Spiritual Awakening Using The Power of Frequency Emulation

It’s been called the ‘spirit molecule’. DMT Known scientifically as dimethyltryptamine. Sourced from a small group of plant species, this incredible chemical compound has been known to open the floodgates of the human mind, to take the user on a journey through the core of their being in a hallucinogenic vision quest that some have described as a near-death experience.

For those who have consumed it, questions have been answered, truths have been uncovered, and transformative spiritual awakening has occurred. Have you experienced an awakening? Would you like to?

Ancient Civilization and the use of psychotropic substance

For millennia, the shaman and gurus of every major civilization have turned to Mother Nature for her bountiful natural remedies to physical and mental ailments. More than that though, these ritual masters searched for herbal substances, like DMT, that could alter perception and consciousness to provide enlightenment and cosmic wisdom — to answer the most important questions: Is there a higher power? How are we connected to the universe? Why are we here?

These natural substances, known as psychoactive or psychotropic, are linked to elaborate ancient knowledge and rituals. Plants are the original go-to resource of our ancestors, particularly those that have the power to elicit these powerful psychological experiences, enabling humans to transcend the physical realm. Substances like DMT, cannabis, mushrooms, special brews like ayahuasca, and many others, have been the gatekeepers to these sorts of transcendent experiences. Perhaps you’ve been searching for such an experience? Have you tried and failed in the past?

You’d be forgiven. Accessing these ancient herbs and substances, and putting them to use, has always been complicated, time consuming, expensive, and often times illegal. New technologies are emerging that can help to bypass these shortcomings and obstacles. You’ll be amazed by where the next generation of spiritual science is taking us — and just how accessible the benefits have become, no longer just to a few select shaman or ritual masters, but to all those who wish to seek enlightenment.

To understand where we’re going, however, it’s important to understand some background behind these powerful substances… and how they can lead to your own spiritual awakening in ways you won’t have imagined before. Are you ready to break free?

DMT - Dimethyltryptamine - The secret behind the potent Amazonian potions

It is known that many of the world’s diverse cultures and societies have used psychotropic substances as far back as 400AD.From the Japanese, to the Chinese, and even the Algerians. Ancient text and artwork suggest they understood the psychedelic effect these natural treasures could induce. But research has shown that while many cultures understood that certain plants and their properties could have psychoactive effects, many avoided using them specifically that purpose. It was only more recently that such effects have become more desired. That’s what makes what happened in Bolivia in 2010 so eye-opening.

While exploring a cave network in southwestern Bolivia, researchers discovered a ritual bundle dating back 1,000 years. The bag contained multiple ritual tools, several of which were found to have residue of psychoactive substances on them. This was a major breakthrough in our understanding of indigenous ritual practices, proving that multiple psychoactive plants were used by those with a sophisticated understanding of botanical knowledge far earlier than previously thought, and suggests that this knowledge would have been something handed down from even earlier peoples in the region. Among the plant-based psychotropic compounds detected were cocaine, BZE, harmine, bufotenine, and DMT.

DMT is the mother of all psychotropics. Its rapid, intense effects provide short stints of vivid projections, experiences of euphoria, and hallucinogenic geometric visions. Many users describe feeling detached from their normal reality and encountering entities of great wisdom and universal knowledge during their trip.

They report tapping into cosmic undercurrents and higher frequencies capable of changing the way their mind works when they emerge from their experience under the influence. And some research goes even further. Several experts in the field of neuroscience believe that DMT is actually produced naturally WITHIN the human body, not just in plants. They point to the pineal gland and suggest that trace amounts of DMT are naturally produced and released by this gland when we are deep in our REM cycle of sleep. It is theorized that this explains our ability to experience vivid dreams. And remember how some DMT users have described near-death experience during their trips?

These same experts believe that pineal gland DMT release may explain how some people report transcendent ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ or ‘seeing their whole life flash before their eyes’ moments during real-life near-death experiences. For these reasons and more, DMT has earned its nickname: the ‘spirit molecule’.

DMT is the principal active ingredient in the ritualistic brew known as ayahuasca, used by the Amazonians among others. In the 16th century, when the Spanish invaded South America, their Christian missionaries encountered indigenous peoples using ayahuasca across what is known today as Peru and Ecuador. They described the drinkable potion as “the work of the devil”.


It wasn’t until the 1950s when artists and travelers began visiting these South American locations that ayahuasca’s psychedelic effects became popularized and revered as more than mysterious witchcraft, and instead, as a doorway to higher states of consciousness and enlightenment. Most ayahuasca ceremonies are performed in a group setting, where participants’ other-worldly experiences often overlap in a sort of psychic phenomenon of shared consciousness.

Today, we know that DMT and its use in ayahuasca brews are a far cry from the scary, dangerous stories told by the missionaries on their return to Spain. We’ve come to understand that these powerful substances have the ability to unlock the human mind, for the user to dissociate from themselves and come to new understandings in realms outside their normal, everyday realities. Modern medicine, as it always has, finds inspiration in these sorts of substances. Psychoactive ingredients are now being used in the treatment of disorders like addiction, depression, and anxiety. Marijuana, once seen as dangerous and as a ‘gateway drug’ contains properties called THC and CBD that are now a commonplace solution to chronic pain and so much more. So-called ‘psychedelic therapy’ is on the rise, and we have ancient traditions from all over the world to thank for this. This sort of medicine falls under the umbrella of spiritual science — innovations that allow us to tap into our true selves, our deepest human reality, particularly when these innovations are literally rooted in the ground in the form of plant-based psychotropics.

Experience DMT AKA Siprit Molecule Effect without ever consuming the Ayahuasca

In most parts of the world, however, most of these sorts of psychotropic substances are not available for purchase on the free market. Strict government regulations make their legal possession and use almost impossible. And to experience them in an authentic ritual process, you would need to make an expensive journey to hard-to-reach ceremonial retreats where their use is guided by shamans. But what if there was a way to experience the mind-opening benefits of these substances without the pricey travel, without turning to unverified sources, and without breaking any laws?

Introducing the Qi Coil Spiritual Awakening System from Qi Life. Using the power of frequency emulation, the resonant harmonics of substances like DMT, mushrooms, and others, can be recreated, allowing you to experience their cellular effects and amazing mind-expanding effects without the hallucinations, psychedelic trips, or loss of clarity and motor control.

How does this work? Every substance has its own electromagnetic signature. By determining that signature, a frequency can be developed that mimics the effect of the substance. In other words, the right frequency can trick your body into thinking it’s being stimulated by a substance — without having to consume the substance!

Princeton University’s Joel Sternheimer was a lead innovator in this field of research. He converted the atomic and molecular weight of various chemical substances into frequencies by analyzing their geometric structure and then applied those frequencies to cells.

French doctor and immunologist Jacques Benveniste approached the matter in a similar fashion. He measured the electromagnetic noise discharged by various substances and reproduced that noise in frequency form, targeting it on cells. Because our cells are constantly communicating — transmitting and receiving signals, it’s possible to trick those cells to respond to frequencies in the same way they would respond to the chemical stimulus of various substances! All the benefits of a substance without the substance itself! Amazing!

The Qi Life team has developed a host of frequencies that mimic the most popular psychoactive and psychotropic substances. From DMT and ayahuasca to marijuana and magic mushrooms, from ibogaine to salvia divornum, and even LSD, our frequencies are finetuned to enhance your meditative experience and unlock your mind.

Looking to raise your spiritual resonance to a whole new level? Do you want to activate your third eye? Have you been trying to enhance your body’s vibration or achieve a higher state of consciousness? With our psychoactive emulating frequency collection, you can do it all — the most state of the art way to experience a spiritual awakening like you’ve never felt before!

Plus, you’ll experience a wide range of bonus benefits. Improved health, better sleep, enhanced mood, deeper relaxation, expanded mindfulness, and attracted abundance… to name just a few. These frequencies are incredibly powerful, so we recommend using them with care and attention, but don’t worry. They are safe to use if guidelines are followed. And best of all, you can use them whenever, wherever you want, with or without Qi Coils, with just the tap of a button.

Are you ready to experience your spiritual awakening EFFORTLESSLY? Are you ready to discover what’s on ‘the other side’? A whole new reality is waiting for you. Gain access with the Qi Coil Spiritual Awakening System. Learn more at QiLifeStore.com.

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