Genius Accelerator PEMF Frequency: Unlock IQ Potential, Excel in Academics with Qi Coil™.
Qi Coil 3S Transformation System
Genius Accelerator PEMF Frequency: Unlock IQ Potential, Excel in Academics with Qi Coil™.
Genius Accelerator PEMF Frequency: Unlock IQ Potential, Excel in Academics with Qi Coil™.
Qi Coil 3S Transformation System
Qi Coil 3S Transformation System
Qi Coil 3S Transformation System With Resonant Console 2
Qi Coil 3S Transformation System
Qi Coil 3S Transformation System
Qi Coil 3S Transformation System
Genius Accelerator PEMF Frequency: Unlock IQ Potential, Excel in Academics with Qi Coil™.
Genius Accelerator PEMF Frequency: Unlock IQ Potential, Excel in Academics with Qi Coil™.
Genius Accelerator PEMF Frequency: Unlock IQ Potential, Excel in Academics with Qi Coil™.

Genius Accelerator PEMF Frequency: Unlock IQ Potential, Excel in Academics with Qi Coil™.

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Accelerate Your Child’s Transformation with Qi Coils™

For Parents who want the best for their children's mental health and education

Maximize Your Child's Potential with Silent, Soothing Energy Waves

  • 16% of children ages 12-17, suffered at least one Major Depressive Episode (MDE) (2022-2023)
  • 6.1 million children have ADHD (2023)
  • 22% rise in autism in 8-year-old children (2018-2023)
  • 70% increase in suicide rates for children ages 10 to 12 (2019 to 2021)

Introducing Qi Coil™ - The World's Most Advanced PEMF Therapy Brain Fitness System

Unlock the full potential of the Frequency Method by enhancing it with Qi Coils. These advanced devices use Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, creating silent energy waves that amplify the effects of the Frequency Method's frequencies.

The result? Faster, deeper, and more potent effects. Whether it's overcoming learning difficulties, dealing with mental health issues, or boosting cognitive abilities, Qi Coils can accelerate your child's progress. In essence, Qi Coils don't just work with the Frequency Method - they turbo-charge it. 

Why Qi Coil™?

While the Frequency Method has revolutionized brain training with its powerful frequencies, Qi Coils take it to the next level by incorporating PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) frequency therapy. This contactless and silent therapy is perfect for those who want deeper resonance with both mind and body.

The Science Behind PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy uses low-level electromagnetic waves to stimulate the body's natural healing processes. These waves are similar to those found in nature and are essential for the well-being of cells, tissues, and overall health. A plethora of research studies have demonstrated the benefits of PEMF therapy in various areas including pain management, mental health, and general wellness.

Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD

"Meta-analysis shows significant benefits in of PEMF therapy reducing symptoms of depression. Positive impact on anxiety and depressive symptoms in individuals with PTSD.” - Journal of Affective Disorders (2019)


A small-scale study reported improvements in language, behavior, and social interaction in children with ASD.” - American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology (2013)

Stress, ADHD, and Cognition

“Preliminary evidence suggests potential positive effects. Improved cognitive performance in healthy young adults.” - Journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine (2020)

Relaxation and Pain

Significant reduction in pain for individuals with osteoarthritis of the knee. Potential effectiveness in reducing pain intensity and improving physical functioning in chronic pain.” - Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (2013)

Brain Activation Collection

  • Promotes cognitive development and enhances learning abilities, addressing cognitive challenges and improving academic progress.
  • Supports emotional well-being, helping children overcome emotional struggles and fostering positive social interactions.
  • Facilitates developmental progress, aiding in reaching age-appropriate milestones and promoting overall growth.
  • Improves sensory integration and perception, assisting children with sensory processing difficulties in better understanding their environment.
  • Enhances language and speech development, breaking down communication barriers and improving communication skills.
  • Boosts focus and concentration, mitigating attention deficits and improving the ability to stay attentive.
  • Enhances motor skills and coordination, aiding in the development of fine and gross motor skills and improving physical abilities. 

Empower Your Child's Development and Well-being with Brain Activation Collection

Experience the transformative power of Brain Activation Collection, a cutting-edge frequency program designed to unlock your child's full potential. By harnessing the power of advanced technology and targeted frequencies, this innovative program supports cognitive development, emotional well-being, and overall growth.

From enhancing learning abilities to improving social interactions and motor skills, Brain Activation Collection empowers your child to overcome challenges and thrive in their journey to success. Give your child the gift of mental health and academic excellence with Brain Activation Collection.

21 Frequencies of Your Child's Mental Health

Harness the power of advanced technology with targeted frequencies, carefully researched and selected to support mental well-being and cognitive development.

Full list of frequencies included:

  • Balance & Clarity
  • Balance Emotions
  • Calm & Confident
  • Calm Emotions
  • Control Anger
  • Emotional Issues
  • Happy Thoughts
  • Inner Peace & Joy
  • Irritability
  • Mental Fatigue Relief
  • PTSD Trauma Recovery
  • Relieve Anxiety
  • Solid and Grounded
  • Stop Addictions, Bad Habits & Depression
  • Remove Negative Energy
  • Luck Boost
  • Spiritual Awakening Third Eye
  • Eating Disorders
  • Emotional States to Stabilize
  • Emotional Trauma Balance
  • Trauma - Mental Emotional or Physical

30 Frequencies of Your Child's Learning

Experience the enhanced support from the team in special education, providing you with the resources & guidance needed to empower children with learning difficulties or special needs.

Full list of frequencies included:

  • Academics
    • Achievement & Excellence
    • Success & High Grades
    • Critical Thinking & Insight
    • Focus & Dedication
    • Vision & Planning
    • Teamwork & Collaboration
    • Financial Literacy
    • Autism x2
    • Attention Deficit Disorder
    • Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity
  • Brainwaves
    • Alpha Triangle x2
    • Beta Triangle x2
    • Brain & Nerve Support
    • Delta Triangle x2
    • Gamma Triangle x2
    • High Gamma Triangle x2
    • Stay Focused
    • True Phi Brain x2
    • True Phi Brain Focus x2
    • Theta Triangle x2


14 Frequencies of Your Child's Genius Accelerator

Unleash your child's genius potential with our cutting-edge collection. Empower them to excel academically, gain deep insights, and achieve lifelong success.

Full list of frequencies included:

  • Genius
    • Concentration
    • Intelligence
    • Logic & Languages
    • Memory & Cognition
    • Optimizer
    • Problem Solving
    • Mental Stamina
  • Brain & Nerve Support
  • Wisdom
    • Character Development
    • Creative Problem Solving
    • Emotional Intelligence and Communication
    • Intuition & Timing
    • Reading People
    • Wisdom - Universal Laws


    A New Holistic Approach Based on Neuroscience

    Luckily, Science has discovered new ways that are revolutionizing how children learn. And the results are looking very positive.

    With this new approach, we have seen this help with the following:


    Improved focus and attention span, better impulse control, and enhanced ability to follow through on task

    Learning Disabilities

    Enhanced cognitive functions, improved grasp of foundational skills like reading, writing, and math, and increased confidence in learning abilities.

    Autism Spectrum Disorder / Down Syndrome

    Increased calmness, improved social skills, more natural emotional responses, and enhanced ability to engage with others and the environment.

    Dyscalculia / Dysgraphia

    Improved numerical and spatial understanding, enhanced handwriting and fine motor skills, and increased confidence in mathematical and writing abilities.

    Special Needs

    Personalized coaching tailored to the child's unique needs, improved social and emotional skills, and enhanced cognitive functions and learning abilities.

    Kids Mental Health

    Reduced symptoms of mental health disorders, improved emotional regulation, and increased resilience and coping skills.

    Stress, Anxiety, PTSD

    Reduced stress and anxiety levels, improved ability to manage and cope with stress, and enhanced emotional well-being.


    The Most Powerful Mobile Qi Coil™ System

    Do you want the very best...

    That frequency therapy has to offer?

    Then you would be pleased to experience our Qi Coil™ 3S system...

    Each coil has 3 Energy-Infused Quantanium™ Crystals which add powerful quantum resonance energy to your therapeutic experience!

    Also it includes David Wong's in-depth online Transformation Course, to guide you on your personal wellness journey.

    Keep reading to learn more...

    6 Tesla-Inspired Technologies in 1

    • PEMF - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
    • RIFE Frequency Therapy
    • Acoustic Frequency Therapy
    • Crystal Resonance Therapy (Qi Coil 3/Max Only)
    • Negative Ion Therapy
    • Ozone Therapy

    Qi Coil™ 3S Advanced Features

      3 Quantanium™ Crystals (Each Coil)

      • 3 Energy-Infused Crystals with Quantum Resonance Technology
      • Geometric Crystalline Orgone Matrix
      • Experience Quantum Resonance Technology

      Perpetual Subtle Quantum Energy

      • Store Frequencies in the Crystals
      • Crystals Work without frequencies actively playing
      • Crystals Work Without an External Power Source
      • Emit Quantum Energy 24/7

      Scalar Wave Energy

      • Phase conjugational waves
      • Can travel through solid objects
      • Penetrates deep into the body
      • Greatly effects your biofield

      Most Powerful Compact Mobile Qi Coil

      • 3.1" Crystalline Orgone Body
      • It is the Most Powerful Mobile Qi Coil system. (Qi Coil Max is stronger, but it's not as compact and portable)

      Area of Effect - Up to 11 ft² (Each Coil)

      • Cover an entire room
      • Boost the frequencies' potency on your body

      Yin Yang Energy

      • Yin and Yang Toroidal Winding
      • Yin for Expansion
      • Yang for Collection
      • Get The Full Qi Experience!

      Integrated Hexagon Safety Port

      • Stunning Futuristic Design
      • New Integrated Hexagonal Plug
      • Improved Connection and Durability

      The Science Behind Qi Coil™ 3S

      Qi Coils use unique, powerful, harmonic sounds from the Qi Coil App, that are converted into an electromagnetic energy field to tune your mind and body for wellness.

      Science has shown that our brain and body responds to electromagnetic frequencies. It's actually one of the ways our cells and DNA communicate with each other. So if you send "instructions" to your cells in this manner, you could facilitate transformation with very little effort.

      Quantanium™ Crystal Resonance

      qi coil quantanium

      Crystals enhance signal transfer and make all wireless communications work, they can also store memory and intention. Our proprietary Quantanium™ crystals are encoded with powerful energetic programming.

      They refine and amplify the frequencies from your Qi Coils and also they store memory, so your Qi Coils will still emit subtle quantum energy even if they are not plugged in.

      Torus Vortex Energy Flow

      qi coil power

      Scientists say our universe is shaped in a torus. They may be right. It's nature's perfect shape for energy flow. It's used in nuclear fusion reactors, and can be seen in everything from sea corals, to earth's magnetic field, to our galaxy.

      World's Most Powerful Compact PEMF Design

      qi coil power

      60X's stronger than earth’s magnetic field. Up To 1820 Micro-Tesla. 

      Simple - Safe - Powerful

      • Just connect to your phone and turn them on
      • Non-invasive and Contactless
      • 900+ Mind-Stimulating Quantum Frequencies 

        3 Steps To Use Qi Coils

        1 Connect Your Qi Coil

        2 Choose a Frequency

        3 Play and Use During Your Daily Routine

        Qi Coil™ System Includes:

        • 1x Qi Coil 3S Yin
        • 1x Qi Coil 3S Yang
        • 3x Gold Therapeutic Magnet
        • 1x Ball Magnet
        • 1x Cylinder Magnet
        • 1x Mobile Power Kit (MPK)
        • 1x Charging Cable for MPK
        • 1x Splitter
        • 2x Auxillary Cable
        • 1x Resonant Console
        • 1x Charging Cable and Adapter
        • 1x Belt Clip
        • 1x Warranty Card
        • 1x Post Card
        • 1x Quick Start Guide

        Powerful Programs Included With Your Qi Coil 3S Transformation System

        Quantum Frequency


        • Soothing Qi Energy
        • Relax and Regenerate
        • DNA Activation
        • Water Restructuring
        • EMF Protection
        Quantum Frequency


        • Sleep deeply and easily
        • Lulls your mind to Sleep
        • Feel Rested, Recharged
        • Wake up calm and focussed
        Quantum Frequency


        • Instant energy and focus
        • Tunes you to Alpha, Beta Brainwaves
        • Support blood circulation and regeneration
        • Recharge, refresh, re-energized
        • Remove fatigue
        Quantum Frequency


        • Boost happiness
        • Release Endorphins
        • Feel good and lucky
        • Attract Abundance
        • Magnetize positive people and events
        Quantum Frequency


        • Melt Away Stress Instantly
        • Remove negative thoughts, feelings, energy
        • Improves mood
        • Promotes positive attitude
        • Motivation, optimism
        Quantum Frequency


        • Increased synchronicity of brain waves
        • Heightened reasoning and intelligence
        • Deeper focus and meditation
        Quantum Frequency


        • Better foresight and judgement
        • Better judge of situations and character.
        Quantum Frequency


        • Advanced level meditation
        • An expanded consciousness and mental state
        • Convert thoughts and prayers into reality
        Quantum Frequency


        • Financial abundance
        • The removal of any emotional, physical, mental, financial, or spiritual barriers
        • Endless love and affection


        • Feel deep inner peace
        • Experience joy and happiness
        • Find contentment and satisfaction


        • Activate your third eye and pineal gland
        • Increase creativity
        • Enhanced Intuition, Insight and Imagination
        • Experience dreams more vividly
        • Better dream recall
        • Experience a spiritual awakening

        Includes Additional 160+ Quantum Frequencies

        Life Force Collection

        • 9 Planets
        • Sun and Moon Resonance
        • Schumann Resonance 7.83hz 
        • Star Frequencies
        Quantum Frequency

        Spiritual Ascension Collection

        • Spiritual Ascension
        • Trinity - 3 Most Sacred Frequencies Plusn
        • Great Pyramid Harmonics

        Brain Boost Collection 1

        • Brainwave Enhancement
        • True Phi Brain Focus Concentration
        • Pineal Gland Activation
        Quantum Frequency

        Super Solfeggio Collection

        • Solfeggio 174 through 963, including: 
        • IDeep Spiritual Healing from Within
        • Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
        • Intuition and Divine Knowledge

        7 Chakra Tune Up Frequencies

        • Complete Root to Crown Chakra Harmonics and frequencies

        900+ More Neuro-Programs Available on the Qi Coil App

        Sleep and Relaxation

        Sleep and Relaxation

        • Relieve Anxiety
        • Aura Clean
        • Balance and Clarity
        Focus and Productivity

        Focus and Productivity

        • Concentration
        • Stay Focused
        • Optimizer
        • Remove Limitations
        Wellness and Pain Management

        Wellness and Pain Management

        • Strength Boost
        • Blood Circulation
        • Liver Tonic
        • Support Joint Health
        Abundance Attraction

        Abundance Attraction

        • Luck Boost
        • Wisdom
        • Abundance Business
        • Success Programming
        Meditation and Spirituality

        Meditation and Spirituality

        • Trinity
        • Wisdom
        • Celestial Body Expansion
        • Mind Expansion

          Did You Know?


          Qi Coils Are Contactless and Non-Invasive

          Does not need to attach to your head or wrists, so you can relax, sleep or exercise without worrying about it changing position or falling off.


          Qi Coils Have AOE Coverage Up to 20FT2 (Qi Coil Max)

          Place it on a nightstand near your bed for sleep, on your desk for work or study, near or you or in your pocket for exercise.

          Full Body Effect

          Qi Coils Can Energize Your Whole Body At Once

          Energizes or relaxed all in the cells in your body at once, not just your head or wrists, just be within it's Area of Effect.


          Qi Coils Are Mobile and Discreet

          Can use anytime and anywhere without people knowing, you don't have to wear anything on your head or body that looks weird.

          100's of Neuro-Programs

          Qi Coils Can Use 900+ Quantum and 10,000+ Rife Frequencies

          Others have none, just a handful of frequencies.

          For Active Lifestyles

          Qi Coils Can Be Used With Any Active Lifestyle

          Use it outdoors, at your workplace, or while walking, running, cycling or active exercise.


          Qi Coils Are Great For Pets, Animals and Plants Too!

          Works with human, animals, plant life and more!

          For Plants

          Qi Coils Can Be Used for Plants

          Enhance growth and yield from plants.

          For Plants

          Qi Coils  Can Be Used To Supercharge Your Water or Food

          Charge up your drinking water and supplements with magnetic energy and bring out the most from your meals.

          Order Now and Get All These Bonuses Absolutely Free...

          Resonant Console 2 ($7,358 Value)
          Help your body regain homeostasis, restoring it's natural ability to cope with the things negatively impacting the quality of your life. The Resonant Wave Console will get you back to being you!

          Holistic Wellness Consultation ($95 Value)
          Talk To Our Holistic Wellness Consultant To Help You Become A Successful Operator And Practitioner Of Your Qi Coil Device for 30mins!