Healing Super Pendant 14K Gold Fill Quantum Pendants

Healing Super Pendant 14k Gold Fill

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Boost your health!

A stabilizing stone, Carnelian restores vitality and motivation and stimulates creativity. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success. Carnelian is useful for overcoming abuse of any kind. It helps in trusting yourself and your perceptions. It overcomes negative conditioning and encourages steadfastness. Carnelian improves analytic abilities and clarifies perception. It sharpens concentration and dispels mental lethargy. Protects against envy, rage, and resentment. Calms anger, banishes emotional negativity and replaces it with a love of life. Carnelian boosts fertility and stimulates sexuality.

Carnelian treats lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and depression. It regulates the kidneys and accelerates healing in bones and ligaments. It improves vitamin and mineral absorption and ensures good blood supply to organs and tissues.

Ruby is known to be the king of the Zodiac. It is pinkish Red to deep red gemstone and a variety of corundum. It has the power to bestow vital energy and positivity to the wearer. It is highly effective for vital recreation. Known as the stone of manifestation, it also helps in the retention of health and well-being.

Ruby Stone is among one of the four precious stones including sapphire, diamond, and emerald. Ruby is considered to be the traditional birthstone for people born in July and Sunrise Ruby is the most expensive gemstone in the world. In Asian countries, rubies have always been given high value and were used to ornament armor and harnesses of noblemen in China and India in ancient days. Also, it is believed rubies were laid beneath buildings’ foundation for good fortune to the structure.


  • Aids for training, physical exercise, and for balancing body energy levels
  • Can stimulate the appetite
  • Attract prosperity, new resources, and good luck. 
  • Promotes confidence
  • Used for fertility and potency linked with conceiving a child


  • Design: Flower of Life
  • Wiring14k Gold Fill
  • Toroid Stone: Carnelian 
  • Center Stone: 6mm German Lab Ruby


Warning!  This pendant may be TOO strong for sensitive people.  

We recommend to get a grounding / soothing pendant to balance the powerful effects of a super pendant.

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