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Gold IVM Package (12 Frequencies)

Gold IVM Package (12 Frequencies)

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Vital Frequencies That You Need During These Unprecedented Times...

(aka: IVM)

Your support will help fund our scientific research and development team to continue developing frequencies like these.

Gold Vitamin-V Package

Complete formula for the best experience (12 Frequencies)

    • IVM Audio Primary - B1 & B1a Proportioned Molecular Resonances
    • IVM Audio Primary - B1a & B1b Geometry Algorithm
    • IVM Audio - Molecular Resonance Geometry 1
    • IVM Audio - Molecular Resonance Geometry 2
    • IVM Audio - Algorithm
    • IVM Audio - Vitamin D Algorithm
    • IVM Audio - IB1a & IB1a Molecules
    • IVM Audio - IB1a & IB1a Synced
    • IVM Audio - Molecular B1a Resonance
    • IVM Audio - Molecular B1b Resonance
    • IVM Coil - Full Molecular Profile
    • IVM Coil - Vitamin D Profile 


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FDA mandatory disclaimer:

Nothing here is intended to heal, treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA. These are only meditation sounds that will help ease your mind and help manage stress; they do not replace, emulate, have the same or similar effects; to any degree; to any types of medication mentioned in the video or otherwise.