Citrine Resonant Rings
Citrine Resonant Rings
Citrine Resonant Rings
Citrine Resonant Rings
Citrine Resonant Rings
Citrine Resonant Rings

Citrine Resonant Rings

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Add Powerful Gem Energy To Your Wand

  • Attract Abundance at Unprecedented Levels
  • Cleanse Your Chakra Energies
  • Raise Your Spiritual Resonance
  • Amplify Your Manifestation Power
  • Invigorate Your Mind, Body and Spirit!

CITRINE emanates a feeling of joy and sun with it. Its other properties are connected to creativity. It Stimulates the brain, promotes motivation, and encourages self-expression.


1 Ring - $699 $495
2 Rings $1398 $695
3 Rings$2097 $995

Frequently Asked Questions

How do they attach to the wand?
Just slide them on and a rubber ring will keep them securely in place

Can I interchange the rings? 
YES!  You can switch the rings in and out any time

Can I use different gems rings at the same time? 
Yes, combine any choice of gems or rings to customize your look

Can I add more than 3 rings? 
Yes!  you can add as many as you like as long as you enough room on the wand
Each wand can fit a maximum of 7 rings

What’s the difference between gold and silver rings? 
Only the color

What are they made of? 
High-grade para-magnetic Alloy (same as the wand) and gold or silver plated gem sockets.  

Are the gemstones real? 
Yes, they are real gemstones and have been lab tested for authenticity. These are lab-grown gemstones and are identical in chemical composition to gemstones found in nature, but they have perfect clarity and cost a fraction of the price!

Does the price include the wand?
No, wands are sold separately.

What are the dimensions of a ring?
49mm x 49mm x 9.5mm, inside diameter is 40mm

Do they come with a warranty? 
Yes! 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Do they work with Light Stream Wands? 
Yes! They fit perfectly onto older wand models as well as the new resonant wand.