It also helps achieve inner peace which then allows you to live your life more harmoniously.

✅ IMPROVE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELL BEING - Achieve balance between your body, mind, and spirit. The Liuli Feng Shui necklace is designed to help you achieve this with its full-body benefits. These include increased self-confidence, better concentration, less stress, and more success in life. It`s time to take control of your own destiny!




Purification: Qi Energy Infused

Pendant Size: Approx 4 cm

Length: Approx 60-68cm (adjustable)


Package includes:


1  Pixiu of Wealth Liuli Feng Shui Necklace



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