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Anti Aging Therapy: Age-Reverse & Beauty Products Frequencies
Anti-Aging Beauty Collection 1 Higher Quantum Frequencies
Anti-Aging Beauty Collection 1 Higher Quantum Frequencies
Anti Aging Therapy: Age-Reverse & Beauty Products Frequencies Higher Quantum
Anti-Aging Beauty Collection 1 Higher Quantum Frequencies
Anti-Aging Beauty Collection 1 Higher Quantum Frequencies
Anti-Aging Beauty Collection 1 Higher Quantum Frequencies
Anti-Aging Beauty Collection 1 Higher Quantum Frequencies
Anti Aging Therapy: Age-Reverse & Beauty Products Frequencies Higher Quantum
Anti Aging Therapy: Age-Reverse & Beauty Products Frequencies Higher Quantum
Anti Aging Therapy: Age-Reverse & Beauty Products Frequencies Higher Quantum

Anti Aging Therapy: Age-Reverse & Beauty Products Frequencies

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Age in Reverse: Add Frequency Therapy for Younger, Healthier Looking Skin

“The next morning, my husband said my skin looked brighter and asked me if i started using a new skin cream… lol” - Michelle B.

Do you want to maintain your youthful glow well into your golden years?

Do you invest in boutique skin care and beauty products and you only want the best treatments available?

Do you enjoy how young men or women notice you and mistaken you for decades younger than your real age?

If you are any one of those, then absolutely must try our latest anti-aging frequency technology.

With this incredible collection of anti-aging frequencies, you can...

  • Diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Cleanse toxins and impurities
  • Improve elasticity and suppleness
  • Helps in retaining moisture
  • Calm and soothe skin
  • Keep your skin healthy
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Enhance glow and complexion
  • Reduce the signs of aging

The Future of Skin Care

Our Higher Quantum Anti-Aging Frequencies are...

1 Simple, Safe, and Convenient

The frequencies can be enjoyed on their own, with Qi Coils or both at the same time. Includes MP3 download and it will be unlocked in Qi Coil App to use it forever.

2 Non-invasive, Natural

Our PEMF technology is an all-natural way to transform yourself without having to resort to invasive methods.

3 Enhances Effectiveness of All Other Skin Care Products

Already using other beauty products? Great! Use these frequencies and energize them for even more effectiveness.

7 Higher Quantum Frequencies, 130.2 MB

Quantum Frequency

Anti-Aging Telomerase Activation

  • Age Backwards
  • Supports youthful skin appearance
  • Fatigue removal
Quantum Frequency

Skin Reverse Aging

  • Age Backwards
  • Feel young and invigorated
  • Restore a youthflow glow
Quantum Frequency

Body Cleansing Detox

  • Age Backwards
  • Eliminate toxic energy from your skin and body
Quantum Frequency

Colon & Bowel Support

  • Age Backwards
  • Supports bio-energy field of digestion
  • Supports youthful skin
Quantum Frequency

Chelation Therapy

  • Age Backwards
  • Eliminate toxic energy from your body
  • Supports youthful skin
Quantum Frequency

Morgellons Recovery

  • Age Backwards
  • Manage discomfort
  • Reduces crawling, biting and stinging sensation
  • Supports youthful skin

This Is Unlike Anything You've Ever Witnessed or Heard of Before!!!

Powerful Audio Frequencies That Contain Mathematical Representations of States of Consciousness. Emotions and Physical Well Being.

This is NOT- Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, HemiSync, Affirmations, Subliminal Vocalizations, or Hypnosis.

What are Higher Quantum Frequencies?

They are 4 dimensional frequencies, that harness the power of nature!

Quantum Frequency

World's Most Advanced Neuro Programs

Up to 5000 neural data signals per program. Competitor devices typically have 1-5 per program. We go beyond conventional PEMF frequencies and have developed hundreds of programs called “quantum frequencies” that produce many specific psychological, emotional and biological states.

Quantum Frequency

Molecular Mapping

All molecules have weight and geometry, by uncovering the active compounds in a substance, we can create a frequency profile for each compound and combine them to replicate its effects.

Quantum Frequency

Brainwave EEG sampling

Using a specific combination or sequences of frequencies can induce predictable responses in the brain. Where conventional devices will claim they can calibrate your brainwaves to states such as alpha, delta or theta, we take a giant a leap forward and program your mind for more precise states like calm, confident, positive, peaceful, creative, mindful

Quantum Frequency

Electromagnetic Noise Displacement

All substances, all our cells, and even our DNA emit an electromagnetic signature. By decoding these frequencies, we can alter how they interact with each other.

Quantum Frequency

Qi Life Proprietary Algorithms

With over 10 years of research, we have discovered unique ways for creating experiences in the mind and body through frequency. Integrating a culmination of multi-disciplinary approaches and hyper-dimensional math, we are able to create dynamic numerical models of distinct states of well-being, which are then composed into our higher quantum frequencies

How Do You Use Them?

  1. 1

    Choose a frequency that you desire and listen to the sounds with or without headphones.

  2. 2

    Use the Qi Coils for added power that converts the sound to magnetic energy.

  3. 3

    Use them during work, before sleep, while meditating, to relax or anytime at your convenience.

  4. 4

    Witness your own positive changes and just repeat the process!

How Will This Work For You?

Science has shown that our brain and body respond to electromagnetic frequencies.

Using our technology, you are able to communicate with your cells instantly.

With the different collections of frequencies we have at your disposal, you now have the power and control to dictate the life you want ahead of you.

Your Health is the Best Investment…

A good and healthy physical & mental wellness will give you the capacity to achieve success whether in your career, relationship, and life.

Many people live with stress and they don’t realize that stress can slowly chip away at their health…

This is why stress is a major contributing factor to aging and disease.

To combat this, we put a huge emphasis on relieving stress in our frequencies.

Just look at the other alternative out there in the market…

Beauty products could easily set aside $3000 a year…

While the professional therapies can cost $10,000 per treatment...

You don’t have to even work out the math to see how tremendous the savings is if you were to purchase this collection right now that you can use forever.

Our Technology Has Transformed 1000’s of Lives...

“I been using this frequency for a week now and I notice there had been great improvement with my skin”

- Lauren B.

“This frequency leaves skin refreshed, glowing, smooth and soft. Clears pores and minimizes its appearance with regular use and helps with reducing breakouts.”

- Debbie W.

“Great frequency and super value for money. Saw the results after just a few days. Just as good as the overpriced alternatives. Well recommended!”

- Megan N.

You Can Now Reverse The Aging Clock!

A healthy body will resonate with positivity in all aspects of life.

  1. ➡️

    Eliminate toxins from your skin and body without putting a hole in your pocket with expensive detox treatments…

  2. ➡️

    Age backwards with the best science has to offer...

  3. ➡️

    Feel young & attractive without harmful chemicals or invasive treatments

All that and more is waiting for you with our Anti-Aging Therapy Collection

Transform Yourself Today Effortlessly With the World’s Most Powerful Meditation Frequencies!

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