Qi Coil 3 Yin Legacy System
Beauty Qi Coil System
Qi Coil 3 Yin Legacy System
Qi Coil 3 Yin Legacy System
Beauty Qi Coil System
Qi Coil 3 Yin Legacy System
Qi Coil 3 Yin Legacy System
Qi Coil 3 Yin Legacy System
Qi Coil 3 Yin Legacy System

Qi Coil 3 Yin Legacy System

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Immediate Benefits With PEMF Therapy

  • Melt Away Stress
  • Relax, Refresh & Recharge
  • Sleep Soundly
  • Instant Meditation
  • Soothing Pain Management
  • Calm and Focus

Transform Your Mind Effortlessly With Meditation Technology

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Quantum Frequency

The first Neuro-Programming Magnetic Energy Emitter for mental and physical wellness

Quantum Frequency

900+ Neuro-Programs to help you meditate, de-stress, focus, relax, sleep and more

Quantum Frequency

Contactless / Large "Area of Effect" (AOE), up to 30 SQFT coverage

Quantum Frequency

Inspired by the most powerful shape in nature - the torus

Quantum Frequency

Simple, safe, mobile easy plug-and-play operation powered by our proprietary Qi Coil™ app

Quantum Frequency

Trusted by doctors, researchers and 1000's of individuals around the world

What's New in Qi Coil 3S?

    3 Gold Quantanium™ Crystals Inside

    • 3 Energy-Infused Quantanium(tm) Crystals with Crystal Resonance Technology
    • Inside a Crystalline Orgone Body

    More Power Than Qi Coil™ 2

    Qi Coil™ 3 system has more range than Qi Coil™ 2 and also has new crystal energy!

    New Integrated Safety Plug

    • Stunning Futuristic Design
    • New Integrated Hexagonal Plug
    • Improved Connection and Durability

    Cutting-Edge Neuro-Frequency Development


    Quantum Frequency

    World's Most Advanced Neuro-Programs

    Up to 5000 neural data signals per program. Competitor devices typically have 1-5 per program. We go beyond conventional PEMF frequencies and have developed hundreds of programs called “quantum frequencies” that produce many specific psychological, emotional and biological states.

    Quantum Frequency

    Molecular Mapping

    All molecules have weight and geometry, by uncovering the active compounds in a substance, we can create a frequency profile for each compound and combine them to replicate its effects.

    Quantum Frequency

    Brainwave EEG sampling

    Using a specific combination or sequences of frequencies can induce predictable responses in the brain. Where conventional devices will claim they can calibrate your brainwaves to states such as alpha, delta or theta, we take a giant a leap forward and program your mind for more precise states like calm, confident, positive, peaceful, creative, mindful. 

    Quantum Frequency

    Electromagnetic Noise Displacement

    All substances, all our cells, and even our DNA emit an electromagnetic signature. By decoding these frequencies, we can alter how they interact with each other.

    Quantum Frequency

    Qi Life Proprietary Algorithms

    With over 10 years of research, we have discovered unique ways for creating experiences in the mind and body through frequency. Integrating a culmination of multi-disciplinary approaches and hyper-dimensional math, we are able to create dynamic numerical models of distinct states of well-being, which are then composed into our higher quantum frequencies

    The Only System You Need To Transform Yourself

    • Attract Abundance
    • Better Relationships
    • Wellness and Anti-Aging
    • Happiness and Inner Peace

    The Science Behind Qi Coils

    Qi Coils use unique, powerful, harmonic sounds from the Qi Coil App, that are converted into an electromagnetic energy field to tune your mind and body for wellness.

    Science has shown that our brain and body responds to electromagnetic frequencies. It's actually one of the ways our cells and DNA communicate with each other. So if you send "instructions" to your cells in this manner, you could facilitate transformation with very little effort.

    Each of our frequencies are like a set of different "instructions" for various purposes. From changing your mood, to perception, to boosting your energy and wellness. Even putting you into a positive "state" of happiness and attracting abundance.

    Torus Vortex Energy Flow

    qi coil vortex2

    Scientists say our universe is shaped in a torus. They may be right. It's nature's perfect shape for energy flow. It's used in nuclear fusion reactors, and can be seen in everything from sea corals, to earth's magnetic field, to our galaxy.

    World's Most Powerful Compact PEMF Design

    qi coil power

    60X's stronger than earth’s magnetic field. Up To 1820 Micro-Tesla.

    Quantanium™ Crystal Resonance (Qi Coil 3s Only)

    qi coil quantanium

    Crystals enhance signal transfer and make all wireless communications work. Even the screen you're looking at now, your mobile phone and satellite networks would be no be possible without crystals.

    3 Steps To Use Qi Coils

    1 Connect Your Qi Coil

    2 Choose a Frequency on the App

    3 Play and Use During Your Daily Routine

    Powerful Neuro-Programs Included With Your Qi Coil 3S Transformation System

    Quantum Frequency


    • Soothing Qi Energy
    • Relax and Regenerate
    • DNA Activation
    • Water Restructuring
    • EMF Protection
    Quantum Frequency


    • Sleep deeply and easily
    • Lulls your mind to Sleep
    • Feel Rested, Recharged
    • Wake up calm and focussed
    Quantum Frequency


    • Instant energy and focus
    • Tunes you to Alpha, Beta Brainwaves
    • Support blood circulation and regeneration
    • Recharge, refresh, re-energized
    • Remove fatigue
    Quantum Frequency


    • Boost happiness
    • Release Endorphins
    • Feel good and lucky
    • Attract Abundance
    • Magnetize positive people and events
    Quantum Frequency


    • Melt Away Stress Instantly
    • Remove negative thoughts, feelings, energy
    • Improves mood
    • Promotes positive attitude
    • Motivation, optimism

    Includes Additional 160+ Quantum Frequencies

    Master Collection

    • Attract
    • De-Stress
    • Regenerate
    • Recharge
    • Sleep
    • Clarity
    • Enlighten
    • Meditate
    • Abundance
    • Calm
    • Open

    Life Force Collection

    • 9 Planets Pi
    • Sun and Moon Resonance Harmonics
    • Schumann Resonance 7.83hz Brainwave Frequencies
    • Schumann Resonance 7.83hz Advanced Brainwave Harmonics
    • Star Frequencies (Outer Body Meditation)
    Quantum Frequency

    Spiritual Ascension Collection

    • Spiritual Ascension
    • Trinity - 3 Most Sacred Frequencies Plusn
    • Great Pyramid Harmonics
    Quantum Frequency

    Brain Boost Collection 1

    • Brainwave Enhancement
    • True Phi Brain Focus Concentration
    • Pineal Gland Activation
    Quantum Frequency

    Super Solfeggio Collection

    • Solfeggio 174 - Soothe Discomfort
    • Solfeggio 285 - Deep Spiritual Healing from Within
    • Solfeggio 396 - Liberation of Guilt and Fear
    • Solfeggio 417 - Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
    • Solfeggio 528 - Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
    • Solfeggio 639 - Connecting and Relationships
    • Solfeggio 741 - Intuition and Divine Knowledge
    • Solfeggio 852 - Inner Strength Awakening and Self Realization
    • Solfeggio 963 - Higher Mind Activation

    7 Chakra Tune Up Frequencies

    • Crown Chakra 216
    • Third Eye Chakra 144
    • Throat Chakra 192
    • Heart Chakra 128
    • Solar Plexus Chakra 182
    • Sacral Chakra 303
    • Root Chakra 228

    900+ More Neuro-Programs Available on the Qi Coil App

    Sleep and Relaxation

    Sleep and Relaxation

    • Relieve Anxiety
    • Aura Clean
    • Balance and Clarity
    Focus and Productivity

    Focus and Productivity

    • Concentration
    • Stay Focused
    • Optimizer
    • Remove Limitations
    Wellness and Pain Management

    Wellness and Pain Management

    • Strength Boost
    • Blood Circulation
    • Liver Tonic
    • Support Joint Health
    Abundance Attraction

    Abundance Attraction

    • Luck Boost
    • Wisdom
    • Abundance Business
    • Success Programming
    Meditation and Spirituality

    Meditation and Spirituality

    • Trinity
    • Wisdom
    • Celestial Body Expansion
    • Mind Expansion

      ALSO INCLUDED: The 5 Step Transformation Course 

      Peak Performance Innovator, David Wong reveals his Secrets for Personal Transformation!

      After recovering from a serious health condition and becoming a Successful Entrepreneur after being broken for many years, he has gained "Rare Knowledge" and insight for how to never give up and achieve prosperity no matter what your circumstances are.


      • This is NOT another “Get Rich Quick” Course
      • This is NOT another “Mindfulness Meditation” Course
      • In fact, this is unlike any self-actualization course that exists..

      Why Enroll?

      • Because this is the only course in the world that incorporates Meditation Enhancement Technology (Qi Coil).
      • David’s very concept is Revolutionary…
      • "Combining Ancient Chinese Meditation practices (Qi Gong) with Advanced Electromagnetic Frequency Energy Delivery System and Practical Life Lessons"

      5 Steps to actualize your full potential

      STEP 1 - Energy

      • Start living pain free
      • Feel incredible & amazing in every way

      STEP 2 - Integration

      • Connect your Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit
      • Gain Peace & Clarity

      STEP 3 - Alignment

      • Align to Your Soul's Purpose and hearts passion
      • Achieving higher by helping others

      STEP 4 - Transformation

      • Revive Your Health Naturally
      • Become balanced, calm, strong, grounded, happy, radiant and energetic

      STEP 5 - Manifest

      • Attract Abundance
      • Increase your ability to manifest wealth, success and freedom

      If you are looking to transform yourself, this may be the key to unlocking your hidden potential.

      In This Program You Will Also Discover...

      • What is Qi Energy and Qi gong?
      • How to get rid of negative energy and negativity
      • How to get positive energy and just be happy
      • How to find inner peace calm and quiet and calm my mind
      • How to reconnect myself and balance your mind, body, spirit
      • How to gain wealth and prosperity, be successful in life, attract money
      • How to manifest abundance, and attract or achieve what you want
      • How to stop feeling tired and drained all the time and boost your energy
      • How to find motivation and purpose in life
      • How to stop feeling pain everyday and heal yourself physically
      • How to lose weight, get in better shape and stay motivated
      • How to meditate better and raise your spiritual vibration
      • How to get unstuck, find motivation and know what you want in life
      • And Much More!

      Are You Ready For A TRANSFORMATION?

      Enroll Now

      What's in The Box?

      Order Now and Get All These Bonuses... Valuable Frequencies, Training and More! 

      Transformation Course ($1,997 Value)
      Combining Ancient Chinese Meditation practices (Qi Gong) with Advanced Electromagnetic Frequency Energy Delivery System and Practical Life Lessons
      Qi Life Masters Private FB Group ($497 Value)
      In this close group, get exclusive access to special training from David Wong and even get training that you won't find anywhere else.
      150 Abundance Frequencies ($1,221 Value)
      Discover scientifically proven frequencies that quickly shift your mind into altered states of consciousness and awareness. 
      34 Master Frequencies ($679 Value)
      These Frequencies are the most basic frequencies that are normally used on a day to day basis. Together with its profound and unique benefits, these frequencies can help enhance one’s self wether physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally.
      9 Starter Frequencies ($97 Value)
      These Frequencies are the most basic frequencies that are normally used on a day to day basis. Together with its profound and unique benefits, these frequencies can help enhance one’s self wether physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally.
      6 Gold Therapeutic Magnets ($197 Value)
      Neodymium Therapy Magnets are the world's strongest therapy magnets. All magnets are not created equal! We offer the highest quality neodymium therapy magnets with consistent performance.
      Quick Release Belt Clip ($49 Value)
      Black Hard Plastic Belt Clip, Weight is distributed evenly, steady and anti-shocking 
      Silver Premium Case ($99 Value)
      The product is a sleek and stylish designed carrying case that lets you easily transport and protect your Qi Coil. This beautifully crafted, heavy-duty carrying case extends protection while storing and transporting your Qi Coil Devices.
      Qi Coil Quick Start Guide & Video Tutorials  ($99 Value)
      Get started with our comprehensive guide for you to use the product without any delay. We've included relevant steps needed for installation and video tutorials for your convinience.
      Qi Gong Meditation Lessons (14 Videos)  ($149 Value)
      Black Hard Plastic Belt Clip, Weight is distributed evenly, steady and anti-shocking 
      Qi Life Mastery Lessons  ($297 Value)
      David Wong, Peak Performance Innovator and Marketing Consultant. Transform your life and manifest abundance today!
      Wing Chun Martial Arts Courses (186 Videos)  ($399 Value)
      Gain strength, speed, power and stamina! Sharpen your focus! Follow Sifu David's Wing Chun workout routines daily and you will never feel the same again!
      Qi Life Mastery eBook  ($49 Value)
      The Ultimate Guide for Personal Development, Self Actualization, and Unlocking Your Full Potential
      7 Days Tech Support
      Technical support is always available  7 days a week
      1 Year Warranty
      All systems comes with 1 year limited warranty (can be upgraded to a maximum of 3 years)



        Qi Coils... A No-Brainer-Investment


        Average Household of 2.6 Persons Spends $3120 USD Per Year on Medication


        Cost of Medication Is Skyrocketing 9-15% a Year


        25% of Americans find it difficult to afford prescription drugs

        Long Term Benefits With PEMF Therapy

        • Raise Your Energy
        • Sleep Like a Baby
        • Remove Negative Emotions Like Anxiety, Worry, Fear
        • Remove Any Blockages that are keeping you from the life you deserve
        • Start Attracting Abundance like money, opportunities, positive relationships
        • Start Living the Life you have always wanted

        Compare Qi Coil™ Systems



        Any and all information is for educational purposes only. It is by no means meant to be taken as medical advice or replacement for medical care.  None of the products on this website are intended as a diagnosis, treatment, cure or proven to prevent any disease. 


        Do they come with warranty?+
        Yes, all coils come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty against workmanship and defects.
        What are the Protocols for Using the Qi Coils?+
        Here are some Video Protocols on using the Qi Coils
        How can I maximize the effects of Qi Coils?+
        Watch the video below
        How does this compare to Light Stream Wand or Coil?+
        The Light Stream Systems are much more powerful and cover a wider range. They are also meant for home, practitioner or clinic use.
        How does your 30 day satisfaction guarantee work?+
        If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return your items for a full refund, some terms and conditions may apply, see our Return Policy page.
        Can I use my own frequencies?+
        Yes you can, however, we must warn you that you do so at your own risk. Using improper frequencies can cause serious mental, physical and spiritual harm. We suggest using the frequencies that we have tested and are available within our Qi Coil App. To learn more, Click Here.
        Does the Qi Coil produce electricity?+
        Our coils do not output energy without an input source. They are not free energy devices. When connected to a mobile device that is using the Qi Coil App, it produces a small electromagnetic field.
        Is PEMF scientifically proven?+
        Yes, there are thousands of scientific studies that prove pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has many benefits to humans.You can read about themclick here
        Does it need batteries?+
        No batteries are required, the patented coil design is so efficient that the power from your mobile device’s headphone output is enough to create a 3 foot radius electromagnetic field.
        If I order today, when will I receive it?+
        Qi Coils™ are skillfully hand-crafted and it normally takes 2-3 weeks to get it manufactured upon order, and then shipped which takes another week depending on your location. (Not guaranteed and is subject to change without prior notice)
        How soon will I feel the effects?+
        People who are more active, such as athletes, yoga, tai chi, qi gong practitioners and meditators tend to feel the effects much faster than people who are less active or have health challenges and energy blockages. Cultivating Qi in your body is similar to building a fire, if the body is cold or lacking energy to start with it will take time to reverse that negative momentum to spark a flame and build your bio-energy slowly over time. Depending on how electro-sensitive you are, some may feel the effects immediately, some within a days or some may feel it after several weeks of consistent use. Experiences ranges from tingling sensations, numbness, warmth, a shift in mental focus, feeling lighter, feeling more optimistic, brighter vision, enhanced senses, feeling of anticipation, stress relief, reduced pain or deeper sleep and relaxation.
        I'm Not Feeling Anything, Can I Get A Stronger Qi Coil System?+
        If you need an extra strength Qi Coil system, you can get our Qi Coil Pro Power System, or get the Qi Coil Power Kit to add to any Qi Coil system. Adding the Qi Coil Power Kit will give you 5X more power than a regular Qi Coil system. It includes a power source that can be connected to your Qi Coil system. Order on QiLifeStore.com.
        Can I connect it to my Samsung Gslaxy S9 phone+
        Does it induce lucid dreams or astral projection?+
        You can use the frequencies in our Master and Advanced Frequency collections.
        Do you have a program for stopping pain?+
        We have the Life Force Mid Frequency that people report to be effective for pain management.
        Actualize Your Full Potential with NASA Inspired Technology Webinar+
        How Do I Get My Qi Coil™️ Repaired?+
        How to Actualize Your Full Potential - Qi Coil+
        Is the Qi Coil insulated? Will I get shocked by touching it?+
        We use enamel coated wire for each of the coils which we produce. In most PEMF style applications, the coils are completely safe to touch. If connected to your mobile device, the wattage is low so the coils will not heat up. We do not recommend connecting the Qi Coils to anything other than your mobile phone or device.
        Does winding direction change the functionality and experience of the coils? (Clockwise vs Counter-Clockwise)+
        When stacked with alternating fields, it's possible to detect a slightly larger combined field than two identical coils would otherwise generate. Also, on an experiential note, the counter-clockwise coil produces a sense of expansion, opening, relaxation and projection outwards, whereas the clockwise coil produces a sense of concentration, focus, receiving, gathering.
        How does it work?+
        It uses unique, powerful, harmonic sounds that are programmed in our Qi Coil app, that are converted into an electromagnetic field to tune your body for health and wellness.
        How do i use it?+
        Connect the Qi Coil to your mobile device. Open on the Qi Coil App and select a frequency. The frequency is now "playing" through your qicoil and "broadcasted" as an electromagnetic field. The field covers a 3 feet radius, easily enough for your entire body. Your body's "biofield" is tuned and enhanced by this field, which instantly transforms it for health and wellness as well as strengthens it over time.
        How long will a qi coil last?+
        There are no moving parts and no complicated circuits. In our lab, we have testing the qi coils to operate at optimal performance indefinitely. However, accidents may happen in the case of dropping or wear and tear as you carry them with you. minor repairs such as fixing loose wires may be needed. So you can use them for years without any issues
        How long do the effects last for? How do I sustain the effects indefinitely?+
        The effects may last for hours or days. We have had reports that the effects last for about 3 days even after stopping usage of the Qi coils. If you use it for 21 days or longer, you body systems will have permanently re-calibrated which will make the effects last for a long period of several days even if you stop using the Qi coils. That being said, since it’s easy to use the Qi coils anytime and anywhere, and you can use them as often as you like, the effects may last for as long as you use the Qi coil on a regular basis.
        Are there any side effects? Will I experiment a detox or “Healing Crisis?”+
        Yes most users experience this if they are a beginner. Here is an article about detox. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you may simply stop using the Qi coils for some time before starting another session. Or you may turn down the volume on your mobile device that is running be Qi coil app. Usually a day or two will be enough for your body to eliminate toxins that have been flushed out of your systems. Make sure to hydrate and get plenty of rest. Once you systems are tuned up over time (usually 21 days), you may experience little or no detox effects.
        Can this system heal me from my disease?+
        This system is a meditation enhancement device and is not intended to heal, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. It is has not been evaluated by the FDA.
        Can I just buy the Yang Qi Coil (Clockwise)?+
        Yang Qi Coils are only available to Yin Qi Coil owners. We highly recommend getting the Yin Qi Coils together with Yang Qi Coils especially for beginners. Using Yang Qi Coils without Yin Qi Coils to balance them out will be disorienting for most people because of the intense contraction energy. Yin Qi Coils can be used by themselves without Yang Qi Coils because they open and relax.
        Where did it originate?+
        David Wong works with a team of leading scientists to develop cutting edge technology such as the qi coil system.
        What is it made of?+
        Qi coils are primarily made of a composite frame and copper wiring.
        How can I attract abundance or manifest my intentions with this?+
        Short answer: Your mind and body have an electromagnetic field. The Qi coils tune that field according to nature's harmonic frequencies. Nature is in it's essence infinite and abundant. If you are in tune with nature, you will naturally transmit, receive and attract abundance.

        Long answer: Your biofield can be sensed by others (consciously or subconsciously) as your field interacts with someone else's. The frequencies on the qi coil app are specifically designed with mathematically harmonics from quantum numerical expressions such as fibonacci ratios, phi, pi, sacred geometry, zero point energy, and many other profound frequencies. Tuning your nervous system and biofield to these frequencies affect your mood, brainwaves, your energy level and your feeling of wellbeing. Others who sense this will become attracted to you. Also, your biofield interacts with universal energy on the quantum level. The Qi Coil amplifies the "signal strength" of your biofield so that it can project farther and more powerfully to the universe which will enhance your ability to manifest your intentions.
        Does it work for people who’ve never done this before?+
        Yes, many people who have never tried anything like the qi coil before have reported that they feel the effects immediately.
        How will I know it’s working?+
        All Qi Coils come with a small magnet. You will feel the magnet vibrate in your hand when held close to the coils while they are connected to your mobile device that is playing the Qi coil app (with the volume turned up).
        When should i use it?+
        Use it whenever you feel you need it. If you need an energy boost, need to focus, or need to relax and sleep. The Qi Coil app offers many different programs for different needs so use them to enhance your performance at work, school, home, exercise, meditation, creativity and more!
        How often should I use it?+
        At first, use it for 10 minutes a day. The Qi Coils have a detox effect so you may feel nauseous if you do too much too fast. Once you body systems are tuned up over time (usually 21 days), you may experience little or no detox effects.
        Can I use it while I sleep?+
        Yes, just place it on a bedside table near you while you sleep. We do not recommend it to be on your body while you sleep as the cables may get tangled and come loose. Make sure that only the Qi Coil frequencies are being played and that you turn off any other audible sounds that may be coming from your mobile device. Also see (how often should I use it?)
        What is a Healing Crisis?+
        Environmental toxins accumulate in tissue throughout the body, especially fat tissue. Additionally, the human body has bacterial colonies. When you cleanse your body, the toxins dislodge and the bacteria die off and release endotoxins. When the toxins and waste are dislodged, the body begins to flush them into the bloodstream to be filtered and eliminated. This sudden circulation of toxins can temporarily impact your well being and symptoms of illness (sweating, fever, discomfort, etc.) may occur.
        Do you have practitioners / physical office where I could try the device?+
        Yes, we do. But as I'm sure you understand, we value our client's privacy so we are not allowed to provide their contact info. However, you can send your details instead and we can forward it to them. As for the physical office, we have manufacturing facilities that are not open to the public. If you are asking because you want to "try before you buy" then the best solution is to order it a try it for 30 days. There is a 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Qi Coils, so there is plenty of time for you to try it before you decide to keep it.
        Do you offer Financing?+

        Yes we do. We have partnered with Klarna to provide you flexible payments from no interest fees up to 36 months installment. Just select Klarna as your payment option on checkout. To learn more Click Here.

        What else do i need aside from the Qi Coil?+
        You would need to connect the Qi Coil to a mobile device that has our Qi Coil App installed. To know more Click Here.
        How do you use Qi Coils for EMF Protection?+

        Here's results from aura camera test

        Before Qi Coil Usage

        After Qi Coil Usage

        Choose your Payment Option