Qi Coil™ 2 Transformation System with Power Kit
Qi Coil 2 Transformation System With Power Kit
Qi Coil 2 Transformation System With Power Kit
Qi Coil 2 Transformation System With Power Kit
Qi Coil 2 Transformation System With Power Kit
Qi Coil 2 Transformation System With Power Kit
Qi Coil 2 Transformation System With Power Kit
Qi Coil 2 Transformation System With Power Kit
Qi Coil 2 Transformation System With Power Kit
Qi Coil 2 Transformation System With Power Kit
Qi Coil 2 Transformation System With Power Kit
Qi Coil 2 Transformation System With Power Kit
Qi Coil 2 Transformation System With Power Kit
Qi Coil 2 Transformation System With Power Kit
Qi Coil 2 Transformation System With Power Kit

Qi Coil™ 2 Transformation System with Power Kit

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Transform Yourself 1% A Day... With NASA Inspired Technology

Sound and Magnetic Waves for Personal Transformation

It broadcasts a unique harmonic frequencies through a patent-pending magnetic coil that is powered by a mobile app.

  1. CONTACTLESS. Has 3 feet range.  Just have it near you and you will be getting Qi Energy.

  2. PORTABLE. Fits in your pocket, connects to your phone.

  3. AUTOMATIC. Just click a button and experience Qi Energy all day.

  4. SIMPLE. No batteries needed, no moving parts, just plug into your phone and use the Qi Coil app.

  5. BEAUTIFUL. Stunning crystal-like toroid with vortex gold wiring, nothing looks quiet as amazing!

  6. POWERFUL. Highly efficient and effective, uses just your phone as the power source! (lasts several hours without recharging your phone) 

“The Only System You Need To Transform Yourself” 


  • STOP Negativity
  • Attract Positive Energy
  • Find true inner peace and clarity
  • Quiet and calm your mind
  • Feel and stay balanced



    • Imagine Improving your health 1% a day...
    • Boost Your Energy without drinks or supplements! 
    • Feel refreshed and more confident
    • Stop feeling exhausted
    • Promotes healthy sleep habits



      • Become the best version of you
      • Feel and stay motivated by a click of a button
      • Helps support physical strength and stamina!



      • Raise your spiritual vibration
      • Help Manage Stress and Anxiety with soothing Qi Energy
      • Feel re-connected to yourself
      • Help cope with emotional and mental traumas 
      • The shortcut to deep profound meditation



      • Works fast!
      • Long Lasting
      • Never runs out



      • Attract money and positive energy 
      • Increase focus and productivity
      • Improve your mood instantly  
      • Become successful in life
      • Manifest the things you want - easily!

        Qi Coil is NASA Inspired Technology...

        Originally designed to keep NASA astronauts healthy, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy is now made available to everyone, anytime, anywhere...

        Sound and magnetic waves that increase your natural bio-energy.

        Qi Coil™ 2 broadcasts a unique harmonic frequency through a patent-pending magnetic coil that is powered by a mobile app.


        What's New in the Qi Coil™ 2?

        The new Qi Coil™ 2 is made with a crystal-like vortex base. The solid toroid base makes it more durable. The new design is stunningly beautiful as the crystal-like material allows light to pass through and reflect inside the toroid. It is also available in gold and silver wiring for the Prestige package.

        ✔ New Stunning Design 
        ✔ Better Durability and Quality 
        ✔ Crystal Like Center 
        ✔ More Solid
        ✔ More Refined and Polished 
        ✔ Available in Gold for Qi Coil™ Prestige Systems

        Qi Coil™ 2 Transformation System Includes:

        • Qi Coil™ 2 Prestige System
          • 1 x Qi Coil™ 2 Yin Gold (Gold Enamel Copper Wires) $1,297 Value
          • 1 x Qi Coil™ 2 Yang Gold (Gold Enamel Copper Wires) $1,297 Value
        • David Wong's Transformation Course (Level 1-5) $1,997 Value
        • Qi Life Masterclass $997 Value
        • 6 Gold Therapeutic Magnets $297 Value
        • 1 x Quick Release Belt Clip $60 Value
        • 1 x Premium Aluminum Carrying Case $70 Value
        • Master Collection Frequency $679 Total Value
          • Life Force: The Source of Qi
          • Clarity: Brainwave Balancing
          • Abundance: Remove Blockages
          • Wisdom: Consciousness Expansion
          • Enlighten: Pineal Gland Activation
          • Sleep: Deep Delta Theta
          • Qi Energy Activation
        • Advanced Meditation Frequency Collection $1,221 Total Value
          • BONUS PACKAGE Included $1,079 Value
            • Qi Coil Quick Start PDF Guide (7 Pages)
            • ​7 Days a Week Technical Support
            • ​6 Free Frequencies with Qi Coil App
            • ​1 Year Limited Warranty (Upgrade to 5 Year Accident Protection)
            • ​Qi Coil Tutorials (20 Videos) $144 Value
            • ​​Qi Life Mastery Course (7 Videos) $297 Value
            • ​​​Wing Chun Martial Arts Lessons (163 Videos) $297 Value
            • ​​Virtual WingChun Online Course (23 Videos) $197 Value
            • ​Qi Gong Meditation Lessons (14 Videos) $97 Value
            • ​Secrets of Qi Gong Online Course (16 Videos) $47 Value
          • IMMUNE SUPPORT UPGRADE Included $535 Value
            • Complete Immune Support Frequencies Bundle ($238 Value)
            • Qi Energy Meditation Course for Immune, Sleep and Self Healing ($297 Value)

          60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

          We are so confident that our Qi Coil will transform your life that we are willing to offer you a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee! 


          Now you can feel at ease with your investment...



          Qi Coil™ Comparison:

          Other PEMF Systems Are NOT Portable and Costs Over $6,000.00!

          Bemer - Starts at $6000 and up
          IMRS 2000 - start at $6000 and up
          Ampcoil - $10,000.00 and up
            You can get 10 or more Qi Coils for the same price as one of those competing systems.


          Technical Specifications

          Qi Coils™ are Fully Compatible with Apple, Android, or any Mobile Device that uses a 3.5 mm Audio Jack

          • Counter-Clockwise Vortex Coil (Expands, relax, projection)
          • Works with Qi Coil App with various "Life Force Frequencies"
          • 48 Wires in Twisted Pairs
          • Patent-pending Design
          • Soldered Connections
          • Conforms to MW-35C, UL recognized Class 200
          • High-temperature Class: 200°C (392°F)
          • Insulation type: heavy build, modified polyester basecoat, and an improved polyamideimide topcoat
          • Dimensions: 3" OD x 0.5" ID x 1.25" H
          • Weight: 200 grams each
          Qi Coil™ Qi Coil™ 2
          Base Acrylic Nest Solid Crystal-Like Toroid Base

          Gold Enamel Copper Wires

          Weight 125g 200g
          Dimensions 3" OD x 0.5" ID x 1.25" H
          Insulation Heavy build, modified polyester basecoat & polyamideimide topcoat

          Clockwise VS Counter-Clockwise Qi Coils

          Yin (Counterclockwise) Expands, Relaxes, Projects Outward, Opens for Receiving, they can be used for long periods of time.

          Yang (Clockwise) Contracts, centers, grounding. It is good for boosts for short periods. Not recommend to use for more than 20 min at a time.


          Warning: Are you using an iPhone or iPad?  Qi Coils only works with Genuine Apple Adapters

          Contraindications: Not recommended for people with pacemakers or if taking high doses of iron supplements.

          Therapeutic Magnets Warning: This System comes with Therapeutic Magnets. By ordering these Therapeutic Magnets means you have read and understood the Therapeutic Magnet Safety and QiLifeStore.com would not be liable for any effects caused by the warnings mentioned.
          To know more about the Therapeutic Magnet Safety Click Here

          Mandatory FDA disclaimer  None of our products are medical devices and they are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate of cure any disease in humans or animals. 


          INCLUDED: The 6 Week Transformation Course
          Are You Ready For Dramatic Transformation?

          Peak Performance Innovator, David Wong reveals his Secrets for Personal Transformation!

          After recovering from a serious health condition and becoming a Successful Entrepreneur after being broken for many years, he has gained "Rare Knowledge" and insight for how to never give up and achieve prosperity no matter what your circumstances are.


          • This is NOT another “Get Rich Quick” Course
          • This is NOT another “Mindfulness Meditation” Course
          • In fact, this is unlike any self-actualization course that exists..

          Why Enroll?

          1. Because this is the only course in the world that incorporates Meditation Enhancement Technology (Qi Coil).
          2. David’s very concept is Revolutionary…
          3. "Combining Ancient Chinese Meditation practices (Qi Gong) with Advanced Electromagnetic Frequency Energy Delivery System and Practical Life Lessons"


          STEP 1 - ENERGY

          Start living pain free

          Feel incredible & amazing in every way



          STEP 2 - INTEGRATION

          Connect your Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit

          Gain Peace & Clarity



          STEP 3 - ALIGNMENT

          Align to Your Soul's Purpose and hearts passion

          Achieving higher by helping others




          Revive Your Health Naturally

          Become balanced, calm, strong, grounded, happy, radiant and energetic



          STEP 5 - MANIFEST

          Attract Abundance

          Increase your ability to manifest wealth, success and freedom


          If you are looking to transform yourself, this may be the key to unlocking your hidden potential.

          In This Program You Will Also Discover...

          • What is Qi Energy and Qi gong?

          • How to get rid of negative energy and negativity

          • How to get positive energy and just be happy

          • How to find inner peace calm and quiet and calm my mind

          • How to reconnect myself and balance your mind, body, spirit

          • How to gain wealth and prosperity, be successful in life, attract money

          • How to manifest abundance, and attract or achieve what you want

          • How to stop feeling tired and drained all the time and boost your energy 

          • How to find motivation and purpose in life

          • How to stop feeling pain everyday and heal yourself physically

          • How to lose weight, get in better shape and stay motivated

          • How to meditate better and raise your spiritual vibration

          • How to get unstuck, find motivation and know what you want in life 

            And Much More!

          Are You Ready For A TRANSFORMATION? 

          Course Outline

          Course Details:

           Course Type: Online

           Duration: 6 Weeks

           Start Date: November 2019

          • Fit Body, Sharp Mind and Lose Weight
          • Revive Your Health Naturally
          • Feel incredible & amazing in every way
          • Become balanced
          • Calm, grounded
          • Happy, radiant and energetic
          • Free from depression and anxiety
           Meditation Lessons
          • 2 Simple yet Powerful Breathing Techniques
          • How to Ground your Energy
          • How to Create a Qi Energy Ball on Demand
           Qi Gong Lessons
          • 5 Easy Moves You Must Do With Every Meditation
          • Easy Grounding Techniques To Help You Center Yourself Quickly
           Qi Life Mastery Lessons
          • A Physical Experience of Centering
          • The Secrets Frequency and Vibration
          • What is Universal Life Force and How To Tap Into It
          • How to Stop Unwanted Energy Drainage
          • What is Really Positive VS Negative Energy?
          • How To Ignite And Kindle Your Life Force Energy
          • And Much More!

          • To Center, Connect and Integrate your Mind, Heart Body and Spirit
           Meditation Lessons
          • 5 Effective Ways to Connect Your Energy Centers
          • How to Align, Balance and Control Your Body’s Energy Direction
           Qi Gong Lessons
          • Rising Qi Technique
          • Sinking Qi Technique
           Qi Life Mastery Lessons
          • A Physical Experience of Integrated Power
          • How to Find Your Center and Focus Your Energy
          • How to Stay Centered 
          • The Mind Body Connection - Understanding VS Feeling 
          • The Mind Heart Connection - Logic VS Emotions
          • The Mind Spirit Connection - Knowledge VS Intuition
          • How To Think With All 4 Of Your Psychic Centers
          • How To Know Multiply Your Personal Power With Full Integration
          • And Much More!

          • Get back to doing what you love and fulfilling your heart’s desire and life’s true purpose
           Meditation Lessons
          • How to Connect Heaven, Earth and You
          • How to Effectively Circulate Qi to your Whole Body
          • How to Easily Enhance Your Intuition
           Qi Gong Lessons
          • 2 Basic Qi Gong Circulation Exercises
          • How to Naturally Circulate Your Energy
          • How to Enhance Your Health and Energy Flow
           Qi Life Mastery Lessons
          • A Physical Experience of Alignment
          • How To Sense Your Energy Flow
          • How To Dream
          • How To Find Your True Purpose
          • How To Find Your Passion
          • What Are Your Strengths and How To Build Them
          • What Do You Really Want In Your Life?
          • How To Align Your Dreams,
          • Passion and Opportunities
          • And Much More!

          • Start Living Pain-Free Naturally
          • Be Free from Dis-ease
          • Be self sufficient and debt-free
          • Increase your productivity, income or revenue 
           Meditation Lessons
          • How to Deep Cleanse Your Organs, Bones and Increase Your Lifespan
          • A powerful meditation that opens your third eye and pineal gland 
          • How to Activate Your Light Body and Halo
           Qi Gong Lessons
          • 6 healing sounds that cleanse your organs from the inside out 
          • Manage Pain with Just This Simple Breathing Technique
          • A Low Intensity Method That Develops Superhuman Strength and Resilience
           Qi Life Mastery Lessons
          • A Physical Experience of Transformation
          • How To Transform Negative into Positive Energy
          • How To Quickly Overcome Stress, Anxiety and Depression
          • How To Declutter and Gain Point of Clarity
          • How to Eliminate Distractions & Gain Focus 
          • How to Identify & Remove Mental & Emotional Blockages To Your Success
          • How To Stop Self-Sabotaging
          • How to Get Unstuck, Shift Direction and Gain Control
          • Living in the Past vs Present vs Future
          • How to Start Your Transformation Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Lifestyle
          • And Much More!

          • Manifest and create anything into reality
          • Be Fully Conscious, achieving higher by helping others
          • Empower yourself to manifest money, wealth, success and freedom
           Meditation Lessons
          • A Powerful Meditation Technique for Projecting and Manifesting Your Intentions
           Qi Gong Lessons
          • Enhancing Your Iron Body Practice
          • (Brushing And Patting)
           Qi Life Mastery Lessons
          • A Physical Experience of Intention
          • How to Design and Control Your Life
          • How to Intentionally Build Your Best Future
          • How to Prioritize and Manifest at Lightning Speed
          • How to Supercharge Your Creativity and Productivity
          • Content VS Process
          • How to Create a Process and Fill The Gaps
          • How to Overcome Setbacks Quickly and Become An Unstoppable Energy
          • The Fastest Formula For Success
          • And Much More!

          60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

          We are so confident that this course will transform your life that we are willing to offer you a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

          Now you can feel at ease in enrolling for this course.




          Upon Course Completion, You would be receiving the Qi Life Mastery Certificate.



          P.S. This is only system you will EVER need to transform yourself!  Get it now and start improving yourself instantly...

          P.S. #2  Don't miss this chance to get the Transformation System at the sale price!  If you miss it, you will have to pay the full price later!

          P.S. #3  There's no system in the world like David Wong's Transformation System.  Trust yourself, this is exactly what you have been looking for!  You have a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, so order now before they are sold out!








          FDA Disclaimer

          Health claims are opinions of David Wong only, this course nor any products related to it are not intended to cure, treat or mitigate any disease.

          Earnings Disclaimer

          Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product/service and it’s potential. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in our (“these”) materials. 

          Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques. We do not position any products or services as a “get rich scheme.”

          All I can say is WOW! This course helped me realize a lot and realign myself and my business in terms of focus, perspective and provided me with a bigger purpose. I enrolled my core staff as well. Thank you! - Andrew M.


          I have never been more energetic in my life and it’s even affecting my business as well. This course have helped me a lot on assessing my personal and professional life. Thank you David! This course is all worth it! - Tyler D.


          I never thought a course could change my life and make me feel this freedom that I’m feeling right now! And my business partners are feeling it too. Our business environment has changed and making things more efficient. This is so incredible! This course hits the spot! Thank you so much! - Andrew C.


          I was stuck and thanks to this course, it got me sorted out. My focus realigned, found a deeper purpose and motivation and realized a lot within this course, and I’m not even done! Getting rid of negative energy is really one of my struggles and greatly effects me professionally even. Even my colleagues have noticed the difference within days. I’m going to make a review again after I’m done. Just want to share it out because of too much excitement. Thanks David! - Kevin L.


          I was reluctant to even take this course because i don’t see the point why it would help me. NEVER HAVE I BEEN SO WRONG IN MY LIFE! It actually made perfect sense. The course helped me realign and balance my life and my wife is starting to notice! And you know what they say, happy wife, happy life! Thanks David! - Tai K.


          I started to use electromagnetic energy about three months now and it's been a game-changer for my life. I've noticed that since I've been using the infinite frequencies, I've attracted money into my life and it's coming now in many different areas that I would never have expected. What happened was when my brain started to change, it recalibrated my thoughts, which was once extremely negative, and I thank David because I feel that he's transformed my life. He has played a really powerful role in my recovery from some of the traumatic experiences that I've had but for a few years. The other thing I've noticed since I've been using the wand and the coil is that I was wearing a size six dress when I first started using the system. I was probably thirty pounds heavier because my body had shut down all this energy and blocked all of the toxic energy and was surrounding my entire body, and I wasn't living, I was just trapped, and now I feel free I feel like my energies flowing again, my chakras are flowing again, my hair is growing again, my nails are going back, i've detoxified my body, I've decluttered my life, my environments cleaner, my thoughts are cleaner, everything's coming to me, it's just it's indescribable! - Melany W.


          Being an artist, I'm constantly in search for new ideas and sometimes I get "writer's block". Since using the coil and applying what I learned in the Transformation Course, I was SHOCKED at how fast the ideas started the flow in my mind. Literally, I would close my eyes, and I would be able to envision new ideas and plans in incredible detail! My inspiration and motivation level is off the charts. I am 5X more productive and feel a lot stronger. Also, I was able to attract over $200,000 in angel investor capital (out of nowhere) to fund my new project! This Qi Coil transformation system is everything David says it is and then some! - Justin M.


          Thank you David for this wonderful technology and course! I know about the technology already as I have been following you for quite some time now and I also own my set of Qi Coils too which I use regularly for my back pains. Which constantly improved from a pain of 8 to a pain of 2 by the way. But the Transformation course is really helpful. If only i purchased it together with my Qi Coils then I would have been able to use the Qi coils more effectively and get faster results. Now, not only me have more energy to spare, but my entire household as well. You have helped me a lot! - Elvis N.


          My business involves ideas and how to make them happen and this Transformation course have helped me on realigning my thoughts and ideas and training my mind to work efficiently and not all over the place. This technology and knowledge I will practice for the rest of my days! More power to you. Your webinars are also such a great help on my meditation. Thank you for showing me a clear path! - Will F.

          I am making more Confident and Clear decisions about my life since using this technology!  I have clarity and I am not all over the place!  
          I know it is intelligent energy!
          I am feeling better than I have in so long I can’t remember when.  I’ve had some great experiences so far with this device. -EW ¹
          Client appointments have increased, event participation is up, new events are being created successfully, service offerings have increased and well received.
          Thank you for this amazing opportunity! -Kim ¹
          I feel that my quality of life has improved since, and hopeful for further improvements in the future. I would recommend others to try it out and give it a go. My goal in the future is to help others improve their quality of life in the future. -Tony M¹


           ¹  Real People and Real Stories. Profile Photos are representations only. 

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