Quantum Jump Package

Quantum Jump Package

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Quantum Jump Strategy:
Instantly Qualify for 4-STAR Status

Earn 2.5X the base commission: 25%

Unlock professional line commissions!

Your 5 products would be:

  • Qi Coil 3s system with Resonant Console 2 ($3499)
  • Qi Coil Aura 14” RPK ($2995)
  • Higher Quantum Frequency Collection (free Upgrade to Resnant Console 3) ($1997)
  • Inner Circle Lifetime Membership (free Upgrade to Resonant Console 4) ($5000)
  • Qienergy.ai 1 Year membership ($997)
  • Shipping ($99)

Total Price: $14,587  $12000

Package Price: $10,000

By investing in an Quantum Jump Package, you will be taking advantage of a unique business that will qualify you to earn 2.5X the base commission: 25% commissions instead of 10%

Also you unlock earning commissions from our Professional Product Line.  The fact is that it takes the same amount of effort to sell a product regardless of the price.  So why not earn commissions from high-end, luxury products instead of low to medium priced products?

But most importantly, you will own and experience our most powerful technologies for personal transformation and unlocking your prosperity code

Qi Coil 3 - Personal, Mobile energy frequency system (Our most popular system)

Qi Coil Aura - Now you can energize your entire home with abundance attraction energy

Resonant Console - 10,000+ Frequencies at your fingertips!

Higher Quantum Frequency Collection - World's Most Powerful Meditation Frequencies

Inner Circle Frequencies - Our entire frequency collection, including our most powerful frequencies for money attraction, business success and manifesting.

QiEnergy.Ai - Amplify your resonance and manifesting ability even more with zero-point automated quantum energy.

We've seen over and over that people who start their businesses with the Quantum Jump Package make more money in less time than those who don't.

Most likely, the people who start their businesses through you will want to put in the same amount of money that you did when you started your business. So, if you only buy one product, it's likely that the people who follow you will do the same. The truth is that you can only talk about something from a place of truth. If you've actually experienced it yourself

We wouldn't be here today sharing this video and telling you to start your business with the Quantum Jump if we didn't think it would help you and your finances, .

Top earners started their businesses with all of the Quantum Jump Package products, and they have attracted clients and customers who are willing to do the same. So, when you show up for yourself and your business by taking the leap and investing in your own Quantum Jump, others will too.

We can't wait to help you get started with your own Quantum Jump so you can feel better and make more money as soon as possible.