Wing Chun 201 FREE

Wing Chun 201 FREE

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Learn Wing Chun Martial Arts At Home!

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  1. Train anytime, anywhere!
  2. No training partner necessary
  3. No physical teacher necessary
  4. No experience necessary
  5. No equipment necessary
  6. Easy step-by-step instruction


Wing Chun 201 Course: Authentic Yip Man Wing Chun Form 2 - "Chum Kiu" 尋橋 And Self Defense Applications (35 Lessons - 93 min) 
  • Learn & practice Wing Chun form #2 at home
  • Use the optimal fighting range for Wing Chun
  • Increase your power and poise
  • Discover new stances, new hand attacks and kicks
  • Self defense applications for every technique
  • Double Gum Sau
  • Dai Bong Sau
  • Double Tan Sau
  • Bong Sau / Wu Sau
  • Wang Tek
  • Double Lan Sau
  • Jing Jeung
  • Kop Sau
  • Lap Sau

    Stay Healthy, Stay Strong!