Practitioner System Gold

Practitioner System Gold

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Sound and Magnetic Waves for Personal Transformation


Resonant Wand System Silver Phase 1: $3,995 Expired
  Phase 2: $4,995 CURRENT
  Phase 3: $5,995 Coming Soon
  Phase 4: $6,995 Coming Soon
Resonant Wand  System Gold Phase 1: $5,995
  Phase 2: $6,995
  Phase 3: $7,995 Coming Soon
  Phase 43: $8,995 Coming Soon

We can only manufacture a limited number of systems per month. To claim your position in queue now and lock in your pricing before the next price increase...



  • 1 x Resonant Wand (Gold) $5,995 Value
  • 1 x Celestial Aura Coil 24" 5 Level $7,995 Value
  • 1 x Resonant Console $2,299 Value
  • 1-on-1 Phone Coaching for Initial Setup 
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Premium Carrying Case
  • Tech Support 7 days per week
  • Basic Online Training 
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty 


NOTE: This product contains Digital files and Hard copies are not available unless specified on the product page. Upon purchase, a download link would be sent to your registered email address and would be available for a period of time. Duplicating, sharing, or uploading product files to sharing sites is strictly forbidden.


Introducing the Resonant Wand Gold!

  • Beautifully Hand Crafted
  • New Sacred Geometry Design
  • Sapphire Lens
  • Sapphire and Ruby Gems
  • 24k Layered Face
  • Gold Satin Finish
  • Maximum Durability
  • 51% Increase in Range and Power than the Previous Models


5 Powerful Health Technologies Into 1:

  1. 10,000+ Rife Frequencies 
  2. 500+ Quantum Frequencies
  3. Phase-Conjugation Electromagnetic Vortex Field
  4. Piezoelectric Ruby, Tourmaline and Quartz Ions
  5. Quantum Restructuring Waveforms

    Nature's Healing at Your Fingertips: 

    Over 10,000 powerful frequencies hidden in nature are now decoded and accessible to you in your own home!

    Energy Medicine at Its Best:

    Finally, get healthy the way nature intended and activate your body's own healing processes without drugs or invasive procedures. 

    Set and Forget:

    Simply turn it on and get a health boost 24/7/365! 

    Non-Contact Wireless Energy

    Protect your entire home and every living being in it with up to a 100 foot diameter field of effect.

    Living Artwork That Actually Works

    Empowered with nature's hidden geometries and frequencies that will raise your home's energy 24/7/365! A truly profound experience.

    NASA1 Inspired Technology

    NASA1 proved it works, we made it better. The next generation of PEMF "Pulsed Electromagnetic Field" technology. 


    Home Use For Your Entire Family

    Raise Your Bio-Energy

    Helps Energy Recovery

    Great for Seniors

    Supports Vitality

    Boosts Energy & Productivity 

    EMF Protection


    For Wellness & Inner Peace

    Improves Concentration and Mental Sharpness

    Promotes Better Sleep Habits
    Ultra Relaxation
    Profound Meditation

    Better Mood

    Relieve Anxiety & Stress


    For Your Business & Community

    Spas, Meditation Centers, Float Tanks, Sanctuaries
    High Performance Athletic Training
    Veterinarians, Wildlife Preservation
    Water & Food Enhancement, Organic Farming
    Wellness for Large Communities, Organizations and Workplaces
    Wellness Practitioners, Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers   

    ***IMPORTANT*** Amplifier is not included.  

    An amplifier is not included. You must purchase an amplifier yourself, we recommend getting this one: 

    Crown XLS (Purchase from Amazon)






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    Natural PEMF Machine with Aura Light Therapy! 

    Raise the Energy of Your Entire Home!


    • Energy - Revitalize your body to perform at peak levels and have you bouncing out of bed.
    • Recovery - Whether it’s a workout, an injury, stress, or the bumps and bruises of everyday life, the Qi Energy Mantra Coil will allow you a quicker bounce-back.
    • Sleep - The Qi Energy Mantra Coil delivers healing energy waves that will realign your mind and body, so you’re prepared to face the day in the morning and ready for bed at night.
    • Focus - The Aura Coil helps align your mind and body to allow you to work efficiently.
    • Meditation - Reach deeper and more profound altered states of consciousness.
    Primary Uses:
    • Pain Management
    • Increase blood flow
    • Support cardiac systems
    • Accelerated regenerative abilities
    • Altered states of consciousness

    Complete Features!

    • FREE Aura Light Therapy Upgrade. Remote-Control Light Therapy Provides Calmness & Improves Mood ($497 Value)
    • New Stunning Design with Clear Composite Base
    • New Lighter Construction
    • NASA Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology
    • 4 Dimensional Sacred Geometry (Phase Conjugation Vortex)
    • Brainwave Entrainment Technology
    • Home Use For Your Entire Family
    • For Wellness & Inner Peace
    • For Your Business & Community


    • Width: 24 inches
    • Length: 24 inches
    • Height: 3.5 inches
    • Weight: 15 lbs
    • Range (Diameter): 3,000 sq ft.
      Wattage: Up to 3000watts (The device is highly efficient, therefore it is effective with a 100watt amplifier. We do not recommend using higher than 100W, however, wattage can be increased with higher powered amps 3000 watts)

      Guass: Up to 10,000 milligauss (The device is highly efficient, therefore it is effective at 10-50 milligauss with a 100watt amp. We do not recommend using an amp more than 100W, however, 10,000 milli-guass can be achieved with higher powered amps)

      The Next Generation of Frequency Wellness Just Got More Advanced!!!

      For use with a Resonant Wand or Resonant Wand Gold.

      Includes the following

      • 10,000+ Rife Frequencies ($10,000 Value)
      • 122 Life Force Frequencies ($497 Value)
      • Proprietary Software NOT available on iTunes Appstore or Android
        • Rife Frequency App ($497 Value)
        • Life Force Frequency App ($497 Value )
      • Samsung Galaxy Portable Personal Tablet 8" 16GB ($199 Value)
      • Ease of use and unlimited possibilities (Priceless)
      • TOTAL VALUE: $11,660.00

      Features & Benefits:

      • Huge 10,000+ Rife Frequencies Library
      • Most Rife Frequencies of Any System in the World!
      • Add Your Own Frequencies For Infinite Possibilities
      • 122+ Life Force Frequencies Found Nowhere Else
      • Play Multiple Frequencies at the same time
      • Create Your Own Therapy Sequences and Programs
      • No need to download frequencies
      • Free Application Updates
      • The Next Generation of Frequency Wellness at Your Fingertips!

      Be the first to own this amazing Resonant Console!


      The new Resonant Console is used to operate your wand and/or coil and does not work by itself.  It is only used to generate frequencies and signals.  Connect Resonant Console with your wand or coil together with an amplifier and it will emit or broadcast these signals to your body or to your space. Resonant Devices are not Rife Machines.  They are Electromagnetic and Gem Resonance Device Powered By Nature’s Sounds and Rife Frequencies. We only use RIFE frequencies with deep pulsed magnetic waves, avoiding the controversial harmful radio waves as carrier waves. The "Electric Power Research Institute" studies found harmful effects of radio waves on human beings to be controversial, thus many RIFE devices were banned or even targeted by the US Federal Government. RIFE frequencies are not radio waves in themselves, and does not need to be carried by the controversial radio waves, thus it is safer to use with the Resonant Wand System while you still get the complete benefits from Rife Frequencies!

      To Purchase a Resonant Wand Click here