Emf Protection Radiation Shield Laptop Pad - Black.
Emf Protection Radiation Shield Laptop Pad - Black.
Emf Protection Radiation Shield Laptop Pad - Black.
Emf Protection Radiation Shield Laptop Pad - Black.
Emf Protection Radiation Shield Laptop Pad - Black.

EMF Protection Radiation Shield Laptop Pad - Black.

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Keep your health protected with our EMF protection laptop pad

" I use it with my MacBook and I can definitely feel the difference. It's the perfect accessory for someone who spends a lot of time around computers and smartphones."  -Vivian, Ohio


The laptop base is a hot spot for EMF radiation, which can be damaging to our bodies and harmful to our health. This EMF laptop pad has been created as an effective way of reducing the amount of EMF exposure, providing peace of mind when typing away at work or school!

If you're looking for a safe way to use your laptop on the go, the EMF Shield Technology Radiation is what we recommend. This product provides ultimate safety and protection from electromagnetic fields while still allowing the full performance of any netbook or notebook computer without compromising its functionality!


✅RADIATION AND HEAT SHIELD: Reduce your concerns about wireless radiation. Our EMF shielding technology delivers 99.9% shielding effectiveness.  It provides you peace of mind and comfort when you use the EMF radiation while you work on your laptop, iPad, and or netbook.

SUPERIOR QUALITY: Made of premium vegan leather that offers a non-slip surface for your laptop or tablet hybrid that is durable, stylish, and easy to keep clean.

 NON-SLIP SURFACE: Anti-slip thermal-resistive laptop pad surface and multiple layers of built-in shielding work in unison to block heat from your laptop. This, along with being super-slim, lightweight, and easily portable makes the laptop pad the perfect all-around laptop lap desk. 

✅ SUPERSLIM AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Easily portable and provides comfort while using your device. Perfect for learners, teenagers, and adult people who are always on the move!

✅ UNIVERSAL SIZE: Laptops are available in all shapes and sizes, and we have done our best to accommodate them. Our EMF Protection Laptop Pad is big enough to support most laptop and tablet hybrids, yet small and light enough to place on your lap.

How does it work?

This EMF Blocker is designed with multi-layers of shielding to block laptop EMF radiation. The middle layer is Faraday fabric, it is a powerful conducting material that can be used for shielding against Electromagnetic field (EMF), electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiofrequency (RF) signals. Aside from this,  there is an additional layer of reinforced anti-radiation aluminum foil to absorb harmful EMF radiation

Why do we need EMF Protection Laptop Pad?

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, but we need to be mindful of how it affects us. Some frequencies in today's world are not good for human cells and can cause damage over time if you're exposed to them often or on high levels. These frequencies are known as EMF radiation.  

What are the benefits of using the EMF Protection Laptop Pad?

It can help protect your brain from EMF radiation exposure, which has been shown in numerous studies to adversely affect cognitive function and overall health over time. When you use the EMF pad, you will be less susceptible to its harmful effects. This allows your body to achieve homeostasis, which has numerous benefits including:







Product Details

Material: Premium Vegan Leather

Weight: ‎2.2 pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎16 x 12 inch

Color: ‎Black

Package Includes

1 EMF Protection Pad 

1  English Manual


Frequently asked questions

What is EMF Science Technology radiation blocking technology made out of?+

EMF utilizes several discrete layers of material processed for maximum radiation blocking efficiency. Each material has a targeted method of eliminating radiation emissions from 0 – 10 GHz.

Does it have full 5G Radiation Protection?+

The liner does block 5G frequencies. However, full protection would depend on how you use it and the source of the frequency. You can think of it as an umbrella. If the source is directional and you have it between you and the source, then yes, it would provide full protection.

How do I use the EMF?+

Place EMF Shield Technology on your lap with the grippy, rubber surface facing upward, and then place your laptop or tablet on top of it. This accessory blocks EMF emissions moving in the downward direction of the electronic device.

Can we use EMF Protection pad on a desk?+

Yes, the EMF radiation emissions whether the shield pad is placed on a lap, a table or any other surface. It is worth noting that when a laptop is placed on a table or desk, the EMF emissions present less risk to the body because there is space between the laptop and your lap.