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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PEMF scientifically proven?

Can this system heal me from my disease?

Where did it originate?

What are Qi Coils™ made of?

How does it work?

How do i use the Qi Coil™?

How can I attract abundance or manifest my intentions with this?

Does it work for people who’ve never done this before?

How will I know it’s working?

How soon will I feel the effects?

When should i use it?

How often should I use it?

Can I use it while I sleep?

How long do the effects last for? How do I sustain the effects indefinitely?

How long will a Qi Coil™ last?

Are there any side effects? Will I experiment a detox or “Healing Crisis?”

What is a "Healing Crisis?"

Do you have practitioners / physical office where I could try the device?

Is the Qi Coil™ insulated? Will I get shocked by touching it?

Does the Qi Coil™ produce electricity?

Does winding direction change the functionality and experience of the coils? (Clockwise vs Counter-Clockwise)

What else do i need aside from the Qi Coil™?

Can I use my own frequencies?

How does this compare to Resonant Wand or Aura Coil?

Does it need batteries?

Can I just buy the Yang Qi Coil™ (Clockwise)?

Do you have a program for stopping pain?

Can I connect it to my Samsung Gslaxy S9 phone

Does it induce lucid dreams or astral projection?

I'm Not Feeling Anything, Can I Get A Stronger Qi Coil System?

Frequencies not showing in my Qi Coil app

Can the Yin and Yang Qi Coils be used at the same time?

Is Corona virus frequency available?

Frequencies not showing in my Qi Coil app

Is there a webinar replay available?

I did not receive the frequency that I ordered.

Can I use an android device to download the frequencies?

Does the Qi Coils turn to electric pulses first, then into electromagnetic waves or is it just a vibration of the sound that vibrates to the coil?

Why can't I download the mp3 files that I purchased?

The Qi Coil was plugged into the phone - I didn't hear any sound.

Is it safe to use the qi coil on the "subconscious brain" or directly on the head?

Does it help with depression?

Does it help with bones and knee pain?

How do you know which one is Yin and which one is Yang?

Can you secretly put it somewhere to improve someones mood?

Can I pay via credit card?


If I order today, when will I receive it?

Do you offer Financing?

How does your 30 day satisfaction guarantee work?

Do Qi Coils™ come with warranty?

Which courier do you use for shipment?

Which frequencies come with which system?


Are Resonant Wand Rubies real?

Are the Resonant Wand Gems treated? Do they have health benefits?

Are Resonant Wand frequencies safe?

Is there science backing the Resonant Wave products?

How is David Wong qualified to create these devices?

Should I buy Resonant Wave products or other brands?

Are the Resonant WandTechnology devices covered with medical insurance?

Is there a recording for the Practitioner Course?

I received the console only. Is the Wand missing?

Can I get the Practitioner System 14" but with the Gold Wand?

What is the Waveform Output of your Frequencies?

Does the Resonant Wave Technology uses crystal, sine or square wave?

What frequencies(Hz() and intensity(Gauss) do the wands generate?

Gem Lasers

What’s the Difference Between Gem Laser 1 and 2?

Are cold lasers safe? Do they produce any heat?

What are tachyons?

What is the benefits of each gem? Why do I need all the gems?

How can you do acupuncture without needles? How do I stimulate my pressure points, acupoints, energy centers, chakras, kundalini with gem lasers?

Will the lasers hurt my eyes?

How do I open my third eye, or activate my pineal gland and pituitary gland with gem lasers?

Will I enhance my psychic abilities, clairvoyance, out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, astral travel and intuition with gem lasers?

What are the benefits of acupuncture?

What are the benefits of cold laser therapy?

What is the benefits of the different colored lasers?

Do these come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee?

Do these come with a warranty?



Can you make customised pendants?