Accelerated Wing Chun System - Module 1-12 (Dvd) Dvd

Accelerated Wing Chun System - Module 1-12 (DVD)

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Learn Wing Chun Fast! 

"Discover The Simple Yet Deadly Fighting System That Destroys Bigger and Meaner Attackers in 6 Seconds Flat!"

Install Razor-Sharp Reflexes, Incredible Power and Lightning Speed Directly Into Your Muscles With The Ultimate Street Fighting Style...


    What Accelerated Wing Chun is NOT?

    • Combative Wing Chun is not conventional Wing Chun training
    • We don’t teach techniques that takes years to learn, look fancy, but don’t work in a real fight

    Accelerated Wing Chun is NOT for you if…

    • You don’t want to practice combative techniques like groin strikes or eye gouges
    • You want to learn the long and hard way, instead of the fast way
    • You want to use pretty moves that don't work
      What is Accelerated Wing Chun?
      • A unique style that combines Ip Man wing chun, Bruce Lee’s jeet kune do, chinese kung fu, and military combatives for self defense.
      • A highly experimental system that strips away the non-essentials for real world self defense.
      • fast-paced, intensive training program for adults who like a challenge and want to learn wing chun the fastest way.
      • 12 simple and repeatable modules designed to arm you with essential self defense skills and give you the tools to improve your Wing Chun for a lifetime.
      • Practical training!  What you learn in the modules today is what you can use in a fight tonight!

      Accelerated Wing Chun is for you if…

      • You are a beginner to Intermediate student
      • You are more interested in results than credentials
      • You are a bit of a rebel and tend to challenge traditional methods
      • You don’t give up easily
      • You want to go beyond your limits
      • You want to master yourself

      What you will learn…

      • How to fight bigger and stronger opponents
      • How to fight multiple opponents
      • How to fight under pressure and when you are tired and scared
      • How to win and end fights in the matter of seconds
      • 12 most common attacks you will encounter in real life and simple and effective self-defense techniques to protect yourself against them

        What you will get if you train with our program...

        • Become the strongest and healthiest you have ever been
        • Get practical self-defense skills and overcome your fears
        • Skyrocket your self-discipline and self-confidence
        • Stretch outside of your comfort zones both mentally and physically

        Module 1 - The Shortcut To Learning Self Defense
        (21 Lessons)

        Module 2 - How To Finish A Fight in 6 Seconds Flat Against Bigger Attackers
        (19 Lessons)

        Module 3 - How To Defend Yourself Without Getting In Legal Trouble
        (10 Lessons)

        Module 4 - How To Defend Against A Haymaker Punch
        (21 Lessons)

        Module 5 - How To Defend Against A Straight Jab or Rear Cross
        (19 Lessons)

        Module 6 - What To Do When Your Attack Is Blocked
        (15 Lessons)

        Module 7 - How To Defend Against Tackles and Takedowns
        (15 Lessons)

        Module 8 - How To Defend Against An Ambush
        (16 Lessons)

        Module 9 - How To Defend Against Wrist Grabs
        (14 Lessons)

        Module 10 - How To Defend Against Grappling - Chokes, Rear Hugs, Headlocks
        (15 Lessons)

        Module 11 - How To Instantly Counter Almost Any Attack
        (9 Lessons)

        Module 12 - How To Defend Against Kicks & 2 Devastating Kick Techniques
        (15 Lessons)

        Bonus Module (Online) - Certification Test Requirements and Demonstrations

        Complete training for Levels 1-4 (Online) (White Sash to Orange Sash)

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        This course also includes:

        -Solo Training Methods that don't require a partner

        -Partner training methods

        -Level Certification Requirements (How to get your level 1 to 4 certificate for the Combative Wing Chun System - and complete the "CORE" course)

        -Direct interaction and coaching from Sifu David and other instructors.

        -Self Defense techniques that don't require superior strength and power

        -Techniques that are not hard on the body to train



        Want the online version? click here for Accelerated Wing Chun Online