Sun Medallion - Quantum Pendant With Chakra Gems Sacred Geometry Jewelry
Sun Medallion - Quantum Pendant With Chakra Gems Sacred Geometry Jewelry
Sun Medallion - Quantum Pendant With Chakra Gems Sacred Geometry Jewelry

Sun Medallion - Quantum Pendant With Chakra Gems

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Sun Medallion - Quantum Pendant With Chakra Gems

The Flower of Life (FOL) is a rare, ancient symbol found in various parts of the world. There was a time in humanity’s past where sacred geometry was known. Today, we are in the process of remembering how the universe creates using frequencies that translates into sound, light, colors and sacred geometries that ultimately create material forms. The Flower of Life is the one symbol that embodies all of the other known forms that are the basis of all life.


  • With exact precision Flower Of Life Sacred Geometry design
  • Laser cut, made from high quality gold plated stainless steel
  • Gold Plated Stainless Steel
  • Approximately 1“ in diameter
  • 7 Color Chakra Gems


  • Bring positive energy
  • Promote life harmony and balance
  • Connect to your higher spiritual self
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Attract Abundance
  • Amplify Manifestation Ability

By wearing this symbol of creation, it helps you to move spirit into form. You allow others to remember who they REALLY are, a co-creation of God. It is also similar to the code of our DNA. You can enhance your feminine or masculine energy, according to the way you wear it. This helps you move your personal energy field back into balance and can also give you a more stabilized immune system.

What can be more potent than that as a symbol?

Even our human feelings have sacred geometric forms. This is why the symbol is cherished by many. It is a reminder of knowledge lost to humanity — knowledge that we are now in the process of remembering. Knowledge that will transform us as we understand how our inner dialogue and thoughts harm others or bring benefit; the words we speak shape environments; and what we take on as real shapes our experience in the body and outside the body.

Some of the places where the Flower of Life has been found in the Ancient World is rather astounding… 

In the Essenes community at the center of the complex there lies a Flower of Life on the floor of a great square. A central motif in the Essene community. And on the Island of Crete on a mosaic floor there is a Flower of Life. In fact the FOL appears throughout Greece and are still being discovered. There is a monastery there that has an FOL on each tower.

Sun Medallion - Quantum Pendant With Chakra Gems

Found in Turkey — and in 18 cities around the Mediterranean. And the Seed of Life which is a pattern within the Flower of Life is frequently found.In Tibet the Seed of Life symbol appeared on a chest used for saving seed.

The Flower of Life is in the Temple at Abydos in a most secret chamber

India; Golden Temple of the Sikh Religion

Japan, Ireland, King Herod’s Palace in Israel, Great Britain

Forbidden City of Beijing, China under the paws of the Guardian Lions

It is a manifestation of the sacred geometrical proportions found in all of nature — the Flower of Life Sacred Geometry contains the components of the forms that bring the subtle energy into physical form — without exception.

For example: Researcher, Dan Winter writes about how human feelings and emotions both use the structure of sacred geometric forms to come into manifestation. For more information, see The Alphabet of the Heart, Sacred Geometry: The Genesis in Principle of Language and Feeling by Winter

We see the Flower of Life present instantly when life begins in the world as the embryo begins to take shape. See the embryonic progression in the diagram below:

Sun Medallion - Quantum Pendant With Chakra Gems

Early pioneers in our modern world: Buckminster Fuller, Rudolph Steiner, Richard Lawlor and Drunvalo Melchizdek spent decades recovering this ancient knowledge. Many researchers have joined them. Frank Chester is now leading the research in the discovery of new sacred forms contained with the Flower of Life that now reveal the sacred geometry of organic forms where the geometry was unexplained. Shapes like that of the human heart and the geometry underlying the shape of the bell which was not known until recently.

Out of the early researchers studying the Flower of Life, it was Drunvalo Melchizedek who studied this ancient sacred symbol over a period of 16 years and popularized the meaning of the Flower of Life through two detailed books called the The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, I and II and his powerful, life altering Flower of Life Workshops.

Now, the Sacred Flame Master Holograms have returned. Every form within the holograms are found within the Flower of Life.

It is an exploding field of research that has captivated the imagination of everyday people around the world. Amazing how this one Symbol embodies the Universal power of manifestation. The Universe in its complexity is always simple, refined and elegant. I marvel at the FOL and am in awe of how much new information researchers who are studying the form are still discovering. We have yet to tap all of the wisdom within this one form.

Every human being in existence should know about the Flower of Life symbol and its meaning. It is body of knowledge unto itself straight from Universal Mind.

7 Chakra Gem Colors

Sun Medallion - Quantum Pendant With Chakra Gems

Purple - Crown Chakra
Blue - Throat Chakra
Green - Heart Chakra
Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra
Orange - Navel Chakra
Red - Root Chakra