Good Fortune Phoenix Feng Shui Pendant Necklace for Good

Good Fortune Phoenix Feng Shui Pendant Necklace for Good

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This is the most beautiful piece I've ever seen, and it makes such an amazing gift! I love its multi-colors. It's vibrant and looks great with anything. - Susan Z. 


The phoenix is one of the celestial animals in Feng Shui. This magnificent bird is also synonymous with good fortune and opportunity due to its connection to purification through rebirth. The Auspicious Phoenix Liuli Feng Shui Pendant Necklace is a powerful amulet with ancient mantra symbols and craftsmanship. It brings good luck, wealth, and happiness to its wearer. It also attracts prosperity, abundance, success in business as well as protection from negative energy. With this Qi energy-infused necklace on your person or in your home or office space, it will help bring positive chi into your life every day!  Buy it today! 



✅ QI ENERGY INFUSED - The Phoenix Feng Shui Pendant Necklace is a beautiful necklace designed to provide you with good luck and fortune. It`s made of exclusive Liuli glassware and infused with Qi energy. It attracts good fortune, wealth, and also provides protection to its wearer.

INCREASED POSITIVITY AND OUTLOOK - This Feng Shui necklace helps you channel and harness your energy better to be more positive than negative. In essence, you attract good fortune, wealth, and abundance when you wear it.

✅ BUILD GOOD FORTUNE WITH EASE -The Auspicious Phoenix Liuli Feng Shui Pendant Necklace for Good Luck and Good Fortune is a beautiful accessory that you can wear to attract wealth, success, and good luck. This necklace is designed with the mythical phoenix bird which symbolizes longevity and prosperity in Chinese culture. Wearing this pendant will bring you great fortune!

✅  SHIELD AGAINST NEGATIVITY - This pendant necklace naturally dissipates negative energy from the environment.   It forms a shield against negativity and dissipates unloving thoughts.




Purification: Qi Energy Infused

Material: Exclusive Liuli Glassware

Weight: Around 150 g



Package includes:


1  Phoenix Liuli Feng Shui Necklace






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