Life of Qi - The Science of Life Force - Digital Book Package.
Life of Qi - The Science of Life Force - Digital Book Package.
Life of Qi - The Science of Life Force - Digital Book Package.
Life of Qi - The Science of Life Force - Digital Book Package.
Life of Qi - The Science of Life Force - Digital Book Package.
Life of Qi - The Science of Life Force - Digital Book Package.

Life of Qi - The Science of Life Force - Digital Book Package.

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UNLOCK YOUR HUMAN POTENTIAL Mastering Altered States for Problem Solving & Performance

FASCINATING! David's depth of insight into the power of the mind is profound!”

- Dr. Patrick Porter PhD, Neuro Scientist, Inventor of Braintap

When I was 10, I almost died...

True story, and from that moment onwards, my life was CHANGED FOREVER…

I felt something in me that I didn't notice before.

I thought it was all in my head and just my imagination, but it wasn't until years later that I discovered it was real...

Which led me to do extensive scientific research on the existence of "Qi" or "Life Force"...

With it, I was even able to SELF-HEAL from an incurable disease…

And access superhuman abilities through altered states of mind...

Just like a miracle, everything came together to create my dream life

My life took off, and I was able to buy my dream car and even a new home!

You know, if you're struggling, and you’re hoping for a better life...

And you secretly wished that something amazing would happen to you

There is a technology that uses brainwave frequencies to reprogram your subconscious mind to align yourself with the universe...

And take YEARS off of manifesting the life of your dreams!

    My New Book Will Guide & Empower You To:

    • Manifest the life of your dreams
    • Self-heal
    • Find your purpose
    • Be confident and charismatic
    • Build healthy relationships with others
    • Unlock newfound powers you thought never existed
    • Attract abundance into your life
    • Magnetize positive people and events
    • Boost confidence and mental resilience
    • Remove energy blockages to abundance
    • And much more!

    Who am I?

    My name is David Wong and I was just an ordinary human being like you before. I had to go through an extraordinary journey of pain, despair, and hopelessness to get to where I am now.

    And today, I am a well-known wellness technology innovator, martial artist, musician, qi gong practitioner, author, keynote speaker, and visionary entrepreneur. The founder of Qi Life, a company that develops cutting-edge technologies for personal wellness.

    And I am here to share my vision of a future where ANYONE can access the benefits of Qi energy immediately and effortlessly. And now I am currently residing in Canada, and spend my free time practicing qigong meditation, piano, and martial arts (as a 3rd generation Bruce Lee student) with my two Shih Tzu pups at the park.

    How did it all begin?



    I Can MASTER Qi Energy! And So Can YOU…

    And I am here to answer all the questions that you may have in my Life Of Qi Ebook.

    Because my life-long passion is continual self-transformation to achieve my full potential while helping other truth-seekers transform themselves quickly and easily.
    But the thing about life and the ancient teaching of the Yin & Yang is that… In life, you need to have a balance in everything...

    If there is one aspect of your life that is failing and you choose to ignore or neglect that, the probability of that failure is gonna create a snowball effect on the other aspects of your life!

    And that is why we put together an entire eBook about life to ensure that you are able to seek out all the answers in all aspects of your life.

    Finally! Answers to Ageless Questions Revealed in This Book

    (Most You Won’t Find Anywhere On the Internet)

    This 200-page eBook has all the answers and unknown secrets you have been looking for!

    The kind of information that wouldn't be easily found on the web but through extensive years of research.

      Get $154 in Free Bonuses When You Order This Incredible eBook Package Now…

      A digital copy of the Life of Qi - The Science of Life Force

      5 FREE Bonuses When You Order TODAY

      Bonus #1 - 6 Hour Audiobook ($19 Value)

      Listen as you work, relax, drive or sleep with this 6 hour long audio book in mp3 format.

      Bonus #2 - Life Force Activation Frequency ($29 Value)

      The Sun Resonance activation meditation is designed to bring hope and solace when we have gone through a loss or simply to activate within us and remind ourselves that we are always safe and protected and surrounded with unconditional Love.

      Bonus #3 - Third Eye Opening Frequency ($29 Value)

      Spiritual attunement is a formal introduction in the spiritual realm. Once you awaken the spiritual Third Eye, you will have a magical experience.

      Bonus #4 - Remove Negative Energy Frequency ($29 Value)

      Negative energy can cause depression and anxiety. It will also limit your life. It can cause your mental and physical health to spiral. This frequency is created to help wash away negative energy using psychosomatic acoustic behavior.

      Bonus #5 - Luck Boost Frequency ($29 Value)

      Essentially what this frequency does is entrain your overall state to super optimize you for magnetizing lucky events. You should notice a BIZARRE increase in luck offered unexpectedly by others or just plain circumstances that may bring you a very good chance of winning or stumbling.

      How Will This Work For You?

      Dating back more than 3000 years ago, history has had traces of an energy force - Qi and how Qigong was derived.

      By mastering Qigong, you are able to balance your Qi instantly, so that you can achieve abilities and harness the powers that you have not discovered.

      With the knowledge you will attain from the eBook, you now have the power and control to dictate the life you want ahead of you.

      Face all your problems head-on in your life with little to no worries when you have all the answers as you look deep within you!

      This Will Be The Most Important Piece of Investment You Can Make Right Now…

      In these uncertain times where every financial market is bearish, and it is TOO risky to make any plays right now or enter the market…

      There is one investment that you can make right now that I can guarantee you a HUGE return every single time you do it.

      And that is…

      To Invest In Yourself And Your Future Right Now!

      Thousands Of Lives Have Been Impacted For The Better...

      “David Wong is a MASTER OF ENERGY. He knows how to create it, control it and project it.”

      - David Lee, Founder of

      “David's story will INSPIRE you. With Qi, he fuses spirituality and science and brings insight and hope.”

      - Dr. Joy Kong, MD, Founder of Chara Biologics

      Follow The Path of The World’s Greatest Minds!

      The good news is there is a promotion going on now and I don’t want you to miss it.

      You’ll still be able to buy it after the promotion ends if you ever change your mind but it’ll be $47…

      Compared to the introductory low price right now

      Best of all? When you’ve come to the end of the eBook, you’ll discover a whole new version of yourself, whose life will take a new turn, blossom, and experience serenity from within.

      And whenever you are feeling lost, you can always look back and find the answers by practicing Qi.

      We look forward to having you join us and ascend this realm, attract the energy you desire and maintain a healthy living. Add to cart now and start your journey with Qi today!

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