Chakra Bracelets - Light Stream Grounding And Protection Bracelet - Silver
Chakra Bracelets - Light Stream Grounding And Protection Bracelet - Silver

Grounding and Protection Bracelets - Silver

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Wear beautiful jewelry that provides benefits to your mind and body!

  • Increased spiritual resonance
  • Enhanced Brainwave & mind power
  • Maximized EMF radiation protection
  • Amplified human potential


“Everything in Life is Sound and Vibration.” - Albert Einstein

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla

Our Qi Energy Infusion process uses 5 quantum energy generators to program natural harmonic vibrations into stone, crystal, metal or natural materials. Qi Energy jewelry is designed and treated with the energies from nature and the cosmos.

The Hematite Lava Gold Bracelet is made to the highest standard. Every single piece of the natural Hematite and Agate beads are handpicked to ensure the highest quality of jewelry. Top it off with 14k gold bead and a sturdy elastic nylon cord, it is a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can wear everyday. 

It is not only good for aesthetics, it has tons of health benefits!

Hematite is a stone strongly used for stability and protection. A simple and protective crystal grid that can be put on corners of a room or property. A powerful and strong energy which helps develop focus and concentration and also has cooling and calming effect.

The stone’s energy has a grounding force with a strong vibration. It provides assistance of the logical thought process which enhances self confidence, self esteem and will power.

Agate, on the other hand, is also a stone of strength. It was used as part of the armor plating of warriors in ancient times, as it provided good protection and bursts of energy when fighting their bravest battles. In essence, Agate promotes longevity to its wearer. Additionally, Agate grants courage, emotional strength, self-confidence, and dispels fears for a brighter outlook, especially if you wear it everyday..

As a protective stone, Agate also works well as charms or amulets for both children and adults. Wearing it or simply keeping it on your person, in your pockets or inside your bag grants all of its positive effects..

Your jewelry doesn’t have to be just for aesthetics. These Qi Energy Hematite Lava Gold Bracelets are finely crafted to look as good as any other. Imbued with life energy, wearing them everyday will allow you to harness all the benefits from every single stone. 


Product Details:

Item Type: Bracelet

Chain Type: Elastic

Material: Hematite, Lava Beads
Length: Approx. 19cm
We do not ship to APO, FPO address
Sold as a set