Qi Life Inner Circle Vip
David Wong Inner Circle - Next Level Transformation
David Wong Inner Circle - Next Level Transformation
David Wong Inner Circle - Next Level Transformation
David Wong Inner Circle - Next Level Transformation
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
David Wong Inner Circle
Qi Life Inner Circle Plus
Qi Life Inner Circle Plus
Qi Life Inner Circle Vip

Qi Life Inner Circle VIP

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Gain The Frequencies To Thrive in 2023

Unleash Your Full Potential with Inner Circle Frequencies

  • 4 Dimensional
  • 78 Inner Circle Frequencies
  • $19,149.00 Value
  • Exclusive Invitation to VIP Events
  • Personal Growth Assessment
  • Monthly 1-to-1, 30-Minute Strategy Sessions
  • Direct communication w/ David Wong via Text Message

Transform Uncertainty into Opportunity and GROWTH

UNLEASH your potential and gain the frequencies to thrive in 2023. In the last three years, we’ve gone from dreaming about everything we would do when the pandemic ended to now, when many of us are feeling the squeeze of inflation, a looming recession and more uncertainty than ever.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you could shut out the chaos of the outside world and create inner peace and calm for yourself and your family? And what if, while the rest of the world is freaking out about every negative news story, you had the inner strength and the tools to stay focused on what matters most in your life?

With Inner Circle Frequencies, You Will INSTANTLY Begin To

  • Unlock your body's innate healing and regenerative powers
  • Change your thought patterns to create actions, habits and the life you dreamed of
  • Discover your hidden power and achieve your full potential
  • Eliminate stress, depression, anxiety and negativity, and switch "on" the best version of you
  • Boost your Qi energy and supercharge your productivity and stay in the "flow"
  • Attract Abundance and create prosperity and wealth

Is This You?

  • Stress, Burnout, Exhausted?
  • Depression, Anxiety?
  • Feel stuck, frustrated?
  • Want to make this year count and Become the best version of yourself?

Turn Your Resolutions into Lasting Change

January is traditionally a time for new beginnings. We resolve to get healthy, advance our careers or learn a new skill. Our resolutions are sincere – so why don’t we keep them? The truth is that these one-off resolutions don’t inspire us with a deeper meaning. We resolve to change our behaviors when what we really need to do is change our frequency.

We want instant results, but most people lack time and commitment. The Inner Circle Frequencies is designed to TRANSFORM your frequency so that it DOES NOT require time or commitment.

3 Steps: How Inner Circle Frequencies Work

1  Remove Negative Energies that are sabotaging your life

2  Accelerate Your Physical and Mental Health

3  Reprogram your consciousness to effortlessly attract abundance

What You Will Transform as an Inner Circle Member?

  • Regain Vibrant Life Force Energy
  • Be Your Healthiest in Years
  • Elevate Your Mood Quickly & Easily
  • Awaken Your Inner Superhuman Abilities

Discover 78 of Our Most Powerful Exclusive Inner Circle Frequencies

Mind Expansion: Shrooms, MJ, L S D, Sal-via, Ibogai-ne Psychotro-pics

Tap Into Your Higher Consciousness And Achieve Spiritual Awakening

LSD ($299 Value)

Magic Mushroom ($299 Value)

Cannabis ($299 Value)

Salvia Divinorum 1 ($299 Value)

Salvia Divinorum 2 ($299 Value)

Psychic Ability

Unlock Your Hidden Powers and Become Superhuman

Psychic Activator ($369 Value)

Psychic Shield ($369 Value)

Third Eye Opening ($369 Value)

Amethyst Crown Chakra ($369 Value)

Astral Projection Teleportation ($369 Value)

Divine Intuition & Instinct ($369 Value)

Lucid Dreaming Inducer ($369 Value)

Mental Telepathy ($369 Value)

Abundance Plus

Start Drawing All Good Things Whether in Health Wealth or Success Automatically

Attract Abundance ($399 Value)

Magnetic Attraction ($399 Value)

Success Programming ($399 Value)

Health, Wealth & Wisdom ($399 Value)

Manifesting Abundance ($399 Value)

Manifesting Meditation ($399 Value)

Abundance - Money ($3,599 Value)

Abundance - Business ($4,999 Value)

Abundance - Job / Career

Tap Into Your Higher Consciousness And Achieve Spiritual Awakening

Success - Overcome Fear ($499 Value)

Balance Power & Action ($499 Value)

Financial Clarity ($499 Value)

Financial Genius ($499 Value)

Financial Stress Relief ($499 Value)

Manifesting PLUS Collection

You can improve your quality of life as these frequencies let you harness a happy, productive, and loving life.

Will Power & Purpose ($369 Value)

Focus & Energy ($369 Value)

Surging Inner Strength ($369 Value)

Remove Limitations ($369 Value)

Get Unstuck ($369 Value)

Stay Focussed ($369 Value)

Just Do It ($369 Value)

Job Well Done ($369 Value)

Overcome Fear ($369 Value)

Super Brain Booster

Give your brain a massive boost and peak mental performance.

Brain & Nerve Support ($399 Value)

Concentration ($399 Value)

Intelligence ($399 Value)

Memory & Cognition ($399 Value)

Optimizer ($399 Value)

Problem Solving ($399 Value)

Stamina ($399 Value)

Life Protection

Maximize your vitality and resilience with essential detox and immune-boosting frequencies

After Jab Detox ($297 Value)

After Jab Detox 2 ($297 Value)

Digital IVM ($297 Value)

Immune Vitamin Pack ($297 Value)

How Frequencies Transform You...

Your brain is a super computer that controls your body with ELECTRICAL IMPULSES.

These impulses can get distorted over time from numerous causes, and negative things can happen to you such as physical pain in your bodynegative thoughts and emotions in your mind, and lower vibrations in your energy field.

Because the observer affects the reality around them, your thoughts and your energy field create the manifestations in your life. 

When you immerse yourself in Higher Quantum Frequencies you are receiving a direct neuronal download through the sound vibrations

These vibrations will cause your brain to release neurotransmitters, give rise to feelings of joy and delightamplifying the power of your electromagnetic field

The result? Only you will know, because you are the creator of your own reality

Each frequency has gone through rigorous testing for several years on our test groups to ensure their powers are maximized 

What Are Higher Quantum Frequencies?

They are the next level of frequencies, that harness the power of 4 dimensions. 

  • Rife Frequencies are Single Frequencies (1 Dimension)
  • Binaural beats are 2 Frequencies (2 Dimensions)
  • Quantum Frequencies are Multiple Frequencies (3 Dimensions)
  • Higher Quantum Frequencies are Dynamic Layers of Fields of Intention (4 Dimensions)

Your Best Investment To Be Inflation-Proof

The best investment you can make is in yourself. -Warren Buffet

Investing in yourself is a way to protect yourself from inflation and economic downturns, as it is not affected by changes in the value of the dollar or taxes.

  • It can't be taxed
  • No one can take it away from you, even the government
  • You can pass it to your family
  • It grows in value regardless of the economy or the dollar

Be the best version of yourself- best doctor, podcaster, teacher” And you will do well in any economy

Are You Ready For Your Next Level of Transformation?

When you join Qi life Inner Circle right now, you'll get:

  • Lead to deeper spiritual experiences and a greater understanding of one's place in the world
  • Help to enhance psychic abilities such as intuition, clairvoyance, and telepathy
  • Able to manifest their desires more effectively and with greater ease
  • Help to clear the mind, improve focus and concentration, and enhance cognitive function
  • Help to boost overall well-being, improve physical health and energy levels
  • Help to induce feelings of deep calmness and inner peace, as well as exuberant joy and delight


    PS: This is your opportunity to learn to attract abundancemanifest your desires, and raise your resonant frequency with David Wong’s direct attention and exclusive higher quantum frequencies. You’ll start believing in magic if you don’t already. 

    This is your chance to break that trend and get your first breakthrough right now.

    Action produces new results, so dive in!

    An investment in yourself always produces the most return, because it lasts a lifetime and can never be taken away from you.

    Don't stay stuck where you are, hoping to breakthrough 

    Your Higher Self Is Waiting...

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    Discover The Science Behind Qi Coils™

    The following is research on Rife and PEMF for educational purposes only, we make no claims that our products will have any of the effects found in the studies.

    Qi Life Innovations

    Patent-Pending Innovations and Metaphysical Design

    Scientists say our universe is shaped in a torus. They may be right. It's nature's perfect shape for energy flow. It's used in nuclear fusion reactors, and can be seen in everything from sea corals, to earth's magnetic field, to our galaxy.

    Qi Coils use unique, powerful, harmonic sounds from the Qi Coil App, that are converted into an electromagnetic energy field to tune your mind and body for wellness.

    Science has shown that our brain and body responds to electromagnetic frequencies. It's actually one of the ways our cells and DNA communicate with each other. So if you send "instructions" to your cells in this manner, you could facilitate transformation with very little effort.

    Quantum Frequency

    The first Neuro-Programming Magnetic Energy Emitter for mental and physical wellness

    Quantum Frequency

    900+ Neuro-Programs to help you meditate, de-stress, focus, relax, sleep and more

    Quantum Frequency

    Contactless / Large "Area of Effect" (AOE), up to 30 SQFT coverage

    Quantum Frequency

    Inspired by the most powerful shape in nature - the torus

    Quantum Frequency

    Simple, safe, mobile easy plug-and-play operation powered by our proprietary Qi Coil™ app

    Quantum Frequency

    Trusted by doctors, researchers and 1000's of individuals around the world

    Countless Applications

    Transform Your Mind and Body - The system delivers frequencies by converting an electrical signal into a magnetic wave signal. Powered by an amplifier, it delivers frequency signals as energy waves to penetrate every cell in your body, delivering benefits wherever you want it to.
    Localized or Broadcast Applications – Can be used on a specific part on your body or our larger Aura Coils can be used to broadcast soothing energy to a large area or building.
    Water Restructuring - easily treat your water with coherent energy in minutes.

    Food Restructuring - easily treat your food with coherent energy in minutes.

    Agriculture - enhance growth and yield from plants.

    World's Most Powerful Meditation Frequencies

    What are Higher Quantum Frequencies? They are the next level of frequencies, that harness the power of 4 dimensions.

    • Rife Frequencies are single frequencies (1 dimension)
    • Binaural beats are 2 frequencies (2 dimensions)
    • Quantum Frequencies are multiple frequencies (3 dimensions)
    • Higher Quantum Frequencies are dynamic layers of fields of intention (4 dimensions)

    Waveform – Through the Qi Life System, sine, square, or triangle waveforms are generated, delivering a clean and effective signal with zero distortion. The wave comes through as a frequency, which is then converted through the Qi Life System into an electromagnetic Gaussian field.

    Frequency Range - 0.1 Hz to 22,000 Hz
    For frequencies over 22,000hz, a frequency generator is required.
    We recommend: Kuman Upgraded 60 Megahertz Frequency Generator

    Intensity – By turning the volume up or down on the mobile phone, tablet or amplifier, you can change the intensity settings. The system has a very strong detoxifying effect, so we recommend using only at 50% volume for beginners. The use of higher volume is advised only when your body can tolerate it, or for deeper penetration for people with larger body mass.

    Cutting-Edge Neuro Frequency Development

    Quantum Frequency

    World's Most Advanced Neuro Programs

    Up to 5000 neural data signals per program. Competitor devices typically have 1-5 per program. We go beyond conventional PEMF frequencies and have developed hundreds of programs called “quantum frequencies” that produce many specific psychological, emotional and biological states.

    Quantum Frequency

    Molecular Mapping

    All molecules have weight and geometry, by uncovering the active compounds in a substance, we can create a frequency profile for each compound and combine them to replicate its effects.

    Quantum Frequency

    Brainwave EEG sampling

    Using a specific combination or sequences of frequencies can induce predictable responses in the brain. Where conventional devices will claim they can calibrate your brainwaves to states such as alpha, delta or theta, we take a giant a leap forward and program your mind for more precise states like calm, confident, positive, peaceful, creative, mindful. 

    Quantum Frequency

    Electromagnetic Noise Displacement

    All substances, all our cells, and even our DNA emit an electromagnetic signature. By decoding these frequencies, we can alter how they interact with each other.

    Quantum Frequency

    Qi Life Proprietary Algorithms

    With over 10 years of research, we have discovered unique ways for creating experiences in the mind and body through frequency. Integrating a culmination of multi-disciplinary approaches and hyper-dimensional math, we are able to create dynamic numerical models of distinct states of well-being, which are then composed into our higher quantum frequencies

    151,000 Frequencies on our Resonant Console

    World's Most Powerful Wellness Programs at Your Fingertips

    Over 151,000 Frequencies - The Resonant Console 3 (Inner Circle) includes 9 Starter, 34 Master, 150 Quantum Frequencies, 137 Higher Quantum Frequencies, 57 Inner Circle Frequencies and thousands of Rife Frequencies. the number will increase as time goes by.

    Proprietary Software - The Resonant Console Software is not available in iTunes or Android stores. We automatically update the app ensuring that you will always have the latest version.

    Qi Coil™ App

    Discover scientifically proven frequencies that quickly shift your mind into altered states of consciousness and awareness. Simply download and listen to them during silent meditation, or anytime throughout the day! Meditation masters have taken decades to achieve high states of consciousness

    Impressive Vortex Power! 100X stronger than Earth's magnetic field.

    Scientific Study Reveals 27% Wellness Boost After Just 30 Minutes!

    Subject was a post-cancer female, 56 yrs. Used 2 coils aligned with head and feet for 30 mins, lying down, with the life force mid frequency. Used biowell GDV camera for bio-energy measurement before and after session.

    Qualitative Study of Frequency and Qi Coil Effects

    A survey was conducted on 200 random individuals that were divided into 3 groups. Group A never used any of our products, Group B used our frequencies at least 2 times a week for a 30 day period, Group C used Qi Coils at least 2 times a week for a 30 day period. The following standardized assessments were implemented:

    • DASS for Anxiety
    • PQAS - Pain Quality Assessment Scale
    • DASS for Depression
    • PSS - Perceived Stress Scale

    All 4 studies resulted in highly statically significant to extremely statistically significant results.

    Increased Energy Levels Improved Balance Reduced Stress levels

    96% Of Users Report Reduced Pain

    NASA* Discovers PEMF Increased Cell Regeneration By 40%

    PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, are beneficial and safe EMF energy fields used to improve quality of life and assist focus and meditation, among other beneficial effects. It mimics energy fields that occur naturally. PEMF therapy is able to permeate through your entire body, allowing for a stream of beneficial effects.

    Link to NASA Website Report

    16 Cancer Patients Saved by Dr. Rife

    Einstein and Tesla Agree “Everything is Energy and Frequency”

    Everything around us is created and surrounded with frequency. It goes down to our very molecules and the atoms that form them. Any changes you make to the frequency of any object change its very structure.

    It's hard to believe that these frequencies - sounds and vibrations so minuscule that we cannot even perceive them - can have such a profound effect on our corporeal world. But it's actually a relatively old concept - Quantum Physics! This is the basis of modern PEMF technology.

    It is now established that even the most minute and imperceptible frequencies from sound or music has the capability to change us. From the microscopic to the galactic, everything we can perceive and even those that we cannot, our entire universe is based on sound and vibration.

    All of these can be traced even to how our brains work. Could it be that even our thoughts can influence and can be influenced by the sounds and the vibrations around us?

    What Dr. Oz Says About PEMF..

    “There's a revolutionary cure for pain that few doctors know about because it is not a new pill or surgery ...Energy waves that changes the way your body copes with pain.”

    Watch Cancer Cells Killed With a Magic Frequency

    Learn How This Doctor Heals Disease With Sound

    Medical Research on PEMF

    All information on this website are for educational purposes only, we make no claims that our products will have any of the effects found in the studies. If you want to learn more about PEMF technology, feel free to browse the studies below. Do note, that we are not responsible for the content of the information provided below, and the studies referenced have been conducted by third party organizations and institutions. Therefore, you must conduct your own independent research and consider these studies at your own sole discretion. We do not warrant that you will experience any of the effects described in the below studies with any of our products.

    Over 2000 University Level Studies Show PEMF Therapy Works!

    2000 University Level

    Universities across the world have done research on the effects of PEMF Therapy on a wide variety of purposes that benefit areas such as: Cell Regeneration, Circulation, Healing, Nerve Repair, Nervous System, Neuropathy, Range of Motion, and Vision. They have also reported positive results on health problems such as: Arthritis, Depression, Diabetes, Edema, Endometritis, Fibromyalgia, Glaucoma, Hematoma, Hypertension, Lymphocytes, Migraine, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Pain, Parkinson’s, Pelvic Pain, Tendonitis, and Ulcers.

    Download Complete 2000 University Report

    Important Info

    Contraindications - The Qi Life Systems is not advisable for those using a pacemaker, defibrillator, an insulin pump, ear cochlear implant or any other electronic metal implant. Do not use if you are taking high doses of iron supplements. Do not use near pregnant person. If a person has metal plate or screws due to a bone fracture do not place the System directly over the area. The device is safe to use on the usual inert metals used on bones like stainless steel or titanium, but not for metals that can be magnetized.

    Caution - If you feel dizziness, nausea, or a "healing crisis", stop using the devices until you recover. Recommended Use – 20-30 minutes per session, 1 to 3 times a day. Keep devices at least 2 feet from your head. Do not turn "high power kit" or crown branded amplifiers higher than 50% volume. "mobile power kit" may be used up to 100% volume.

    In the US, Qi Coil™ is positioned as a general wellness device compliant with FDA regulation (General Wellness: Policy for Low-Risk Devices: 2019-09-17) Qi Coil™ has not been evaluated by the FDA. These products do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition. Always consult your medical doctor regarding any health concerns.

    Frequencies User Guide

    Scientifically proven frequencies that help you experience the highest levels of meditation with just a click of a button.


    Qi Coil™ & Frequency Quick Start Guide

    How To Download Your Frequencies

    Can I just listen to these, or do I need Qi Coils to use these frequencies?+
    You may listen to the frequencies without a device. However, using the frequencies with a device like the Qi Coil™ is more effective since it converts the sounds into electromagnetic waves which can better permeate through your body.
    Do I need headphones?+
    For best practices in listening to the frequencies, both headsets or speakers are okay, but we recommend turning up your volume a little bit to help the frequency better penetrate your body (you can also listen to the frequencies at any time). Also, keep in mind that some frequencies are extremely low and not audible to the human ear but they are certainly having an effect.
    How soon will I receive my order?+
    Yes, all frequencies are tested and proven safe.
    Are these frequencies safe?+
    For best practices in listening to the frequencies, both headsets or speakers are okay, but we recommend turning up your volume a little bit to help the frequency better penetrate your body (you can also listen to the frequencies at any time). Also, keep in mind that some frequencies are extremely low and not audible to the human ear but they are certainly having an effect.
    Is sound and/or frequency therapy scientifically proven?+
    Yes, there are thousands of scientific studies that prove pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has many benefits to humans. For further information, please click here: https://qilifestore.com/blogs/videos-and-tutorials/fat-loss-pemf-frequency-to-reduce-pandemic-belly?_pos=9&_sid=28d9373ec&_ss=r
    How Often Can I Use these frequencies?+
    We normally recommend that you break in for the first 7 days, and start using frequencies at medium to high volume for at least 30-60 minutes per day. For regular or normal use, keep it at medium to high volume, within 30 minutes - 3 hours per session, and at least 2 sessions per day, with a minimum 1-hour break in between. For longer use of up to 8 hours, it is advisable to keep playing the frequencies at low to medium volume.
    When should I use these frequencies?+
    You may use it whenever you feel you need it. If you need an energy boost, need to focus, or need to relax and sleep. The Qi Coil™ app offers many different programs for different needs so you can use them to enhance your performance at work, school, home, exercise, meditation, creativity, and more!
    Can I use it while I sleep?+
    FYes you can, but make sure to secure it properly or place it on your bedside table to avoid accidentally damaging the wires or the device itself. Also, make sure that your frequencies are playing through the Qi Coil.
    Are There Any Side Effects?+
    Yes, some may experience a healing crisis such as headache or dizziness, most especially if it’s your first time to introduce your body to the frequencies. But no worries, if you are experiencing these symptoms, you may simply stop using the Qi coils™ for a few days before starting another session. You may also turn down the volume on your mobile device that is running the Qi Coil™ app, and usually, a day or two will be enough for your body to eliminate toxins that have been flushed out of your systems. Also, make sure to hydrate and get plenty of rest. Once your systems are tuned up over time (usually 21 days), you may experience little or no detox effects at all.
    What Can I Do to Maximize the Effects of Using these frequencies?+
    We highly recommend that you create a more personalized frequency program depending on your goals or what you want to achieve, and use it with the Qi Coil consistently to achieve better results. You may also refer to our Frequencies User Guide for more details.
    How do these frequencies work?+
    The Qi Coil system uses unique, powerful, harmonic sounds and sequences that are programmed in our Qi Coil app, and is designed specifically to work on a cellular level to help raise your Qi energy, attract abundance, amplify your ability to manifest your intentions, and improve your overall health and wellness.
    How Do I Use Quantum frequencies?+
    We highly recommend that you determine what you want to focus on, create a personal program in the Qi Coil App, and start with no more than 4 different frequencies per day. Also, make sure that you drink water before and after each session to ensure that your body is well hydrated and to prevent possible healing crisis effects.
    How Long Should I Use these frequencies for?+
    You may use the frequencies as long as you feel you need them. For example, if you need to feel more energy, use it until you feel you have the energy you need, or simply use it on a daily basis to get the daily nourishments that you need.
    How will I know it’s working?+
    Aside from the obvious effect of achieving the goals that you intended, there are other more subtle effects that you may notice during your Qi Coil, Aura Coil, or Resonant Wand experience such as improved and positive changes in personality and feelings, lesser pain experience, etc.
    How soon will I feel the effects?+
    It depends on how electromagnetically sensitive a person is, as some who stated that they were able to experience the effects right away, and there are others who reported to feel the effects after a few weeks (usually 21 days) of consistent use.
    How long do the effects last for?+
    The effects may last for hours or days. We have had reports that the effects last for about 3 days even after stopping usage of the Qi coils™. If you use it for 21 days or longer, your body systems will have permanently re-calibrated. Which will make the effects last for a long period of several days even if you stop using the Qi coils™.
    What is the difference between Rife, Quantum, Higher Quantum and Inner Circle frequencies?+
    Rife Frequencies are Single Frequencies (1 Dimension), Quantum Frequencies are Multiple Frequencies (3 Dimension) and Higher Quantum & Inner Circle Frequencies are Dynamic Layers of Fields of Intention (4 Dimension)
    Does it work for people who’ve never done this before?+
    Yes, many people who have never tried anything like the Qi Coil™ before have reported that they feel the effects immediately or over a period of 3-4 weeks.
    How can I attract abundance or manifest my intentions with this?+
    Your mind and body have an electromagnetic field. The Qi Life Systems tune that field according to nature's harmonic frequencies. Nature is in its essence infinite and abundant. If you are in tune with nature, you will naturally transmit, receive and attract abundance. You may watch this webinar for more info: https://qilifestore.com/blogs/videos-and-tutorials/attract-abundance-webinar-replay?_pos=10&_sid=21c7fa368&_ss=r
    What Is the frequency range and waveform?+
    Frequency Range is 0.1 Hz to 22,000 Hz. Through the Qi Life System, sine, square, or triangle waveforms are generated, delivering a clean and effective signal with zero distortion. The wave comes through as a frequency, which is then converted through the Qi Life System into an electromagnetic Gaussian field.
    What Can I Do If I’m Not Satisfied with the Product?+
    We are so confident that our Qi Coil will transform your life that we are willing to offer you a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee.
    Do you offer Financing?+
    We are committed to everyone having the opportunity to experience our devices so we thought of ways to make the cost one less thing to worry about.

    As a person living in the US, the best course of action is to take our financing partner, Klarna as your financing option. It's really easy to apply, just select "Order now, Pay Later with Klarna" as the payment option on the checkout page before completing your order. Then, wait for the prompts to enter your personal information.

    We also have an in-house financing option. To start this process, please confirm which device or system are you interested in getting, and let us know when you are available for one of our representatives to call you to help you with your financing process.

    Choose your Payment Option


    Purchasing this product listing will also unlock the frequency(ies) in the members.qicoil.com after 48 hours.