Brain and Cognitive Support Stack
Brain And Cognitive Support Stack
Brain And Cognitive Support Stack
Brain And Cognitive Support Stack

Brain and Cognitive Support Stack

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Your Brain and Cognitive Health Support

Having a healthy brain meant having good cognitive health. Being able to think clearly, learn, and remember are crucial factors in performing our daily activities.

Brain health can be affected by many factors, including lifestyle. Supplementation is one of the things to consider in maintaining a healthy brain and cognition.

The Brain and Cognition Support Bundle Can Help

    Better Mood

    The bundle can aid in balancing mood, regulating emotions, or extreme changes in your perceived quality of life.

    Improves Memory

    A twice-daily dosage of curcumin (found in turmeric) has been shown to enhance cognition and mood for most adults.

    Helps Manage Stress Better

    Slow down, take a break, make time for hobbies, speak about your concerns, go easy on yourself, and reduce your triggers by exercising, relaxing your muscles, deep breathing, and eating healthy.

    Helps with Muscle and Nerve Problems

    It relieves muscular cramps, discomfort, and weakness caused by statins.

    Improves Heart Function

    It is suggested that you combine excellent nutrition with aerobic workouts (includes walking, running, swimming, and other rigorous heart-pumping activity depending on your fitness level) and strength training (weight lifting, resistance training).

    Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

    Keeps blood pressure at a healthy range by creating a healthy blood flow.

    Unique Combination Of Supplements

    Platinum Turmeric Joint Support

    Turmeric may help relieve pain, inflammation, and low energy. It aid with pain relief, stomach uneasiness, and immune function enhancement. It also helps balance the mood and improve memory.

    Omega-3 Fish Oil

    Omega-3 fish oil contains both DHA and EPA. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that are important in preventing and managing heart problems. It also supports brain health and visual functions..

    CoQ10 Ubiquinone

    CoQ10 Ubiquinone protects against bacterial invasion, while others provide nutrients by binding blood vessels to the neurons. It also helps manage stress and maintain healthy heart functions.

    Qi life is dedicated to providing natural ingredients like vitamin C from real berries and organic ingredients that serve as antioxidants and support overall health and youthful vitality. Also our supplements have enhanced bio-availability!

    Thanks to our unique.

    Quantum Absorption Technology™
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    “Only fish oil product that really works as far as stating no fishy burps. Most of them state it, but it's not true. My cardiologist actually recommended this brand as I refused to try any more since I cannot tolerate the fishy burp tastes, and I'm so glad he did! Now I take it without fear of tasting it all day!”

    - Alexis T.
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