Transformation Masterclass Membership (One Month Free Trial)

Transformation Masterclass Membership (One Month Free Trial)

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You know that there is a greater power and potential within you, waiting to emerge...

A potential of better health, greater abundance, and higher consciousness.

But how can you truly bring forth the greatness that is within you?

The QiLife Transformation Masterclass is the answer you have been seeking...

It is the only class out there to teach personal transformation through holistic methods and combining it with frequency technology. 

You can safely and effectively reclaim the wellness and performance of your mind and body while feeling empowered to manifest the life you desire. All through expert guidance in practicing the correct techniques and selecting the most effective frequencies.

Transform Your Life Anytime You Want To

Be part of a special group of truth-seekers and learn the ways of mastering your frequencies with a 60-minute class, twice every month.

The "QiLife Transformation Masterclass" Will Help You To:

  1. Learn how to get the most benefits from Qi Coils and devices
  2. Learn how you can exponentially increase your receptors to frequencies and choose the most suited one for you.
  3. Receive guidance for removing hidden physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual blockages that sabotage and slow down your transformation
  4. Transform more completely, deeply, profoundly
  5. Learn to transform self or others
  6. Transform yourself even faster

… and much, MUCH more!

Don’t Compromise Your Transformation

  1. People who don’t know why frequencies work: You can learn everything about energy healing and immerse yourself more into this newfound universe of energy.
  2. People who are excited about the possibilities of further transformation: Get in-depth training, tips, and secrets that “Super Qi Coil users” know after thousands of hours of use so that you can transform yourself even faster.
  3. People who have mental blocks (fear, doubt, self-limiting beliefs, negative mindsets, and negative energy): Get the training, methodology, and science behind our technology so we can remove those blocks easily.
  4. People who have simple lifestyle blocks (simple diet adjustments, breathing, and daily habits): You will show you how some easy shifts in behavior can remove those blocks and let the Qi Coil technology work faster in their lives.

    Meet Your Instructor

    For this first of its kind, transformation class that will revolutionize the Qi wellness industry, I am very excited to share with you that I’ve invited renowned multidisciplinary health practitioner, Boris Kerjner to join us in the class.

    He has more knowledge and experience than me and would be the perfect teacher for you.

    In his 13 years of practicing, Boris has guided thousands of truth-seekers like you to unlock their potential and accelerate them to the life they want. So I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to be able to work with him to help all of you.

    “My name is Boris Kerjner and I help frequency practitioners like you to take control of your mind, body, and destiny to create the life you love using the power of frequencies and intention.
    I want to invite you on a leading-edge evolutionary journey to harness the power of frequency, vibration, and energy to transform your mind, body, relationships, and business, and in the process to raise your consciousness and vibration towards your highest potential.
    To change your energy is to change your life.”

    Boris is also a:

    • Certified Wellness Counsellor
    • Certified Holistic Nutritionist
    • Certified Shiatsu Massage Therapist
    • Certified Reiki Practitioner
    • Quantum-Touch Certification
    • Laughter Yoga Leader Certification
    • Reconnective Healing Certification
    • Registered Professional Counsellor (Psychotherapy / Psychological Kinesiology)
    • Resonant Wave Technology Practitioner and Trainer

    Enroll Today for Huge Savings!

    The good news is there is an early bird promotion going on now and I don’t want you to miss it.

    It is $29/month (billed annually at $299) or a monthly payment of $39.

    You’ll still be able to buy it after the promotion ends if you ever change your mind but it’ll be a monthly payment of $59…

    I should also tell you that for members only… We have four valuable bonuses that come with your enrolment with the Transformation Masterclass:

    1. Special Member-only Deals on Our Site
    2. Facebook Private Community Group
    3. 7 Days a Week Support
    4. Direct Access to Our Certified Coach Boris

    Be part of a growing community of individuals committed to the personal and collective transformation now!

    In addition to your free bonuses today, you should also know that your investment in Transformation Masterclass also comes with a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, so this is a 100% risk-free offer.

    This is commitment-free, for any reason this Masterclass isn’t for you, you may cancel it anytime.

    Best of all? You'll start seeing results in 30 days and it costs only $39/month to join!

    If you're a busy professional who wants to transform your health, wealth, and life circumstances using the power of frequencies, get onboard with QiLife Transformation Masterclass now.

    Act now and start transforming with frequencies today!