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$600 Donation - Free NFT Gift

$600 Donation - Free NFT Gift

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We are now living in a chaotic time where healthcare workers and school teachers are overworked and underappreciated.

Studies show that as much as 46% of healthcare workers and teachers feel completely burned out as they struggle to survive during this pandemic. Although these times have been hard for all of us, just imagine how much harder it is as a healthcare worker or school teacher who are exposed to countless patients as they endure 16-hour shifts and school teachers who have to educate hundreds of young ones while maintaining safety protocols.  And they have been going through this day in and day out for over a year.

They are the real superheroes.

But unfortunately, This type of overwork and exhaustion can lead to sleeplessness, unhealthy stress, anxiety disorders, and digestive issues.

By now, we have realized that protecting healthcare workers and teachers is the key to maintaining a functioning healthcare system and society.

But Pills and medication are only short-term solutions, plus they could also have harmful side effects.

Wouldn’t that help our heroes in a life-changing way?

In fact, this is already what is happening with Qi Coil™ systems.

With already thousands of people who have transformed themselves with our technologies. Our revolutionary qi coil technology can supply today’s heroes with the energy and wellness they desperately need right now!

But they need your help to make this become a reality faster.

With your donation today…

75% of the funds will be donated as free Qi Coils™  systems to healthcare workers and school teachers. THEY are the modern-day superheroes and they need the best technology science has to offer for peak performance and wellness, especially during these times.

  • It will help them in their crucial tasks as they take care of our health and education for our children.

  • It can help them continue to make an income, reduce the amount of sick days, and empower them to do their essential work more easily.

  • They won’t have to experience burnout and unhealthy stress as we make their lives even just a little bit easier.

Before vaccines became an accepted practice in 1796, countless people died from smallpox, rabies, tuberculosis, and various other viruses.

Before antibiotics became an accepted practice in 1928, countless people died from bacteria infections.

Major advances in medicine like these have always been shunned by skeptics when they are first introduced, but over time, millions of lives are saved and transformed because of them.  

Here are just a couple of life-changing stories of healthcare professionals who are using Qi Coils™  everyday.

 "Now I feel well rounded and can help others with my purpose in life. I hope other caregivers and care workers can use these tools for personal wellness as I have been able to. Namaste” - Redhawks, healthworker for over 15 years

  After trying everything and nearly giving up of my chronic back pain, I started using the Qi Coils and she is now completely pain-free, “I’ve even lost 20 lbs, and I didn't even do anything!” -Tina, Nurse from New Jersey Hospital

By giving Qi Coils™ to our public workers, you are giving them life energy.

Join us and help us support thousands of more heroes like Redhawks and Tina. Our vision is to heal the world faster and help us make this vision a reality.


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