Elderberry lmmunity with Zn and VitC - Powerful Antioxidant Supplement
Qi Life Elderberry Immunity With Zinc And Vitamin C
Qi Life Elderberry Immunity With Zinc And Vitamin C
Qi Life Elderberry Immunity With Zinc And Vitamin C
Qi Life Elderberry Immunity With Zinc And Vitamin C
Qi Life Elderberry Immunity With Zinc And Vitamin C

Elderberry lmmunity with Zn and VitC - Powerful Antioxidant Supplement

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When Vitamin C is Not Enough

VitC is beneficial for our immune system, but did you know that less than 50% of Vit C is absorbed? – The rest leaves the body as urine, which means you’re NOT reaping most of its benefits.

Z!NC helps your immune system and m3tabolism function. It is important to note that Z!nc can significantly help shorten the length of your c0lds and their intensity.

Combine these 3 ingredients, Vitamin C + Z!NC + Elderberry, with 7 more super-nutrients, and you get - Immunity Booster Juice

Supports your immune system

A powerful blend of ingredients including elderberry, Vit C, Z!NC, and the rest of the ingredients work together to maintain the normal function of the immune system.

Coordinates the release of cyt0kines

Cyt0kines are small proteins secreted by immune cells. They are a vital part of the immune response to h@rmful bugs.

Boost Natural Antioxidants

Vit C is one of the most potent antioxidant properties on the planet; Elderberry, on the other hand, only enhances those properties to reduce free radical damage in your body.

Supports faster recovery

Helps support a balanced inflammatory response to seasonal invaders, promoting productive immune function while lessening excessive irritati0ns

Supports respiratory health & allergi3s

Elderberry and Vit C support lung cell defenses to optimize respiratory health and function.

Promotes healthy micr0bial balance

Elderberry can help promote a healthy micr0bial balance in the body.

Supports heart health

The powerful combination of cordyc3ps, shiitake, and lion’s mane may help support a healthy heart by preventing plaqu3 formation and maintaining heart health.

Supports muscles & bones

Vit D promotes healthy muscle reg3neration and helps keep out bone def0rmities and problems.

Supports Relaxation

The presence of magn3sium and calcium help induce some relaxation in your nervous system WITHOUT any feelings of drowsiness.

May help protect our body

Most of the superfoods found in Qi Life Nutraceuticals help provide the essential support our organs need to function properly.

ONLY 1 delicious scoop of Qi Life Neutraceutical’s Juice is needed daily to feel the potent effects.

Qi life is dedicated to providing natural ingredients like vitamin C from real berries and organic ingredients that serve as antioxidants and support overall health and youthful vitality. Also our supplements have enhanced bio-availability!

Thanks to our unique.

Quantum Absorption Technology™

A Combination of Powerful Natural Ingredients


Vit C


Vit B12







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“I never took antibiotics in my life, because it affects bacterial balance in the intestine creating a chain of reactions and infections. After taking this I am very happy with this Elderberry Immunity and will definitely keep ordering. This is just a superior product for elderberry supplements!”

- Margaret P.

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