Accelerated Wing Chun Quick-Start Program (Online) - old

Accelerated Wing Chun Quick-Start Program (Online) - old

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Would You Like To Learn Wing Chun FASTER?
Get The Accelerated Wing Chun "Quick-Start" Seminar Recording

Learn Wing Chun Within Just A Few Weeks...

Most people take years, even decades to master just the basics of Wing Chun...

Sifu David, a lifelong practitioner of Kung Fu himself has applied his knowledge to create a system that will have you up and running FASTER!

What Will I Learn?

  • The secret to doubling or even tripling your punching power 
  •  How to increase your natural body armor and make attacks reflect back to your attacker!
  •  The secret to speed punching more than 5 hits per second
  •  6 ways to counter 2 of the most common punches you will encounter 90% of the time
  • How to fight against Bigger, Taller, or even shorter opponents
  • 4 devastating takedowns you can use to throw your attacker to the ground
  • 8 attack combinations that are nearly impossible to defend against
... And Much, Much MORE!

Total Value: $199
This was the price paid by those who attended the live seminar!

I Understand I Get All Of This At A Huge Discount


I want you to get the most out of this training and learn Wing Chun faster.

I help you overcome the most challenging hurdles people face when practising Wing Chun, giving you major breakthroughs in just a few weeks...

After taking this training, you'll be ahead of 90% of practitioners who have been studying for years!

P.S. - Every minute you wait to get "Accelerated Wing Chun Quick-Start Seminar" is another minute you could have saved. Why? Because you'll be able to literally jump ahead of others accelerate the learning curve. Simple as that.

P.S.S - Students paid $199 to attend this live seminar and the training shown here is not available anywhere else! So grab it now and SAVE $100!