Energy Healing Gem Laser Workshop Course

Energy Healing Gem Light Workshop

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Learn Energy Healing With Gem Lasers For DNA Activation, Longevity, Anti-Aging and Brain Health

In this Hands-On Workshop you will learn:

  • How to apply the unique power of Gem Lasers and tachyon energy to create holistic health and wellbeing

  • The foundations of how to positively influence your body’s energy system through acupressure and Gem Laser Acupuncture (without needles)

  • A fast-acting, powerful technique to awaken and energize the brain for peak performance, memory, and learning-retention

  • A complete and guided “Radiant Mind” activation sequence to support holistic healing, brain longevity, and peak mental performance



I. What is Gem-Laser Acupuncture?

Acupuncture & Acupressure

  • Qi energy flow through Meridians 
  • Stagnation vs. Depletion
  • Harmony vs Disharmony
Laser Light and Gems
  • Science and validation of laser acupuncture
  • Fiber-optic-like conductivity of meridians
  • Tachyon energy
  • Overview of the Gems and Colors
Laser Light Selection
  • Wavelength Selection
  • Gem Selection
  • Acupunture Points Selection

II. Brain Longevity and Performance

Criteria for above


How we can create the conditions to meet that criteria using the activation sequence they are about to learn


III. Ageless Brain

Radiant Mind Activation Sequence (10-15 minutes)


Teach and demonstrate the sequence and have them follow along


Meet Your Instructor

Boris Kerjner has been a multidisciplinary health practitioner for over 13 years.. ever since the life-changing awakening that followed the loss of his mom to  cancer when he was 18, his life has been dedicated to answering one question...

“What is that all-inclusive recipe that would allow us to tap into the highest human potential and wellbeing?”  

Boris' realized that the key to unlocking our highest potential and wellbeing wasn’t some silver bullet, but rather a multidimensional synergy of factors which when skillfully brought together produce results that are far greater than anyone of them could effect on their own.

13 Years of Multi-Disciplinary Holistic Practice

  • Certified Wellness Counsellor 
  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist 
  • Certified Shiatsu Massage Therapist 
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner 
  • Quantum-Touch Certification 
  • Laughter Yoga Leader Certification 
  • Reconnective Healing Certification 
  • Registered Professional Counsellor  (Psychotherapy / Psychological Kinesiology) 
  • Neurofeedback Therapist
  • Resonant Wave Technology Practitioner and Trainer