Feng Shui Abundance Attraction Aura Coil System
Feng Shui Abundance Attraction Aura Coil System
Feng Shui Abundance Attraction Aura Coil System
Feng Shui Abundance Attraction Aura Coil System
Feng Shui Abundance Attraction Aura Coil System
Feng Shui Abundance Attraction Aura Coil System
Feng Shui Abundance Attraction Aura Coil System
Feng Shui Abundance Attraction Aura Coil System
Feng Shui Abundance Attraction Aura Coil System
Feng Shui Abundance Attraction Aura Coil System

Feng Shui Abundance Attraction Aura Coil System

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4,000 Year Old Science

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that brings balance to all things in life. It is used to help people get a massive boost to their energy levels, make them feel vibrant and alive, and attract abundance and good fortune. Kings, queens, and emperors have used this sacred science to achieve and maintain great power and success in their lives.


How Bad Feng Shui Could Be Secretly Sabotaging Your Life...

Have you ever walked into someone's house and immediately felt peaceful, like your mind and body were really able to relax?
Have you ever walked into someone's house and felt totally thrown off, confused, or stressed out? 

Introducing Feng Shui Systems - Feng Shui Made Easy

Using the science of Feng Shui and our NASA-inspired frequency emitting technology, we have created a ground-breaking device that fills your entire space with positive energy at the push of a button.

Years of Research and Innovation:

Our team has been studying energy and frequencies for over 25 years, and have put everything they’ve learned into creating the most powerful frequency emitter for your home. These designs were made not only to be functional but also elegant, adding an air of sophistication to your home decor. With a beautiful glass base and an aura light that changes color, the Fengshui System is a stunning sight framed up on the wall, or as a centerpiece on your table. At the fundamental level, everything you can see around you, everything you can hear, and many things you can't see or hear are made up of frequencies. We have isolated the frequencies that Feng Shui utilizes to unlock abundance and success in all aspects of our lives.



  • Aura Coil 24 3 level ($5,495 Value)

  • Feng Shui Collection 2 ($899 value)

  • 9 Starter Frequencies ($97 Value)

  • FREE BONUS PACKAGE ($1,587 Value)

  • FREE Immune Support Upgrade ($535 Value)

Complete Features!

  • FREE Aura Light Therapy Upgrade. Remote-Control Light Therapy Provides Calmness & Improves Mood ($97 Value)
  • New Stunning Design with Clear Composite Base
  • New Lighter Construction
  • NASA1 Inspired Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology
  • 4 Dimensional Sacred Geometry (Phase Conjugation Vortex)
  • Brainwave Entrainment Technology
  • Home Use For Your Entire Family
  • For Wellness & Inner Peace
  • For Your Business & Community

BONUS PACKAGE (Included in Free in Every Purchase)

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Tech Support 7 days per week
  • Basic Online Training 
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty 

NOTE: This product contains Digital files and Hard copies are not available unless specified on the product page. Upon purchase, a download link would be sent to your registered email address and would be available for a period of time. Duplicating, sharing, or uploading product files to sharing sites is strictly forbidden. 

WARNING: Resonant Wave Console is sold separately. To purchase Click Here


    • Width: 24 inches
    • Length: 24 inches
    • Height: 4 inches
    • Weight: 12 lbs
    • Recommended Coverage¹ (Diameter): 3,000 sq ft.


    The products offered are not medical devices nor electrical appliances nor have been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada. If you decide to purchase our products, you are drawing your own opinions as to any additional benefits or use these products may provide. The studies, videos, testimonials, and links on our site and other media are for reference purposes only. These are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult with your doctor before using any of our products. Unless otherwise stated, none of the authors are valid medical professionals. Content on this site is no way to be considered professional medical advice; they are opinions only.
    ¹ All numerical ranges are recommended coverages only. The electromagnetic range of aura coils technically have an infinite range distance. However, most customers will not have the required equipment to measure the electromagnetic field range at longer distances. Also the amount of power from the amplifier and the frequency used dramatically changes the results. All electromagnetic devices will have this issue and Aura Coils have one of the strongest fields available. 

    Discover The Science Behind Qi Coils

    The following is research on Rife and PEMF for educational purposes only, we make no claims that our products will have any of the effects found in the studies.

    Scientific Study Reveals 27% Wellness Boost After Just 30 Minutes!

    Subject was a post-cancer female, 56 yrs. Used 2 coils aligned with head and feet for 30 mins, lying down, with the life force mid frequency. Used biowell GDV camera for bio-energy measurement before and after session.

    Increased Energy Levels Improved Balance Reduced Stress levels

    96% Of Users Report Reduced Pain

    NASA* Discovers PEMF Increased Cell Regeneration By 40%

    PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, are beneficial and safe EMF energy fields used to improve quality of life and assist focus and meditation, among other beneficial effects. It mimics energy fields that occur naturally. PEMF therapy is able to permeate through your entire body, allowing for a stream of beneficial effects.

    Link to NASA Website Report

    16 Cancer Patients Saved by Dr. Rife

    Einstein and Tesla Agree “Everything is Energy and Frequency”

    Everything around us is created and surrounded with frequency. It goes down to our very molecules and the atoms that form them. Any changes you make to the frequency of any object change its very structure.

    It's hard to believe that these frequencies - sounds and vibrations so minuscule that we cannot even perceive them - can have such a profound effect on our corporeal world. But it's actually a relatively old concept - Quantum Physics! This is the basis of modern PEMF technology.

    It is now established that even the most minute and imperceptible frequencies from sound or music has the capability to change us. From the microscopic to the galactic, everything we can perceive and even those that we cannot, our entire universe is based on sound and vibration.

    All of these can be traced even to how our brains work. Could it be that even our thoughts can influence and can be influenced by the sounds and the vibrations around us?

    What Dr. Oz Says About PEMF..

    “There's a revolutionary cure for pain that few doctors know about because it is not a new pill or surgery ...Energy waves that changes the way your body copes with pain.”

    Watch Cancer Cells Killed With a Magic Frequency

    Learn How This Doctor Heals Disease With Sound

    Medical Research on PEMF

    All information on this website are for educational purposes only, we make no claims that our products will have any of the effects found in the studies. If you want to learn more about PEMF technology, feel free to browse the studies below. Do note, that we are not responsible for the content of the information provided below, and the studies referenced have been conducted by third party organizations and institutions. Therefore, you must conduct your own independent research and consider these studies at your own sole discretion. We do not warrant that you will experience any of the effects described in the below studies with any of our products.

    Over 2000 University Level Studies Show PEMF Therapy Works!

    2000 University Level

    Universities across the world have done research on the effects of PEMF Therapy on a wide variety of purposes that benefit areas such as: Cell Regeneration, Circulation, Healing, Nerve Repair, Nervous System, Neuropathy, Range of Motion, and Vision. They have also reported positive results on health problems such as: Arthritis, Depression, Diabetes, Edema, Endometritis, Fibromyalgia, Glaucoma, Hematoma, Hypertension, Lymphocytes, Migraine, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Pain, Parkinson’s, Pelvic Pain, Tendonitis, and Ulcers.

    Download Complete 2000 University Report

    Qi Life Innovations

    Patent-Pending Innovations and Metaphysical Design

    Simple - Mobile - Compact - Powerful – No complicated connections and programming needed. Driven by easy to use app or tablet. Fits in your pocket. Get started in 3 easy steps.
    Safe and Versatile - It is safe to use, truly a non-contact and non-invasive device. Virtually indestructible, you would only need to buy it once and it can be used for years to come!

    Sacred Geometry - Flower of Life, Fibonacci Ratios, Vortex Toroidal Math are secretly embedded into every one of our designs.
    Metaphysical Materials - 24K Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Quartz, Tourmaline (Resonant Wand™)
    Crystalline Orgone, Quantanium™ Crystals (Qi Coil™ 3 and higher)

    Countless Applications

    Transform Your Mind and Body - The system delivers frequencies by converting an electrical signal into a magnetic wave signal. Powered by an amplifier, it delivers frequency signals as energy waves to penetrate every cell in your body, delivering benefits wherever you want it to.
    Localized or Broadcast Applications – Can be used on a specific part on your body or our larger Aura Coils can be used to broadcast soothing energy to a large area or building.
    Water Restructuring - easily treat your water with coherent energy in minutes.

    Food Restructuring - easily treat your food with coherent energy in minutes.

    Agriculture - enhance growth and yield from plants.

    World's Most Powerful Meditation Frequencies

    What are Higher Quantum Frequencies? They are the next level of frequencies, that harness the power of 4 dimensions.

    • Rife Frequencies are single frequencies (1 dimension)
    • Binaural beats are 2 frequencies (2 dimensions)
    • Quantum Frequencies are multiple frequencies (3 dimensions)
    • Higher Quantum Frequencies are dynamic layers of fields of intention (4 dimensions)

    Waveform – Through the Qi Life System, sine, square, or triangle waveforms are generated, delivering a clean and effective signal with zero distortion. The wave comes through as a frequency, which is then converted through the Qi Life System into an electromagnetic Gaussian field.

    Frequency Range - 0.1 Hz to 22,000 Hz
    For frequencies over 22,000hz, a frequency generator is required.
    We recommend: Kuman Upgraded 60 Megahertz Frequency Generator

    Intensity – By turning the volume up or down on the mobile phone, tablet or amplifier, you can change the intensity settings. The system has a very strong detoxifying effect, so we recommend using only at 50% volume for beginners. The use of higher volume is advised only when your body can tolerate it, or for deeper penetration for people with larger body mass.

    151,000 Frequencies on our Resonant Console

    World's Most Powerful Wellness Programs at Your Fingertips

    Over 151,000 Frequencies - The Resonant Console 3 (Inner Circle) includes 9 Starter, 34 Master, 150 Quantum Frequencies, 137 Higher Quantum Frequencies, 57 Inner Circle Frequencies and thousands of Rife Frequencies. the number will increase as time goes by.

    Proprietary Software - The Resonant Console Software is not available in iTunes or Android stores. We automatically update the app ensuring that you will always have the latest version.

    Impressive Vortex Power! 100X stronger than Earth's magnetic field.

    Important Info

    FDA – We are committed to complete compliance with FDA regulations and as such, because these products have not been evaluated by the FDA, we make no claims as to any benefits for these products. If you decide to purchase Products, you are drawing your own opinions as to any additional benefits or use these products may provide. Our research, videos or testimonials on our site or others are not offered to suggest or imply that you will achieve similar results with use of our Products and methods.

    Contraindications - The Qi Life Systems is not advisable for those using a pacemaker, defibrillator, an insulin pump, ear cochlear implant or any other electronic metal implant. Do not use if you are taking high doses of iron supplements. Do not use near pregnant person. If a person has metal plate or screws due to a bone fracture do not place the System directly over the area. The device is safe to use on the usual inert metals used on bones like stainless steel or titanium, but not for metals that can be magnetized.

    Caution - If you feel dizziness, nausea, or a "healing crisis", stop using the devices until you recover. Recommended Use – 20-30 minutes per session, 1 to 3 times a day. Keep devices at least 2 feet from your head. Do not turn "high power kit" or crown branded amplifiers higher than 50% volume. "mobile power kit" may be used up to 100% volume.

    "I am experiencing Euphoria or Bliss in meditations more and my body is increasingly energized and for longer periods of time.  Subtle energy during treatment brings on big experiences! I am making more Confident and Clear decisions about my life since using this technology! I have clarity and I am not all over the place! I was diagnosed with ADHD, I don’t believe that I ever had this. Since using the device, I am seeing that stress diet and disharmony in frequency was the biggest factor. It seems the frequencies are showing me and telling me what’s happening and where in my body! That is so wild to feel the living being of frequency! I know it is intelligent energy! My mental and physical body has been out of balance and out of harmony with everything both Physical and subtle! Body pain is reduced by 60-70%. My injuries are not swelling in the joints as before. I am not nauseous any more. I have continued to feel the warmth in my feet after and during treatments. I’m moving and starting a new life including a new business that is planned around the Wand and Coil. I am feeling better than I have in so long I can’t remember when. I’ve had some great experiences so far with this device."

    Esther W.

    "I took a cup of water and pour it over a top of some seeds. Took the same cup that was microwaved put it on, just the water restructure. And then one round of earth frequency. Restructure just the earth. And then put that over the second cup, was a seeds. One was marked W mean wand, the other one with M. Well, anyway. And the wand grew but the microwaved water didn't. Even though it was the same water, just one was, one was microwaved and wand treatment."

    Drake P.

    "I am excited to share that upon using the Coil in my business space the energy in the space was transformed and changes are manifesting positively. The people that need to be in the space are being attracted both as clients and practitioners. Client appointments have increased, event participation is up, new events are being created successfully, service offerings have increased and well received. It would be a blessing to win the console to incorporate into the business model for both individual sessions, events and overall business."

    Kimberly T.



    Review Disclaimer: The website owner is not liable or responsible for the views expressed on this page by any individuals or other third parties, which are only to be construed as the view and opinion of such individuals and third parties entirely on their own. The website owner does not endorse any such views, or the information contained in such views, and the reader or purchaser may rely on such information at their sole absolute risk.

    Are Resonant Wand Frequencies safe?+
    Frequencies used by the Resonant Wand are based from nature’s own frequencies, such as the Sun and planets. They have been recreated and improved compared to previous frequencies by a team of frequency engineers utilizing pulse modulation for higher effectiveness.  Also Resonant Wands use a database of thousands of proven rife frequencies that have been used for decades.
    Is there science backing the Resonant Wave products?++
    The Resonant Wand technology is based on Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. In 2004, a pulsed electromagnetic field system was approved by the FDA as an adjunct to cervical fusion surgery in patients at high risk for non-fusion.  On 13 October 2015 the FDA reclassified PEMF wellness devices from the Class 3 category to a Class 2 status.  Also Resonant Wave product can be used with Rife Frequencies to generate a PEMF field.  Dr. Royal Rife was a scientist who invented the “Rife Machine” which many people use today for various health conditions.
    How is David Wong qualified to create these devices?++
    David Wong developed the Resonant Wand by improving on the predecessor's specifications together with an experience engineering team and consulting with several bio-electricians, scientists and holistic practitioners.
    Should I buy Resonant Wave products or other brands?+
    There are many products on the market that are good products.  But if you want the newest and best technology that’s  been proven by hundreds of users, and if you want the highest quality and most beautifully crafted devices, then your investment with Resonant Wave products is an excellent decision.
    Are the Resonant Wave Technology devices covered with medical insurance?+
    We are sorry to tell you that we have no affiliations/tie-up with medical insurance companies.
    What is the Waveform Output of your Frequencies?+
    All 10,000+ Rife frequencies are sine, and Quantum frequencies are a mix of different waves (sine, square, triangle, sawtooth). We will have all waveforms available for Rife frequencies soon.
    Does the Resonant Wave Technology uses crystal, sine or square wave?+
    We use all of them - crystal, sine and square wave.
    Is PEMF scientifically proven?+
    Yes, there are thousands of scientific studies that prove pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has many benefits to humans.You can read about themclick here
    If I order today, when will I receive it?+
    Resonant Wands and Aura Coils are skillfully hand-crafted and it normally takes 4-6 weeks to get it manufactured upon order, and then shipped which takes another week depending on your location. (Not guaranteed and is subject to change without prior notice)
    How soon will I feel the effects?+
    People who are more active, such as athletes, yoga, tai chi, qi gong practitioners and meditators tend to feel the effects much faster than people who are less active or have health challenges and energy blockages. Cultivating Qi in your body is similar to building a fire, if the body is cold or lacking energy to start with it will take time to reverse that negative momentum to spark a flame and build your bio-energy slowly over time. Depending on how electro-sensitive you are, some may feel the effects immediately, some within a days or some may feel it after several weeks of consistent use. Experiences ranges from tingling sensations, numbness, warmth, a shift in mental focus, feeling lighter, feeling more optimistic, brighter vision, enhanced senses, feeling of anticipation, stress relief, reduced pain or deeper sleep and relaxation.
    Does it induce lucid dreams or astral projection?+
    You can use the frequencies in our Master and Advanced Frequency collections.
    Do you have a program for stopping pain?+
    We have the Life Force Mid Frequency that people report to be effective for pain management.
    Are there any side effects? Will I experiment a detox or “Healing Crisis?”+
    Yes most users experience this if they are a beginner. Here is an article about detox. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you may simply stop using the Aura coils for some time before starting another session. Or you may turn down the volume on your amplifier. Usually a day or two will be enough for your body to eliminate toxins that have been flushed out of your systems. Make sure to hydrate and get plenty of rest. Once you systems are tuned up over time (usually 21 days), you may experience little or no detox effects.
    Does it work for people who’ve never done this before?+
    Yes, many people who have never tried anything like the Aura coil before have reported that they feel the effects immediately.
    How will I know it’s working?+
    All Aura Coils come with a small magnet. You will feel the magnet vibrate in your hand when held close to the coils while they are connected to your Amplifier and mobile device that is playing the Frequencies (with the volume turned up).
    What is a Healing Crisis?+
    Environmental toxins accumulate in tissue throughout the body, especially fat tissue. Additionally, the human body has bacterial colonies. When you cleanse your body, the toxins dislodge and the bacteria die off and release endotoxins. When the toxins and waste are dislodged, the body begins to flush them into the bloodstream to be filtered and eliminated. This sudden circulation of toxins can temporarily impact your well being and symptoms of illness (sweating, fever, discomfort, etc.) may occur.
    Do you have practitioners / physical office where I could try the device?+
    Yes, we do. But as I'm sure you understand, we value our client's privacy so we are not allowed to provide their contact info. However, you can send your details instead and we can forward it to them. As for the physical office, we have manufacturing facilities that are not open to the public. If you are asking because you want to "try before you buy" then the best solution is to order it a try it for 30 days. There is a 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Resonant Wands and Aura coils, so there is plenty of time for you to try it before you decide to keep it.
    Why do the wires seem loose on the Aura Coil?+

    The enamel coated copper wires are pulled as tight as possible without damaging the wires. The design is not intended to be taut like guitar strings and the tension of the wires has no effect on the performance of the coils. Copper is naturally soft and can be repositioned by gently adjusting them on the coils.

    Are the wires coated with enamel?+

    Yes they are coated with enamel to insulate each wire which is required for the coils to function as designed. Some wires may vary in color from reddish to bright orange to gold depending on the batch from which it is made. The color does not effect the performance.

    Do you offer Financing?+

    Yes we do. We have partnered with Klarna to provide you flexible payments from no interest fees up to 36 months installment. Just select Klarna as your payment option on checkout. To learn more Click Here.