Gem Laser Safety Glasses

Gem Laser Safety Glasses

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Superior Laser Exposure Protection!

Enjoy your Qi Energy Gem Lasers without the fear of harming your eyes!

Laser Safety Glasses are used in a variety of industries where lasers are applicable. If you're working with a laser, it is advisable to wear laser safety glasses.

How Does our Gem Laser Safety Glasses work?

Gem Laser Safety Glasses have special clear lenses that filter light. It blocks certain harmful wavelengths of light and allow the other light through.

Gem Laser Safety Glasses filters and allows enough visible light for you to work, without the dangerous direct, reflected, or scattered laser radiation which could harm your eyes.



  • Visible Light Transmittance: >55%.
  • Protection Features: All-round absorption.
  • Protection Wavelength: up to 2000nm .
  • Size: Adult
  • Color: Black