2 X Qi Energy Card Systems
2 X Qi Energy Card Systems
2 X Qi Energy Card Systems
2 X Qi Energy Card Systems
2 X Qi Energy Card Systems
2 X Qi Energy Card Systems
2 X Qi Energy Card Systems
2 X Qi Energy Card Systems
2 X Qi Energy Card Systems
2 X Qi Energy Card Systems
2 X Qi Energy Card Systems
2 X Qi Energy Card Systems

2 x Qi Energy Card Systems

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Get EMF Protection with the Qi Energy Card

We are bombarded by unseen electromagnetic frequencies daily. Our smartphones, routers, laptops, and all other electronic devices produce a huge amounts of EMF. The Qi Energy Card™ reduces the negative effects of EMFs without affecting the performance of your devices or equipment. 

It also helps in Water Restructuring and Enhancement. 

What devices emit electromagnetic radiation pollution (EMR)?

  1. Smartphones, tablets and computers
  2. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transmitters
  3. Household appliances such as microwaves
  4. Cell Towers

Resonance Matrix™ EMF Protection Technology

  • Designed with Resonance Matrix Technology™
  • 24 Karat Gold Surfaces on Front and Back
  • Sacred Geometric Designs
  • Inset Control Centers
  • Stainless-Steel
  • 740 Resonance Matrix Circuits
  • PRO version:  1236 Resonance Matrix Circuits

Enhance and Restructure Your Water with the Qi Energy Card

The science of cymatics has proven that water responds to and interacts with sound and frequency. 99% of the molecules in your body are H2O,  and 70% of the mass of your body is water. Because of this, your body is highly susceptible to the frequencies around you.

 Your brain function, digestion, joint lubrication, and cellular communication all rely on water. Water is the most important substance in your body. Optimize it with your very own Qi Energy Card.

Add Quantum Frequencies with the Qi Coil™ App

Using the Qi Coil™ App and Mobile Powerkit, you can add specific programming and intentions to your Qi Energy Card's energy field.



  • 2 x Qi Energy Card $158 Value
  • 2 x Mobile Power Kit $394 Value
  • 2 x Card Clip $20 Value

*Crystal Pyramids Sold Separately

2 Ways Qi Energy Cards Work...


EMF protection 

-Just bring it with you
-Place it in your wallet, phone case, pocket, bag

When placed near EMF producing devices, the natural elements in the card distort and minimize harmful EMF’s, causing lower amounts of these harmful frequencies to come into contact with the human body. 


Connect to our Qi Coil app and mobile power kit

-Energize and program your water
-Add crystal pyramids to amplify crystal energy

The Qi Energy Cards can also be connected to the Qi Coil app and mobile powerkit. The app sends frequencies into the card, creating a small electromagnetic field around the card. 

Our Resonance Matrix Technology™ and the additional frequencies can be used to restructure your food, water, and for additional protection when combatting harmful EMF’s.

Does It REALLY Work for EMF Protection?

Watch the Video to see the demonstration

When measuring the electromagnetic energy field emitted by technological devices, it has been shown in tests that the active elements in the card can block up to 80% of EMFs if positioned correctly between the emf source and the emf meter.

Before Qi Energy Cards Treated Water

Scattered Aura as shown in the picture, and mood not on it's peak.

After Qi Energy Cards Treated Water

Balanced Aura as shown in the picture, and mood improved.

Plant Without Frequency Treated Water

Decay, yellow, smaller, shorter

Plant With Frequency Treated Water

Healthy Green, larger, taller

Blood Cells Before Drinking Treated Water

Thick Blood Agglutinatederyhrocytes

Blood Cells After Drinking Treated Water

Blood is more fluid, capable of clearing more bacteria and toxins.

Alteration of the Molecular Structure of Water

Frozen Water that has been treated forms air bubbles in a vortex pattern.

"I put these cards in my phone and on my laptop cause I am a heavy user of gadgets. I have difficulty sleeping and after using these cards I noticed I slept better. I thought it was just a coincidence, but several weeks later, I'm still sleeping better than before. I would highly recommend."
Frank G.
"This is a goof EMF blocker. I did notice a drastic reduction in my headaches from using the the Qi cards on my cell phone, laptop, router, and microwave! I definitely will be purchasing more in the future!"
Matt G.

"We are homeschooling and we have 3 iPads, a desktop & laptop and 2 cellphones in the room. I was wondering why I felt so fatigued and the kids would get moody so fast after entering the room where we have all those gadgets. It’s been 4 days and I can honestly say that I noticed a difference in our moods and energy levels even after the activity was over."
Faye V.
"I am VERY sensitive and would always feel lethargic after using my laptop and phone the whole day. Incredibly, when I used the Qi card, I can tell that it cut way down my headaches and fatigue. I had an immediate positive effect and would definitely continue to use this. Might also buy for my friends and family to help them with their own EMF issues. Thanks a lot!"
Brenda W.
"My husband is really concerned about EMF's. He turns out internet off at night and limits his cell usage. He wanted to try a card like these to reduce the exposure even more. I wasn't sure if these would work or not. I purchased them for him and put on all our phones. They fit well and are pretty small. (Mine lays flat against and is inside my case so no one even sees it.) Ironically, soon after I started using these my headaches began decreasing. Not sure if it is due to the stickers or other factors but I am not changing it. Big thumbs up on this product! (My husband wants a second set to put on our computers and tablets."
Adeline R.
"I like it very much. I often study in front of the computer screen. I often feel dizzy and tears running in my eyes. Using this will relieve many of these symptoms. It's as good-looking as the description."
Josephine J.

How can I verify the product effectiveness?

You could purchase a EMF reader and put your phone in close proximity to the card, or you can click here to watch this video to see it working

How do I Use the Qi Energy Cards ?

PASSIVE: for EMF protection - Just bring it with you -place it in your wallet, phone case, pocket, bag ACTIVE: connected to our Qi Coil app and mobile power kit -Energize and program your water - Add crystal pyramids to amplify crystal energy

Can I use the card without connecting to a power kit?

Yes, you can use it passively as explained above.

Can I place it on my body for healing?

The electromagnetic field from the card (when connected to qi coil app and mobile powerkit) is strong enough to restructure water but not strong enough for use on the body.

How much electromagnetic range does the card have?

About 3 inches, large enough to treat glass, large jug of water, or a plate of food.

How much bad EMFs does the card block?

It can block up to 80% of emfs if positioned correctly between the emf source and the emf meter.

Does it reduce the performance of my phone or other electronic device?

We have not noticed any reduction in the performance of electronic devices while using our Qi Energy Cards or systems.

What is the difference between Qi Energy Cards and Qi Coils?

Qi coils have much more powerful electromagnetic field and range. Also qi coils have yin and yang vortex energy. Qi energy cards are primarily designed for emf protection and water restructuring. To experience meditation and wellness technology, get qi coils, aura coils, resonant wands or staff of legends.

What happens when I drink restructured water that is treated by the Qi Energy Card?

Your brain function, digestion, join lubrication, and cellular communication all rely on water. Water is the most important substance in your body. Optimize it with your very own Qi Energy Card.

What are the crystal pyramids for?

Quartz is considered a healing stone. By placing the pyramids on the qi energy cards, we believe it will amplify the effects of the crystals. In fact you can place any type of crystal on the card for the same effect.

What is the difference in the regular and PRO versions?

The Qi Energy Card PRO are larger, about the size of a smart phone, offers more blockage of emfs and has a slightly larger electromagnetic field. The regular qi energy card is the same size as a credit card.

Can I connect 2 cards at once?

Yes, get our qi energy card Combo and it will include all the connections you need to connect 2 cards at once.

Can I use a Qi Energy Card and Qi Coils™ at the same time?

Yes, you can purchase our qi energy card combo system or a qi coil combiner.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes you have a 30 days money back guarantee on any qi energy card system. You just need to pay for return shipping of the items in its original condition.

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