Immune Support Frequencies Bundle

Immune Support Frequencies Bundle

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Best Value! Immune Support Bundle 

This Bundle Includes the complete frequency collection 
  • Number of Frequencies: 46 Tracks
  • Average Track Length: 16 minutes
  • Total Minutes: 701 minutes

The Best Frequencies for Strengthening the Immune System!



Frequencies For Immune System Support

  • Number of Frequencies: 7 Tracks
  • Average Track Length: 24 minutes
  • Total Minutes: 167 minutes

Frequencies For Lungs & Respiratory Health

  • Number of Frequencies: 13 Tracks
  • Average Track Length: 20 minutes
  • Total Minutes: 260 minutes

Frequencies For Cold, Flu & Viruses

  • Number of Frequencies: 17 Tracks
  • Average Track Length: 5 minutes
  • Total Minutes: 85 minutes

Frequencies For Viruses

  • Number of Frequencies: 9 Tracks
  • Average Track Length: 21 minutes
  • Total Minutes: 189 minutes


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