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Pineal Gland Activation (Third Eye Awakening) Quantum Frequencies

Pineal Gland Activation Series (Third Eye Awakening)

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Clear & Decalcify Your Pineal Gland!

What is it?

  • Activates luminous chemical production in your brain
  • Secret star sound frequency that causes dramatic pineal gland activations
  • Also known as third eye awakening or opening your mind's eye 


    What will I feel?

    • Elation
    • Bliss
    • Clarity
    • Knowing 


    What do I use it for?
    • Increase brain creativity
    • Intuition
    • Insight
    • See with your mind's eye
    • Imagination
    • Literally make your mind brighter!
    • Decalcify and clear your pineal gland!
    • Open your third eye
    • Increase memory
    • Develop photographic memory


    What Chakras are affected?

    • Crown
    • Third eye


    Why you need it?

    • Don't want to spend years to activate your pineal?
    • Can't see God?
    • Feel your "light" dimming?


    Frequencies List:

    1. Pineal Gland 1
    2. Pineal Gland 2
    3. Pineal Gland Harmonic 1
    4. Pineal Gland Harmonic 2
    5. Pineal Gland Triangle 1
    6. Pineal Gland Triangle 2
    7. Pineal Gland Triangle Harmonic 1
    8. Pineal Gland Triangle Harmonic 2


    Delivered as Hi-Definition audio mp3 files.

    Total FIle Size: 46.8 MB


    Note: These frequencies can be used on all Apple and Android devices and any brand computer or Laptop.


    Experience Qi Energy!

    Use these frequencies with Qi Coil or Resonant Wave Systems for enhanced effects.



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    Resonant Wave™ Devices are not Rife Machines. They are Electromagnetic and Gem Resonance Device Powered By Nature’s Sounds and Rife Frequencies. We only use RIFE frequencies with deep pulsed magnetic waves, avoiding the controversial harmful radio waves as carrier waves. The "Electric Power Research Institute" studies found harmful effects of radio waves on human beings to be controversial, thus many RIFE devices were banned or even targeted by the US Federal Government.

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    The Pineal Gland is the Light of the Inner Eye! When it is healthy, it contains light-sensitive chemicals that illuminate the inner world of insight, thought, image projection, spiritual vision, and psychic reception!

    The Pineal Gland is located in the center of the brain. It produces melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of sleep patterns & Brainwaves.

    Fluoride destroys the pineal by calcifying it into a hard rock that no longer functions correctly. Most of us were told to take fluoride to protect our teeth. It was a lie to deceive us into the darkness of an unlit mind!

    These harmonic tones clear the pineal gland of fouride and calcium the same way a certain pitch can shatter a wine glass allowing the pineal to shine again!

    The secret pineal gland frequencies shimmer in the musical note C but are not vibrating as a single frequency! Once your pineal gland gets regular activation, when you look within during meditation, sleep, and creative insight, you will experience a more luminous mind!